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The Best Holiday | Great Taste

The Best Holiday | Great Taste

where do y'all be eating on Christmas Day well I have which on it [Applause] the best holiday ever is thanks giving its thanks for giving it's the fat dudes national holiday all you gotta do is just wake up Christmas is the best holiday let me tell you you get everything you want at a discounted price feel like you're balling I'm here to represent the best holiday of the year and that is how I love it for many reasons I think it's very interesting that throughout the year everyone doesn't want to put a mask on and like you know try to not be themselves but this is the one time of the year that everyone wants to show out and be a little bit different actually show who they lilian a thing people say about Halloween that's really it one day people don't wear masks you guys may not notice that single day mile is not actually Mexican Independence Day it's often confused with Mexican Independence Day but that's September 16th Cinco de Mayo's May 5th it's to celebrate the unlikely victory of the Mexican army against the French Empire at the Battle of love hands-down the best origin story of every holiday ever hey Nick regardless of no no regardless of if you believe in Jesus or not the the Virgin Mary of going to the the manger that's a legendary story what happened to Joseph huh Joseph was a trooper he was like you pregnant I don't know exactly when 4/20 originated but I know it is a national holiday don't nobody care the point is you get high if you go to any we store you get some free I guarantee that's not a holiday holiday you can eat every day this holiday has the worst origin story in American history the indigenous people in America and then they whitewash the history it was like oh we just partnered with the pilgrims nah he's John is 30 years old the Pocahontas was 12 yeah you know Thanksgiving they gave them smallpox and STDs that's what they gave and all you want to do and just gravy in a milkshake it remembrance everybody always cancels out Thanksgiving automatically because you eat pretty much all the same for no no there's no genocide attached you get a whole week off and then it ends in New Year's rolled New Year's into Christmas for Christmas [Applause] reason I chose secretive mile because I'm from El Paso Texas boarding raised ten years and I live in Mexico a Los Angeles California it's all Mexican people and my neighbors go so hard on single dick mild they'd be having carne asada on the grill they'd be pouring beer on it I'd be like cab come over because they need a bouncy house I heard that there's a new law that they're trying to put in play where if you are over the age of fourteen you are no longer allowed to go on trick-or-treat yeah that's fair why was that fair if I show up as Jeff arts or someone's from trash if anything cyber monday is the bull play the crowd you get the stuff delivered to Bryan nobody trying to get Stevie during Thanksgiving people do the same thing with Jordan if you wanted to go get it do me a favor on this Black Friday could you get a jean jacket that you can [Laughter] [Laughter] that's the only thing negative I have to say Lucifer's birthday from the cocoa nobody Magister just you just go get that can visuals do you already have 420 parties yes we have parties we can see Metis people bring over animals we have you know say we pray many people know how to throw a good party of cool music be on TV by every fucking baby party too late at night but what are they like the traditions like what is it like what is supposed to be happening on their day is just like a celebration you tell you more than I know about that first paragraph in the Wikipedia no matter what day singing the mouth falls on the next day people don't be at work everybody's on Tuesday John Cinco DeMayo I eat yes do you barbecue I know I go to my Mexican neighbours Road maybe they live right next door baby Susie what neighbors do [Laughter] just the overall atmosphere of Christmas is literally perfect the music the legend you got the whole Santa Claus thing which is really dope the Christmas tree which is my favorite part the smell the sounds to us I'll teach us not to like these kids being good kids so basically whatever the origin and the backstory is I'm not here to get into that I'm not a Sonia but with your family to eat and to enjoy a select type of food you said select type of food that's a lie you like all the food what it was created for is all of us a kick back in together is it recognized on the calendar yes my point is it's big enough to have his own date just like you big enough that you all day she let me tell you what Mexican restaurants are cool Mexican people who make the flour tortillas from scratch like winter hands oh I like when you say I believe I know everybody in the whole neighborhood like when they put it in the bag with the oranges like the carne asada and they marinate it you know I'm talking about is fired all you still got the grapefruit just because you built like a pumpkin I mean you gotta wear orange glasses your glasses beard and shirt match you were free to go work out and you're like I gotta go to I think about working out more than that on a database that's just what you do and then on 4/20 you just smoke weed so how is it different with more people around I just can't believe that you made it to this agency this is a prime example of why everyone should smoke because people like that they are here to bring go hide am just like you just be eaten for sport the whole day [Applause] wake up and put a dozier like games I put me in charge the dress that's it don't bottles out it is a good time to just spend some time with your family this is great you have to wait to everybody gets over and nobody has ever done cooking Thanksgiving food all time Thanksgiving food to like seven eight o'clock at night but you lay that part to me what is the relevance of going to people's houses and getting candy like what the best good food you still off work and the next day Saturday so you get to rest all day if you one thing that you have not mentioned is Christmas carols which hard carols do Donny Hathaway this Christmas fire choice to mid let us know like christmas fire people put fruit in your bag when you go to the tree they do that furnace suggestion [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] you have to you know what I'm saying she forgot [Laughter] for three hundred and twenty eight days sober so I don't take shots of Turkey juice what up this your boy Doughboy thank you for tuning in to another installment of great taste please leave your comments below share the video like the video and follow us on all social media handles Doughboy not

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  1. Holidays according to some Great Taste Member's personalities:
    Doboy- Thanksgiving (of course)
    Meg- Labor day (she had her baby already though๐Ÿคฐ๐Ÿพ)
    Kev- Christmas (always a gift to have him on great taste, him and the rest of the og members arent there often๐Ÿ˜ข)
    Pat- 4th of July (he is lots of fun and his dreads looks like fireworks๐ŸŽ†)
    Tahir- St. Patrick's day (reppin for the leprechauns๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚)
    Precious- new years (she's not the life of the party, she IS the party๐ŸŽ‰)
    Trev- halloween (most people are scared to roast him, he claps back too hard๐Ÿ˜‚)
    Deezy- MLK Day (โœŠ๐Ÿพ)
    Chris sosa- cinco de mayo (go look at the best spanish food episode, you'll see what I mean๐ŸŽŠ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿฝ)

  2. I just wanna say that TV is the best around Halloween and Christmas. The best movies come out around Halloween and Christmas. Almost every TV show goes hard to have good Halloween and Christmas episodes. All of these points definitely help Halloween and Christmasโ€™s arguments.

  3. No genocide attached to Christmas??? You know the king at the time that Jesus was born, he had his men kill all the babies that were born at the time so Jesus would never be king and they tried to kill Jesus when he was born but they never got to him.

  4. All "Christian" holidays are actually just pagan celebrations the church adopted so that it would make the conversion to christianity smoother. Christmas is Yuletide and Saturnalia, Halloween and All Saints Day came from Samhain, Easter came from the spring feasts celebrating the deity Eostre

  5. Doboy asked about the christmas trees: Pagans would bring in evergreen trees into their homes…..and add cinnamon to the trees to please the tree spirits๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—…seriously!

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