Celebrating the Spring Holidays



too many drugs smoke the guys stopping the next one I'm not gonna be home so I say your mom's not gonna be home can I come over back to go I'm sorry it's just gonna be a no get the fuck away from here go which boy just for you and me my sweet sweet it's not gonna be just only us on the trip I invited one of our friends yeah over there Tara Tara where Karen Karen all right it's gonna seem like we're gay okay we don't want other people to think that were gay Karen get over here if it's free woman the things we do will be blessed gay all right say goodbye your little shit and let's go what the fuck all right come on let's start walking so it looks like it's just us three huh hey sounds there are you sick I guess us Forbush early go hang out huh thank you you either bitch back off oh you invited me to be your camera man to vlog it for you that sounds gay no I'm Karen you're Linda no my pills I packed my Parkinson's pills did you pack your flat chested anyway we haven't had a vacation in 84 years and I think it's about time we have fun on this vacation are you with me oh yeah yes so what we're gonna do we're gonna gamble we're gonna have some fun we might find some boys to hook up with not many boys we don't like men yeah men are too yeah these days come on girls let's go come on scout they asked you to get that can you please get down no way Jose I would Nelson please don't do anything well turned my back on you I'm telling Becky what the fuck is going on Linda you're holding around on the cruise ship baby it's my free time now she's not paying us enough man this could be payment how about how about I taste your taco you you ate my burrito how you doing how you doing listen oh you caught John's mom and everything but Sam's Chad oh yeah whatever Chad how about me you and her go back to the room don't invite the flat-chested bitch she's run she's gonna kill you I'm really enjoying this girls night out I really enjoyed the company my bestest friends there's big problems in the kettle honey I'm relaxed oh wait I can translate with the local natives I speak bunnies he says we're fuck he says there's a person this is your Island who are these guys the natives we got shipwrecked here oh this is a fucker that's teaching my kid baby you looking like a twig i wana made this all bye let's go girls didn't even know what they're doing there's a chunk we did anything is mild turbulence did you lock you menifee but you're anyway we wants you take back I take from you

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  1. Great video Lucha! I did not know what I expected but it wasn’t this lol. Never know what to expect other than a hilarious vid 😂

  2. Karen:Oh im gonna be eating a lot of popsicles tonight!

    Captin:Screw it,you take back I take front.

    Robin:WOAH,this gives me flashbacks!?

    Me:wait wait wtf.. 😂

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