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The Road to Mike’s Wedding 👰 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

The Road to Mike’s Wedding 👰 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

– Please make me the
happiest man on earth, will you please marry me? – [Pauly] Oh my God dude, he’s doin’ it! (romantic pop music) – Oh my God! Yes! – Yes?
– Yes! – Yes?
– Yes! – He nailed it.
(friends cheering) – [Pauly] She said yes! (gentle piano music) – Stunning.
– Oh my God. – Oh my God, oh my God.
– You look gorgeous. – Look at the back of it.
– No, it’s gorgeous. – Mike’s totally gonna cry. – Look at you Mike, all sharpened up. He cleans up nice. – Do a little twirl. We’ve all gotten fresh to death together. T-shirt time, the shirt before
the shirt, but right now Mike looks like a grown man. You know he actually looks his age, 42. – I set up two appointments
with two different officiants so you guys can meet,
– Okay. – [Anwar] and then we’ll
take it from there. – Okay,
– Cool. – and then after that I
have the florist coming, the band coming,
– Okay. – the DJ coming, the
wedding planner coming. Baker is coming for the cake. Let’s do the officiants, let’s pick them, and then like
– Yep. – get to the next appointment, ’cause we have a long day.
– Okay. All right, yeah. Oh, damn. – Let’s just move on
– Okay. – to the next appointment, okay? – Okay, is the next appointment lunch? – Let’s go over some menu options. – Did you say food options? – Food options. – Something I specialize in. Finally, the foods. Let’s do this. – You want to do rack of lamb? – Yep. – Crab cakes? – Yep. – [Lauren] Beef wellington? – We’ll do that. Ooh honey, waffle station. I love a good short rib. I’m going to have filet, I
might have a chicken as well. Any tastings today? – We do not do tastings. – Oh dang. – [All] Surprise! – [Snooki] It’s your bachelor
party, Mike. Congrats! – Huh, didn’t expect that. – I love you, my guy. (sirens blaring) – Mike’s had a rough couple of days and going through his own emotions, so I think that him walking
and seeing that we throw him a ranchelor party, it
put him in good spirits. – You can take the blindfold off on three. One, sit on his lap, sit on his lap. Two, three. Take it off! (cheering)
(bright playful music) (friends cheering) – [Pauly] Congrats Mike! – Aw.
– I told you! – [Pauly] He’s crying, he’s crying, he’s crying, he’s crying!
– So cute. – We’ll do a little freestyle,
– Yeah, yeah. – get comfortable, we’ll get comfortable. – Let’s kinda like shake it off. – So we break off to do our freestyle. Obviously like, we do
that in the club anyway, so we got this. (upbeat music) (Pauly laughing) – [Instructor] Aye, yes! – [Pauly] We just fist pump. (all cheering) – Mike is like a cute little kid trying to learn these dance moves. – [Instructor] And two, and head nods, go. Go! – [Mike] I’m confused. – It requires thinking. – Yo fall back, son. – Not Mike’s strongest suit. It requires body, physical activity. – I’m having trouble breathing. – [Instructor] You gotta
really make this work. – [Mike] Woo, woo! – [Instructor] Together, and circle, circle.
– Oh damn, really think I pulled a hammy just now. – So, it’s a little tough
for Mike to get this down. – Hey, guys.
– Hi! G.G. look who’s here. Thank you.
– Aw! – Will you be flower
girl in their wedding? – No.
(Lauren laughing) – [Snooki] (groans) Girl. – Oh my god, we’re down a flower girl. – Are you gonna be a
flower girl with sissy? – Yes! – Oh my gosh! – I’m so happy.
– Me too! – [Lauren] I know! – [Jenny] You accepted. – [Mike] This is the appetizer area? Big Daddy Sitch needs to fit into his tux. – You got the pasta?
– Yep. Slice of pizza or button my pants? Slider, button my pants? – Mike. – Cheese Alfredos? Bro, is that pastas? I love my fettuccines. – Now we’re at the wedding
rehearsal at the castle. How you doing? Seeing both families
together is really nice. – What’s up, my guy? How you been? – I feel like I’m at my family wedding. – No gum chewing. You’re going to be having
your top button buttoned. Phones will be off. – This is like wedding etiquette. – But usually when we go down in pairs, so when you walk down you
don’t wanna walk down, the ladies will take your arm, you want to walk down slow enough, outside of the doors. Nothing in your pockets, we don’t want any bulges anywhere, right? – Damn, Mina. I’m used to going to weddings,
banging a bridesmaid, and going home. This is not that, this is a lot of work. Wedding walkthroughs are not fun. ♪ here comes the bride ♪ (Ronnie whistling) – Nice ring there, honey. – All right, the vows. Michael, you repeat after me first, okay?
– And I’ll be holding her hand the whole time?
– Yes. – Okay.
– Don’t look at me. (Lauren laughing) – It’s getting really real right now. – [Officiate] Repeat
after me, repeat after me. – I’ve been dreaming of
marrying my best friend for years now and it’s finally happening. – The other left.
– Oh. – Dude, I’m just getting tingles
just speaking about it, man ’cause this (beep) real. – Then the pronouncement
of you as husband and wife, you can kiss the bride. (Lauren laughing) – [All] Ooh!

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  1. Mike has come a long way. I became a fan of him again when Season 6 aired. So happy for him and Laurens ☺️

  2. I am so happy for mike and lauren I will be crying tonight when I watching them get married and by the way mike is getting out of prison next month just like pauly d says yeah buddy

  3. Isn’t it crazy how in the beginning, we all hated mike now we love him lol he’s really doing good for himself I’m happy for him Ron Ron take note

  4. Who would of thought that Mike would be the first one out of the guys to get married. Im so happy to see him transform from his old self to his new self and ronnie is definitely hating.

  5. I was 21 when this show came out we all grew together ,had kids , separated I relate to them all in different stages of life 🙏🏻

  6. I feel Mikes pain when there's no taste testing… kinda disappointed. I would be wary of the quality. Food is everything when it comes to weddings.

  7. Mike has changed so much. I wonder what the original show would have been like if he was a nice guy like he is now? Maybe Sami would have picked him???

  8. congratulations 🎉🎉 🎉🎉🎉 🎉 Mike and Lauren getting married Jersey shore fan XOXO 💋 💋💋 💋❤️

  9. I'm just happy for him. Big time!!! Many blessings for Mike and Lauren. Can't wait for a baby to come.

  10. Low key the best dance surprise would be to dance like when they where at the clubs in the beginning of Jersey Shore.

  11. This guy has come a long way. I remember how narcisistic he was and the change he has made is so great to see. I really like Big Daddy Stich 😄

  12. Did they have to get married before he went to jail so she didnt have to testify against him incase she knew something????

  13. Mike doing that cartwheel was all I needed to know that he was in good shape. Plus the food addiction, man is solid

  14. Did you people see the wedding? Lauren looked gorgeous! The ceremony and reception were great. I wish I was invited LOL

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