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The Weekend: English Vocabulary & Adjectives – Part 1 | Learn English + American Culture | TIPSY YAK

The Weekend: English Vocabulary & Adjectives – Part 1 | Learn English + American Culture | TIPSY YAK

Hey Friends! Welcome back. Thanks for hanging
out with me again. This is the first part in a 4 part series about things you need to
know to be able to talk about your weekend. Number 1 is about adjectives to talk about
how good or bad your weekend was. When you’re talking about your weekend, you probably just
don’t want to say….oh, my weekend was good…my weekend was bad. You want other words to really
be able to describe how good or how bad it was. So let’s say you had a bad weekend and
you need to describe how bad it was. Here are some words you can use…first, you could
say, my weekend was boring…it was so boring. Not that just nothing had happened but it
was nothing happened in a way that you had no fun and you were upset about it. It was
really boring. Or you could say terrible. My weekend was terrible. And this would mean,
like something actually bad happened…like, your car stopped working or someone you know
ended up in the hospital, something really bad happened. Another option which is really
similar, horrible…horrible is even stronger than terrible. Oh my weekend was horrible.
Just nothing was good at all. And there is another word that I use actually, quiet a
lot, and it’s awful. My weekend was awful. And this is maybe not as strong as terrible
or horrible but just means that there was just really nothing good that happened. Maybe
it rained, you kept trying to do things and couldn’t, you looked for a restaurant and
couldn’t find it or it was closed. Just these bad things kept happening to you. My weekend
was awful. So, you can use: boring, terrible, horrible, or awful. OK, now let’s talk about
the adjectives that you need if your weekend wasn’t good and it wasn’t bad, but it was
just somewhere in the middle. You can say, my weekend was uneventful…meaning nothing
really happened. It was uneventful. You can say, my weekend was OK…yeah, it was OK.
Not great, not terrible…it was OK. My weekend was fine. Remember we talked about the word
fine from the “Hello” Video. If you say your weekend is fine, people are going to think…oh
it wasn’t that good it was just OK, fine. And the last word you’ll hear a lot, we talked
about this in a previous video…is someone might say, uh my weekend was whatever. It
was whatever. Nothing really to say about it. Probably means, I sat at home, watched
some TV. You can say it was OK, fine, uneventful, whatever. Any of those work great. Finally,
the most important section, because I hope all of your weekends are really really good
is to describe a weekend that was really really good. The first word you can use is: My weekend
was amazing! I had an amazing weekend! It means something wonderful happened. I had
an amazing weekend. Maybe you got to travel somewhere maybe you saw a friend you hadn’t
seen in a long time, I don’t know, it’s your own opinion but your weekend was amazing.
Another thing you can say is awesome. My weekend was awesome. And when you use awesome, people
are gonna thing that you got to do something pretty cool. You did something that you don’t
usually get to do, something out of the ordinary and something that was really cool. You had
an awesome weekend. Next is something that is simple, but it means you had a good weekend:
I had a great weekend, great. Maybe you didn’t do anything that unique, or that unordinary,
but it was just nice. I know all the time I think I had a great weekend when Brian and
I just got to spend a bunch of time outside, got to go into the city, maybe got to a nearby
village, have a, you know, have some food in a restaurant out, some nice restaurant.
It’s simple, but it’s a great weekend. Finally, you can say: I had a perfect weekend. And
that means just everything came together and was so good. There was nothing bad. So, when
you’re trying to say that you had a good weekend you can use: awesome, amazing, great and perfect.
All of these words are going to mean a lot more than just saying good. So, I hope now
that you know how to describe a bad, neutral or good weekend with much more descriptive
words. So, thank you friends for hanging out! This was just the first of the 4 videos coming
to you about how to talk about weekends like a native speaker. Make sure to look out for
#2 tomorrow to talk about prepositions of time. Go ahead and make sure to give it a
like if you found this helpful. Subscribe if you haven’t and I will see you all tomorrow!
Have a great day! Cheers.

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  1. I normally work from Monday to Friday. But this weekend was an exception to the rule. I had to work on Saturday. And I worked the whole day this Saturday, which shortened my weekend, so to say, because I was left only one day to take a rest. Then I would say that my weekend wasn't very nice. It was awful having to work on Saturday. I use to clean up my house on Saturday and on Sunday I go out and have fun with my husband. My Sunday was only ok, uneventful, because I stayed home and couldn't go out. That's how my weekend was.

  2. Hi, Kristen! 🙂 My weekend has been perfect because I began this saturday morning watching your video!! 🙂 As always, your video is great, funny and intelligent. I really loved this video too!!! 🙂 So, I wish you a really, really perfect weekend, because you always makes people around the world feel so good!!! And we love you!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Cheers!!! 😉

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