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The Best Thanksgiving Side Dish | Great Taste

The Best Thanksgiving Side Dish | Great Taste

all right let me smell that back no it smells good my best suit like no girl can finish my like hey what's up yours is great taste and I'm here to talk about yams what of you I'm Kevin I'm here to tell you why dressing is the most important and most integral Thanksgiving it's you're bad at dressing there hey it's me make scoop and I am representing the best side dish for Thanksgiving and that is cranberry let me tell you why it's the best because first of all the only time you eat cranberry sauce is for Thanksgiving and possibly Christmas you don't need it any other time of year because it's just for this specific holiday other sides you could eat anything okay dressing in me during the winter what up man this is a boy Doughboy and I represented for the best side ever at Thanksgiving dinner them green hits on your side King's Hawaiian you guys have very hard to argue against alright guys here I am to defend well undefeated heavyweight champion of the world enough thanks give you the best the one and only Thanksgiving sides undefeated depending on who's good but if it looks like this and the top is barn mac and cheese is the only one that can be the best and worst on this because if you come to a beater you getting left cheese visually these yams if you if you want some real yams come to my auntie house in Florida she's got the you know the dark sit him in the brown sugar on top the butter no no marshmallows I don't know where they do that this is ginger fried yam this is the Starbucks moving on my block and I'm like yeah what's it coffee be $6 anyway it depends on your race and your region whether you call it stuffing or dressing or whether you you put in a turkey or don't put in a turkey you put it in the raw turkey and then put it in up I don't know Rachel heavy raise you worry about that how is it cranberry sauce and it's not even so they're different variation this is a very clump the candy cane is what you're supposed to do okay you can't miss it the easy version you just get it in the can you slide it out and you're slicing the south we make our cranberries from scratch you can eat greens a la carte a you can eat them with other stuff halibut like I'm saying it's just it's just flames you put ham hocks in their joint they already made with ham hock nah man let me just stop a distance you don't even eat vegetables that's the only vegetables once a year making this episode this is twice this is good all year round but it's still very known as a holiday sighs no there's not a thanks to the south and you haven't you're lazy because the real southern cooks make their own from scratch coming from the eighteen hundred's over here makes her own bread and steel by stone to get it out of our way and be like macaroni is what you taste to desire if somebody can cook at last judging yeah their macaroni a hidden you can hit everything they've got to be greasy at the top and bubble with some fire magic CXC that was like what's the difference between yams and sweet potatoes I don't know um sweet potatoes that's the the form and shape in which you are built like yeah scientifically it's from the unica plans it's kind of like when you break it down and it becomes more sweet so that's why men often referred today women as yams because when you a sweet potato you hard you distant no I watch a number but then when I break you down maybe turning the Ames man you got his wife here's where stuffing shines when it's in the leftover sandwiches after dressing fire you don't have to prep anything for that you just buy it like that yeah aim is the King's Hawaiian roll you don't even like it that's why you eat me with your love it I love it because all you need is this you just need a little sliver and you eat it with it don't worry because dreams are tart so this is tart and sweet mixed together it's every single bite that you have on your Thanksgiving play if you want to just remix it a little bit you put a little piece of cranberry sauce on there to go plates either you cut one of those open little dressing greens are so good I could eat them out the frigerator with that sticky film that i had to i used to taste my Hennessy with green juice like i'm saying like why do you go out of your way to be disgusting so when y'all get this i know you use half of a plate for you one quarter three quarters at a place 48 percent the day after is amazing the leftovers yuelao we still got some dressing especially if your grandma puts turkey necks in it or some type of thing about turkey necks is weird look like humongous penises in the dress price break them up up a little bit like Oh anyway yams is the best thing ever you know any time of the year that's what he said you woman hey you see that flap in you you get around why is just do stuff better Hawaiian rolls are good Hawaiian barbecue Hawaiian pizzas delicious you just want to say something look here man yams number one in the world everybody knows E Oprah has yams at her house duh Oprah has yams at her house it's the side dish that parents talk about in front of their kids and the kids don't know what they really talk about there which all wife Jimmy sexual three money would eat by it so bingo I'm eating it that look like Doughboy on his way into the shower gets out of his jacket at night with another man in this pocket I'm lucky kind of jealous it can place like an MVP of food it could play in the big males or you could just eat it on a random Thursday or equity you can it play it is the drink side you know how Drake is break into a song with you sure or you could do a song breeze to trade everything go hungry in closing cranberries understands the best Thanksgiving side because it's the only one that you're gonna eat at Thanksgiving unlike everybody else hey I had a good joke you're blacker own eng [Applause] barack obama eats yams how you know he's eating the hell out of Michelle's you you already know he's going back today dressing for Thanksgiving to think that a mashed potato is what you're glowing with dress question you

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  1. They should do the BEST Soul Food Item like Fried Chicken, Macaroni and Cheese, Collard Greens, Chitterlings, Potato Salad, Shrimp and Grits, Barbecue Ribs, Cornbread, Chicken and Dumplings, Yams, Black Eyed Peas, Fried Fish, and Pork Chops and Gravy.

  2. 1:38 Na but he not lying if the mac and cheese ass nobody touching it I promise you your going back home with only one piece missing and the rest of the glass bowl this has happen to a few people I know and they couldn’t even finish over time them selves

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