Celebrating the Spring Holidays



oh my dear thank you very much for coming to help in there God will bless you thank you very much Rebecca Rebecca she should yeah okay I'll try to alone Mina I won't make eye opener to see my smoke oh yeah it's do you think I have enough cassava for each of us Arabic I don't have cassava please my easy you Xena you should not you with me my mother talk see me I'm more like this village see my blood no mas this village Otto ah that's not Mozilla engine angle random you know end of my deceive me Jean mango fight this finish for you wanna draw and that reminds me my sister is coming to take you to the city for the holidays Wow why is that even a little yeah if I carry this my two legs hello fuck this ass for this village oh no come back again ah uh no go back again but my Mecca Astro gennadiy view city my Miata gonna be ethnicity what do I convey if you like city again Rebecca Wow you know say he gets on city woods our village but a pass you know no huh labraccio not Kim you look at you look at you describing a place you've never even been to Rebecca and anyway she's our last system last of all antigen yes we get there don't forget you remember your close friends Wow yeah [Laughter] you're my friend now I'm moving with my friends see if I travel to city a pretty plate details for ya hey I pray so one biggest want to make it a fun day they have my mama yeah new Samia don't travel I don't travel yeah we've now become a city give me a bitch city girl I won't leave this village I enjoy a bus and I like vomit face Rebecca is it not only for the holiday that you're going to the city so an idol I say you know go come back on you go dear ma jealousy I go call this one I've been awaiting so MA if what let me say you won't gone body follow me beg my aunty Wow aunty I forgot my key value you don't know come buddy follow him follow you go away whoever told you that I want to go to the city gun duel I see see the asset to follow them you know go oh stop I think we'll get the city don't forget those especially me me forget the city who I will pack everything citizens I'll bring it back ahead you know we use a choco Tsubasa watch it here hey there's one thing they put inside them what do they even call it when you go bring all your phone l'bri foul just something they said reach the city if you see because if you buy we want hey she got principal 20 cars in fact I beg you don't do don't do safe I'm driving Go Go city not only request plenty plenty teens I bet my could I go you don't do is okay let's go keep your head Wow why no brooch displease daddy go a caress can let me give you soon so just chill shitty yeah okay this one mark one standard is this one this one's their control if you see your hair no no if if you know it's a do for these heads you go they thank me I put plenty rupees I make you longer uh-uh-uh I beg mercy if you don't want did you say for me too will me I like them you tell me we got them come on mr. Doody head we were like a three teens today trust us like this but Rebecca no say they make addict alimony not be smoke bet some money you be my friend I want what's best for you I will make you fine bad way so that when you antacid see they're gonna say dollar I've had a grand I make a one may find her so when I enter the city they will not save Becca don't land on a woman but he carry miss I know I don't want Amato mmm hi friend my friend I wear this rope don't worry I won't become like he gets because our typical you know you can't find where where like this a spa cuisine fuck with you as I wanna this is family maiden stand like this not each other go I want medicine and I like my bed sorry No well I like qapla I like a mobile Oh City here I come I go with what you saw these huh you what is all these hey what is all these I just hope you know what you look like mono you know go understand understand what you know understand see you know no school you know old school mama as you see me so mustn't sad they go cause it's not a good pick Rebecca Gino you zoom in masquerade yeah you look like a mushroom do you know that don't worry that's not me ngawethu suppose they told us man my luck when the rock you sure obscene now don't worry my dear mmm she will soon be here she will soon come Mitsuko Michigan because me with all this my makeup mom my dressing for nothing I love it oh my friends my command I love ethnicity ah why do not you know I see a become for say you you know all school you know go under stand now let me go and consume what I was really saying she will soon be here Rebecca Wow think on this one who's got sick on me this one why are you so impatient Rebecca why are you so efficient she doesn't come to this you coach more Tori no no no no no be knocking Codell Levin top da one muchas meet Maria ready to move on today today Wow thank you