Celebrating the Spring Holidays

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  1. My girlfriend was sent away to a mental hospital for 2 months where almost nobody was allowed to see her, we got through that though time tho and were happy together for a while…until now where she got sent to a sort of temporary foster care that could last up to two years, we decided to break up because of that, it sucks but this song is kinda helping me through it

  2. I remember my manager playing this album at a skate shop I worked at back in highschool. My kind of gf just left to college, so yeah lol.

  3. Bought the LP years ago…. and will never get tired of it… gives me some good drive when playing online or feeling bad.

  4. Hey guys i made a better version of the action & action music video because the one that's already on YouTube audio quality sux ass so enjoy

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