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Time for a Vacation

Time for a Vacation

– How many of you used
a vacation day to be here? [people cheering] Well, good for you. I’m glad to hear that,
because– Well, how many of you
put a straw dummy at your desk to trick your– Your boss is like,
“That’s not her.” Good for you. Here’s why I’m glad
you took the day off: because a survey came out
that said that half of Americans don’t take
a single vacation day. Last year, at all–
no one took one. Can you believe that? Why is it so crowded
at the airport every time I’m there? I don’t understand. I don’t know why people wouldn’t
use their vacation days. I mean, don’t get me wrong.
I love my job. I love coming to work.
I love all of you. I love talking
to celebrities. I love giving away
those big checks and changing people’s lives. I love spreading joy
and kindness, but not as much
as I love a vacation day. [laughter] I just don’t. [cheers and applause] You know, this is not
just a problem in America. In Japan–
this is true– people are so overworked
that the government has started forcing them
to take vacation days. The only reason our government
hasn’t done that is because they’re always
on vacation. [laughter] Yeah. [cheers and applause] Get back to work. But I want everyone to be happy
and enjoy their time off. I think you should use as many vacation days
as possible, unless you work here,
of course, all of you. There are important things
you can do with a day off. You can–
you can run errands. You can exercise. You can watch “Scandal”
before it returns on Thursdays at 9:00
on ABC. And I read
the number one reason people are afraid
to take vacation days: because they think
their boss will get upset and replace them. And I am here to tell
all of you, you are irreplaceable, okay? All of you
and you in there. [cheers and applause] Also, I’m required to tell you,
if you get fired, that’s not
legally binding. And now let’s start
your vacation day off with a dance.

Reader Comments

  1. I love Ellen 💗 Its true what the study said! I haven't had a vacation since I started working (last year) hahaha 😔👎 But I really appreciate a show like hers that makes me laugh! 🙏

  2. Hi Ellen.. it would be my dream come true to work with you… @TheEllen Show 😊😊 that positive energy u gave to your worker really something.. 👍👍

  3. My mom is one of those people who doesn't really take vacation days! She has a hard time leaving work, and even works on the weekend. Her boss tells her every year to take vacation days, and she almost always says "I don't want to take it." I don't get that mentality. Vacations are good for you and your company, and if you have them, you might as well use them. 

  4. some people dont take vacations because there is no security in the business they work in…. if the market goes down a bit , you will have thousands of layoffs and the money they get paid for those days could help!

  5. I'm a delivery driver for a major news paper n I work 7 days a week. If we want a vacation we have to pay our own substitutes. I've had 1 day off in 5yrs n 5 days off in 9yrs this March. I'm going on vacation this June to see family when my son graduates high school 🙂


  7. In Norway, our employers are required to give us 25 paid working days off every year. My dad turns sixty this year (hooray!!!) and because of that he's given another week vacation every year from now until he retires. Unions – fuck yeeeeah! 

  8. Ellen I told my boss what you said about "being irreplaceable" and than he said "to the left, to the left." Lol…

  9. I always take vacation! You EARN!!! it. they don't give it to you because they love you! I have worked for local government for almost 26 years. I would be TOTALLY FRIED! if I never took time off. I believe it makes for a happier worker.

  10. i guess there are 3 reasons why people don't take vacations.

    1. They don't have any
    2. They don't get paid on vacation and can't afford to miss a day of work
    3. they have nothing to do on vacation. they would rather work than do nothing.

  11. How many days of vacation you guys get in US? I have 20 which all the employees in Slovakia have. And I have plus 3 bonus vacation and 3 sick days.

  12. Way to generalize government workers. Usually she's funny, but that joke not so much. Not everyone who works for the government is a filibustering congressman/woman… The vast majority are hard workers just like anyone else

  13. Yea, good point, what are all those people at the airport doing then?  it doesn't look like nobody's taking vacation

  14. In UK we are entitled to like 4 or 5 weeks fully paid holiday. But whenever I try to book it my boss makes an excuse so I can't go. Meanwhile he's nearly used all his holiday up! What's worse is after October we cannot take it and won't get paid for it

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