sister wait you look like a masquerade you break our sorry butts what's all this on your face hmm I mean why do you have are you gonna like this with me yeah aunty I don't differ on this movements nicety now you see I mean when we can you of damage to me test me for that please mother Condor use me city people Condor use me they shine nah I'm Vinci for that well I am sorry to disappoint you honey because people in the city do not do their makeup like this I mean jeez you look scary as hell please help yourself Ronnie but she wouldn't listen I don't know what is wrong with this girl yeah not at all my dad forget about Rebecca we have been waiting for these things so what kept you I'm sorry sister um there was a bit traffic on my way you know I'm not used to coming like the good thing you say you don't convey say don't come and I could I go to see Tina are you when you fuck your be and what the oh you mean my big mortal right well I packed it on my way here you know the road is really clunky and slippery you know why is it that far mr. Kamil for Lotus because of the bad route you don't get him now what's an alpaca Riobamba kusoge oh my dear please forget about Rebecca come let's sit down let me get you something to eat I made this so special for you sister unit important yourself I mean I'm running late already no no let's know how you come to your sis pass please I'll leave you touch it is something no it's not possible please come on sit down just tell you will never change um just before I go could Rebecca just adjust I mean those heroes to squashes cuz I want my life to be crushed so that's what can get something for our to eat okay I'll sing it Rebecca as you see males are scanned yeah unless it's Louie come on for you all on our plan Becca come on Sudama my Labonte gogo enter in big moto What's My Line anywhere [Applause] soon when they had your city food mmm amazing thank you if it's not for food don't tell me you're not eating again and fill it up I mean I don't have to fuss myself sister come of it over there you don't such a start to teach that you're filled up with I mean I don't a bit chubby so Jenny you look at me you look at me oh I am NOT sis come off it I'm not mocking you I'm just saying I don't know be trouble like you don't wanna do it next to you and that is foolish there you were singing only be screaming but by you oh no problem mama no problem but meanwhile is Rupert I'm going to talk to her I have talked to us already but she wouldn't listen so touch her Allegra hand you have to be if you have to go to the Sicily fountain you have to do the father's bullshit anything you know you look so up there for this bullshit next you need to go clean them up because if you do not bring them up to them go into the city me one yeah she said if you miss a good feelin Komachi here submit you go wash and this this will refer your face so you know – unless them say you know go full on come on yeah oh oh oh you mean my eye makeup you know fine excuse me your makeup make town whatever the hell it says you have to go and wash them off [Applause] [Applause] yes yeah [Applause] please take good care of I remember remember she's my only child [Applause] you suck right now let's go s faster Rebecca Amata therefore this whatever my a coalition of teas are you here sorry don't calm down calm down I'm so sorry so how you gonna cope when you go to the United States I mean if you can even copy the Swiss esta why did you stop I'll be thinking thinking about walks I wish I have some want to visit in the city like Rebecca yeah is your grandmother's village not close by well visit ah no I said sit I mean what's the phone between my grandma's village and here [Applause] [Applause] I keep death touch what someone him you go to sleep just when I felt I'd seen it all and you know from where whenever we gotta remember us the girl did drop namaka a semi today careful Meccano for automatics I understand leaves your presence angel and purity and I have here Shah Baba gates man I have a note the cook and housekeeper mom why is wrong with her so you have nothing is wrong with her you see guys um this is Rebecca's first time to the city and I want you guys to really accommodate myself I just wish she is well cousin my name is purity and this is my younger sister angel mmm see something I mean they just said I I think a new visit Misurata sees me she talked under the other definitions taken for the Tyne Bridge I'll go yeah la montagne I'll go asada we were high you are the only timid one in the sauce I mean every other person here is educated and I can speak very good English apart from my manager is my shop so you see maybe we time our wiki to understand and name English as well I see you realize if you're talking to me again oh go back to the village Rebecca welcome to the city and I really want