Celebrating the Spring Holidays

The ultimate 2018 personal tech gift guide for the holidays

The ultimate 2018 personal tech gift guide for the holidays

I love gift fides at this time of year and I have to tell you the one we have for you right now is pretty spectacular thanks to this one our fashion stylist Janice Meredith I was working on this like researching I don't know how many emails I'm like yeah your excitement is getting me excited I like a Gift Guide because it just starts to narrow down it can be overwhelming the amount that you need to be organized I got an Excel spreadsheet and I have what I've got so when people are like mentioning things I throw it in I kept my kids to do screenshots on their technology on the device of what they like and then I sneak in and pull it always it's in the back of my hand good girl I'm because I have this one friend she got me a Tom Dixon candle holder now Tom Dixon has gotten its partnered with that Native Union now they're the ones who do charging units okay and so this thing's so sexy it's a charging valet station oh no even the cable is sex it's beautiful you have your phone you come home you just drop it down on the charging pie if we have keys down whatever your wallet on here you want it out it is sexy it's beautiful it's beautiful looks like a turntable or something yes right and that even this simple thing you can hang it off your purse or off your key chains you unscrew the end and there's your cables again so a great little gift for somebody who likes whose interior design who's very super keen about it's not like I would note that so technology is finally catching up with the fact that we like things to look pretty don't be gross it's gonna be all over the kitchen counter right all of these cables these super fancy looking chic glasses you can iron they remove 40% of the LED blue light from your devices so if you're going to be on your tech your tablet on your phone and you're getting sore eyes or headaches or just fatigue and you're in your head like this squinting face will totally help you with that so there's not they're not a prescription there's not you can't get a prescription if you need to but these are just and they'll adjust it but yeah they're just to remove that blue the LED blue lights 40% so it's it means something if they're telling us to turn off our devices at night to help our sleep then and you need to go a little bit longer that's your sleep schedule that'll be super helpful cool okay so that's look at this watch oh it is it looks like a conventional you know watch but then you turn this bezel and it's a smart watch it's the samsung galaxy it's so it's new and they had one before so what they've updated it's got four days battery life it's waterproof is super many more functionalities for some your sports and your tracking of that what else does it have I think the point of it also is that it looks like an old school watch because a lot of people don't want to get the Smart Watch because it look yes it's too looks too techie yeah that looks stylish yeah I would wear it that's totally yes and you just the you just turn the the face so the user interface is really really helpful and it's just I love it I would gorgeous it stylish okay and then this super small but you'll see I don't know if you can see at the bottom is a little bit more weighted down here okay and so what it is it's the motive fitness ring comes in so it fits into you need to have those spots the fatty part of your finger down under here and it tracks all of your your movement your sleep it's waterproof you can go swimming with it Oh next with a Bluetooth to your phone so I guess I'm keeping it that weighted part the thicker part is it's down at that beefy part of your finger cuz that's where it's connecting and tracking okay three dots and they connects to your phone and so on your phone will tell you how you slept you know how many steps you've taken all of that you know why that's smart a lot of people don't want to wear the bracelet all the time so now you've got it in a convenient little ring yes and the finishes and they send you a fitting kids oh and so you get to pick your size and then they send you the ring that's love they've thought of everything yes they have so super cool things over here this water bottle and once you swipe the top I don't know if you can see there it lights up so there's three different colors that will light up based on the water temperature inside okay so then you can put hot water cold water and you're not not worried about what you're going to encounter when you take that first step cuz if you swipe it also tells you how much you've drank okay all digital it tells you the temperature of the water yes and it tells you how much drink like super cool smart water bottle and water bottle coffee yes whatever hot or cold we're gonna do this for coffee okay this is the UM hold onto this cuz I know that Sydney's a hockey player now yeah here this is going to be your best friend so snobby mug traveler mug that you can set your temperature of what you want your enzyme and it's Danny's days for two hours without the charging coaster yes but if you have this by your desk you can keep that for as long as it's on the base it'll keep that temperature the same temperature so you just have that you're going to find a microwave to warm your oh that is you need well yes welcome to the arena your coffees freezing yeah that's exactly that's great and this free death side this is a ceramic coffee my oh nice is it you know same things exact same thing oh it keeps it a certain to capture oh that's really okay in here super fun so I'm gonna turn it on a little Bluetooth speaker lovely but also we're gonna turn it on there's a little fan inside and you can take the top off there is a pad there you put your essence oils on top oh yeah and then we turn the fan on it's a diffuser and a Bluetooth speaker Oh is everything and everything go light yes the party always won so much fun yeah okay very good I love your gift guide that's lately a little gift for everybody on the list

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