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Travel Life Hacks everyone should know for Spring Break!

Travel Life Hacks everyone should know for Spring Break!

hey guys what's up welcome back to my channel so today I wanted to do another life hack video for you and this one is specifically for spring break because I know that it's coming up really soon for a lot of you guys these are like travel life hacks so before I get into today's video I just want to give a quick shout out thank you to the sponsor today's video which is audible it basically have an insane selection of audiobooks news comedy and so many more I purchased them before and I told you guys of my favorite ways to use audiobooks is to pair it was like school textbooks and listen to it while reading because I get so distracted while I'm working on homework reading assignments things like that so if I have the audiobook you're releasing me on top but obviously I don't recommend a textbook you guys about be really late so right now I'm singing machine before I fall because movie just came out that I want to actually know the book before I would see it so audible wanted to make sure that you guys get to try it out for free if you want a 30-day free trial all you do is go to audible.com slash KRW you guys can download before I fall for debris or to just pick out something else also the audible app is free downloaded on iPhone Android on your Kindle yeah that's audible.com slash you we W be sure to check and also link will be down below anyways that is enough rambling let's get into the video so I feel like jewelry and headphones are like so much alike because they tangle ridiculously you just don't know how it happens so this is a hack to help you with that especially when you're traveling what you can do is take whatever necklaces you're traveling with by tip just like chokers travel so much easier I recommend just taking them because they don't seem to tangle as badly but if you have another necklace that you just have to bring with you here's what you should do take the necklace and lay it out flat on a piece of plastic wrap and then just fold the wrap over it this is going to kind of like seal it and keep it in place and keep it nice and flat so that when you're ready to wear it you can just reopen it back up and it is good to go it is not tangled I just think this is one of the most amazing hacks ever so you guys could probably tell from my videos that my hair is super bleach and whenever I travel I want to make sure that I'm using this specific shampoo that I like so I normally don't use like Hotel shampoo so if you don't have a way to package with you or like any of the smaller containers straws actually work as well and we always have a bunch of those lying around my house I don't know why so what you can do is cable the bottom of the straw and you just want to do this on each one that you're using and then put some duct tape over that just so it like kind of secures it a little bit better I'm not saying that this is 100% spill proof but mostly this does a pretty good job also do this with stuff other than shampoo like you could do toothpaste conditioner specific hair to even that you like I don't know just make sure that the straw is actually big enough to contain whatever you're putting into it and then once you're done don't fill it all the way up because you need to restate both the top and then put another piece of tape I know this is not like the prettiest method ever but if you don't have any of those mini containers it actually does work pretty well like on the fly and then when you're ready to use it you can just cut it with scissors and you're good to go next up I have a packing hack for you and you guys might have seen this one before but it's so helpful I felt like I had to include it and that is to put your shoes in an old shower cap this will protect your clothes from getting dirty while you're packing because the bottom of your shoes will not be exposed and that way none of your clothes get dirty and I just think this is one of the most helpful hacks ever this is also really awesome so you can make a DIY so from a hoodie all you should do is crisscross the arms and then roll up the bottom mine kind of looks like a loaf of bread so if yours looks like a loaf of bread awesome you're doing it right then you just want to tuck in that bottom part into the hood and then boom you have a DIY pillow you could use this for you know traveling on a plane or train or just the school bus whatever you want to do this is also really cool if you're packing a lot of stuff and you don't want your shoes to get scrunched in your suitcase you've got your shoes with them and then when you press it is actually so firmwares like that other one didn't have socks in it so continuing on road trips one of the things that my family members do a lot is bring like glasses to beginning of the trip like they bring like an open glass and it always stresses everyone else the hot Sun like glasses off in your car because I swear this is just helpful to have anyways and then you can cover the drinks this way so that hopefully this will prevent spills and not thing it works on when you're fishing on the side that it does definitely help next hack is Superman bull and I feel like it's really practical for traveling all you need is a button this could be like a Shamir button one that fell off a coat or if you're bringing like your jacket or something with you that has buttons on it you could use one of those too though all you need to do is take the earrings that you're not wearing at this time and put them in because of the center of the button this one has four holes so I could do like two different pairs which i think is awesome and it's just an easier way to travel with earrings and keep up with them wrapping up with a few really simple hacks the next one is to protect the head of your razors while you're traveling all you need is a binder clip and you can place this over the head of the razor this will hopefully prevent it from a like marking up anything or like cutting into anything while you're traveling and also just from the head of it actually like breaking off this is really really useful plus one is one of my favorites and it's so helpful all you need is an old makeup containers this is just like what my makeup wipes come in and you don't have to like never use it for makeup wipes again just for while you're traveling you can put a camera and it so this should work for an iPhone to my iPhone plus is like too big but if you have a regular iPhone this should fit as well it's just nice and structured and will protect your items while you're traveling you guys so much for watching I video that helps you out and I will see you in the next one bye

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  1. hi guys!!! ILYSM!! PS where are you going for spring break? (your room / watching Netflix completely counts as a destination btw 😛 )


  3. Whenever im lookin 4 a life hacks vid 2 watch,i ALWAYS go 4 hayleys videos,cuz they actually teach u sth helpful and NEW!like yesss ilysmm

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