you guys to have the patience of the retard fishes fully away okay and I want you to take her to her room make up the vegetables okay Dino ready yes ma'am the table is fantastically and tantalizingly sets with delicious delicacies you'll enjoy it Hey precious lord are you house amazing or something Oh Fred's nuts the AC is off now so you're so cold how much time is no more hey he don't they reduced this is the restroom where you can pass out West product Wow you see this is nothing they make me they confuse more Hey no miss Abed do not hesitate to seek my assistance whenever the need arises and meanwhile others are waiting for you at the dining so can we yeah okay for me food so I have duty yeah Gaeta mischief uh chickies not around at the mornings any problem not at all what Raleigh came to you from you and ship that will getting married so oh my god finally I'm even gonna thank you you've been a wonderful person and the journey of our love and this is only person because of you oh please I mean why you taking me I'm not God of course I know boy passes through people and you are that person yes I remember when I almost gave up on history so thanks to you anyways thank you thank you so much I'm flattered ok nice I think it's high time we celebrate head I mean that's good news what do I offer you because we need to celebrates the skinniest ladies most ok darling what do you want Brisco a glass of what tell you do just a glass of water damn okay are you I'll go sit was I expecting but ok I'm I know yes domina money-wise I know and no no and no oh wow let's say she got market really know what okay let me get save me glass of what's up with my guests what's up glass water and I guess okay okay now we shall see an OD overdose Oh well yeah I cannot be really asking me to briefly better Haven how to make use of the toilet at the bathroom ma'am I believe her medulla oblongata has gradually retarded to be epochs and at the juncture I am forced to call that she has difficulties with the simulation so instead of the hoop to apologize and accept the father you are wrong you are making some flimsy excuses did you realize that you just embarrassed me to do do you know the amount of embarrassment I received today because of Rebecca I am very sorry I I carefully outlined the rules and functions of the rest shut up when I'm talking the next time know what I think it's high time I just sex that dictionary feels sorry man please temper justice with mercy I beg you ma'am please as for you Rebecca what so for every Collins is coordinates it is being made use of when you were pressed make use of it when your twists you don't just put it together we don't think what do I mean what it's what / – a little drink Moonves I'm gonna say now fine whites what's my fatality they use ammo oh no no Street economy good a good Abe blue grama open down okay it's a talent with you make sure you prefer a teacher or things Chris ma'am thank you very much now I just put a little teacher if I get one more with pots from her you're finished thank you guys thank you don't think so guys some hey tell me so um the you hosting this one was Mahana on Thomas and was a pasta dough Oh little Plaza the plaza what city new dilemma little Plaza wait till you've been dude yet oh I'm a boy Chucky like a meatball Akuma fuck oh no you got the money give me for this house and it was with you what think are you good up again what is it why busy remove your yesterday been one side one side one side one side a little spill to you Rebecca yeah something okay I wanted now you why are you there ask me that question now you with your not this house yes after Ghana me you know yeah yeah yeah cuz this your day you opposition I forget it did mo conde managing me yeah that's us busy so this house a god I can see me – on me like you cannot eat me just for me for this house yeah no use me shine wanna use me for this one day like this one day like this ago just used for this house c'est trop de breath in and see your – I see – good if this guy – miss naughty – if you need I merely for this house purity why you can't carry I've got to go to the bread ladies you know gets with it I cannot cut its budget like that my own sweet namah namah if mama doesn't give me give me the bread like a chopper that sweet it is I will go over cut off this bread Rebecca I cannot comprehend your concurrence and simultaneous display of unpleasant scenarios in the premises what ante and what's the problem can you imagine she did that without the slightest compulsion of flossing it I'm sorry I think she's not I think she doesn't know how to flush the toilet really really oh I so totally Merrick so disgusting I practically felt like throwing up immediately asteroids it's okay I'm sorry I cannot use beeping big drama drama go down and also a team do not profit and also said a