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you if you go down in the woods today you're sure of a big surprise if you go down in the woods today you'd better go in disguise for every bear that ever there was will gather there for certain because today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic every teddy bear who's been good is sure of a treat today there's lots of marvelous things to eat and wonderful games to play beneath the trees when nobody sees I'll hide and seek as long as they please cuz that's the way the teddy bears have their picnic you go down in the woods today and better not go alone it's lovely down in the woods today but safer to stay at home for every bear that ever that was will gather there for certain because today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic picnic time for teddy bears the little teddy bears are having a lovely time today watch them catch them on the wares and see them picnic on their I see them daily get about they love to play and shout they never have any care at six o'clock the mommies and daddies will take them home to bed because they're tired little teddy bears at six o clock the mommies and daddies will take them home to bed because their time good you

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  1. so wonderful 2 capture those childhood moments. really took me back. this was my favorite childhood radio program. i am 71 years young.

  2. Is this version public domain? My friends and I did plays with our stuffed animals in the woods that bordered my parent's back yard to this song. We played it on a '50's portable record player using lots of extension cords across the lawn to our very own "Teddy Bear Park." We even sent out invitations to the grown-ups to our plays.
    If anyone knows copyright info on this or the older BBC version, I am interested in hearing from you!

  3. Song was composed in 1907 and the lyrics in 1932. And teddy bears were not called 'teddy' in victorian times. In 1903 Teddy Roosevelt gave permission for 'Teddy' bears to be given his name after that well known incident in November 1902 (below). Those made before this date were bruin bears and very scary looking!
    Teddy Roosevelt was on a hunting expedition in Mississippi and was the only one not to have shot a bear, so some of the others with him decided to tie an old sick bear to a tree and told Roosevelt he could bag this one! He refused, disgusted that any 'self respecting' hunter could do that. Anyway Roosevelt was anti racism and had openly criticised the Mississippi government for failing to stop lynchings of black citizens. He had many friends who also happened to be black and upset many because he invited the great black orator Booker T. Washington to dinner at the White House (a social occasion and a no no).
    This is how the bear cartoon came about called 'Crossing the Line' as a metaphor for his attitude towards racism in the south and cicil rights.

  4. I remember teddy bears picnic from my childhood. Wonderful feeling when I hear it. I remembered it in my memory and then looked it up on the internet and how wonderful. I am 63.

  5. I remember my grandmother playing this record for my sister and me whenever we would spend the night with her! Sounded like this very version! Thanks for posting!!!

  6. I like the Vintage "Teddy Bear Picnic" song. I have a collection of teddy bears over the years that were given to me as gifts. One of the Teddy Bears I received when I was younger is a Dakin teddy bear that has a music box inside it that plays this song. I still have this Teddy Bear.

  7. I thought Teddy Bears were named after Roosevelt….1890s sounds about a decade too early. 

  8. how can i buy this!  i must have it.  mom always sang it to us kids and i tried to sing it to mine while they were growing up but didn't know a lot of the words.  i want to sing it to my grandbaby 🙂

  9. does anyone remember the version where the last line in the song was "oh no, dont go down in the woods today?"  i am 76 and that line sticks in my head…perhaps my mother just added it…but i loved this…it was joyous and happy…

  10. This is the version my little ears enjoyed about 1950. Remember is exactly, not having heard it since then. At 6 o' clock their mommies and daddies will take them home to bed…… because their tired little teddy bears….. I cried. A girl thing.

  11. Want to hear a great version of this song? Try it by Ethyll Smith, also on youtube. It's the exact-same version as used on the Big Jon and Sparky Saturday morning radio show, NO SCHOOL TODAY back in the early 1950's Try it, you'll like it! -dan

  12. oh cool you got a real talking bubba these bears are perfect for this cool scratchy 45 thank you for posting this i lvoe this vid im a bear collector myself

  13. @bobs1joy The most popular version (with the biggest sales) was that by Bing Crosby, recorded in the 1940s and re-released several more times on the Decca label.

  14. I would love to find out whose recording this was. I sounds like the one we listened to as kids, and while I still have the 45, I can no longer play it. (Record had something melts onto it!)

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