pro call plenty for this house absolutely no one use mission fall is us but MacArthur will not say apropos I prepare I prepare conditions you see I'm hookah alarm again important in Seema – on me for this ask my life you know gosh Wow okay cuckoo cuckoo Oh panda Panda for watching you see after her Mima enjoy me Debbie Muhammad Ali Corp only copy let's go Noblet honk ooh she's so uncultured you mannered and so it's civilized good riddance it's okay Dukey dress on bread and it's inner zero right okay okay your day without 13 result we're seeing result okay just wait here white gets you some glass of water for this canteen welcome to this Martin again for this asthma I know if Inuyasha she touched hard for you being a mother do people bother I mean he gets them with now haha oh this house all the time and these people I fell asleep baby drama man almost every speech bubbles what's another Plaza huh this one where it is enough to meet people they keep the remainder I want who they remain for and I tell you University of this place this backyard go to problem they pick broom if you know a broom this is your hand huh series please notice about me for here how you take on sale how did that go sign you words now they pick up how I take pika you guys are you you know face your fruits for you everywhere we can to not go add up but there was no response yes see that co-op is your active neurons Dick Cheney get power Nolan magic it [Applause] Wow this is no one hey boo then look at the significance of this room it's this warm nah um how do you make that variable for the quiz you should have told me it's a little me know what do you want Anagha they do lunch oh oh but dancing and arcady sher now gauranga jeez sorry um you can get the stuff ready I can only medium field you know why don't you take her to the kitchen me come drop myself okay Frank just go it spontaneously so funny from my schedule to prepare this meal and shit this critius yeah it is okay just a cut to the kitchen make Yemen exercise and to thank you then he wait spill the young before you slice it I mean re wall either how they concern you without appeal and before our cotton before but the concern I mean I don't eaten a billion one who come oh I don't see of you want let me help you yeah hi Becky Alan angry oh I don't see a plan hmm your plan another cone already cm them little do they know Mahna Mahna Mahna Martin's waited before that food ready they give them sorry it is our new movie shoot me for this one myself a mediator look real mother the use it up ah I'm sorry please a businessman I won't eat you yamaneika fool you the same beauty question muginami is beyond in peace who's gonna House committee soon north i inaudible nothing naughty yeah under visual see that big woman Vivian Sammy yeah no believe in exam move Assam swatted any Cola self and I be no Centauri government machine no Conda use me to shine for the sons no see she's she's a video of us anticipate for the better he won't want to be through your crown me a little further south know what to do ha with my digits you believe oh no my two to be without salt and now yes ma'am and now where the hell is this smoke comin laughing where's it coming from yeah I'm sorry ma'am I don't know you don't know do you um what are you doing why are you not in the kitchen with Rebecca oh I am very sorry ma'am I was reading reading sorry for which has a mission Oxford Cambridge no Nottingham and I've never met any one of the states this dictionary of yours is gonna flagging I'm sorry it winds ma'am I'm very sorry please let me go check out my heart I am sorry I know come back a job with you I said not to ten dictionary a little are you deaf planet budget for this material for you for my health tell us what it's about dictionary Hornets precious knowledge why on earth do you constantly exhibit the highest level of secrecy cause mahogany listen really you still have the mouth to talk you have the temerity the s country to talk you did not stop enough talk I can't say no sorry man it is wrong with Emma good came into this place we saw this mess he's ready to play to our guest because some stupid crap he looks you should like to ask about things if they touch they make us sound funny quite softly we work until I make my software I took it to be able to back up what did you do let's help each other yes I do not reduce to modern facilities but you never listen did you want to kill me do you want to burn us up do you want to bother them I'm very sorry please from the depth of my heart I sincerely apologize for my unperturbed but innocent cuts I promise it will never ever repeat itself well in anything we even with the fuckers there is five years about to burn down my house mr. strickley so stupid cost me a bundle like I said you

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