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This helps your government understand the problem, and allows law enforcement to add scammers on watch lists worldwide. We chatted had what I thought were live camera sessions. Third approach was a bank link which seemed real enough United Bank Shares. Find out how to transfer her Fathers assets to her.

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So she left and they kept her phone and laptop which is her pictures and videos are all over the internet. Well folks I too was bamboozled love, These clever rats have quite the network going.

She goes by Emma Lillian Commey and her story is she is to get a inheritance from her deceased father in the millions but she has to marry someone to get it and needs their help to go through all the court paperwork, be careful these people with nickel and dime you out of a fortune.

Good day I am Brenda. Brenda and you are? Hi there XYZ,i am not sure if thats your name or not. Well i am brenda,35 years of age never been married but was webcam girl briana angel appears on cam4 adult webcam engaged but was used webcam girl briana angel appears on cam4 adult webcam and hurt and since then i have not been with any man.

And most men here just want sex and oral., webcam girl briana angel appears on cam4 adult webcam. I am looking for someone to love me,be there for me when am in need or needs you around. I want to be happy again and i fell i can get that from an older men irrespective where you live,except you feel am too young or am too far for you??

I am not on Face book as am new to all this online stuffs and i hope you understand with me. I am irish american,mum irish check this out dad american. Let me know read more you feel and we could contine and see how it all goes. Have alot to know about you,so would ask when i hear from you again. Remain Blessed and make sure you keep intouch dear.

Brenda Cares. Briana Lee cam girl said she is bi most scammers say sex straight. She is more lesbian than bi 1 reason she never been webcam girl briana angel appears on cam4 adult webcam making a film with guy or on cam with guy always with girl never seen in public with guy so these makes her a lesbian not bi.

That is true. The main reason is that most scammers are Muslim and homosexuality is a serious sin for them. Melissa Kudalor is another name being used with these pictures. They are very very good at scamming. Let me tell you guys I was just dumped buy a Kim Barwer Swanson. Saeeda Ishaq is the name i got from the bitch. I have her phone and she is very hevily accented.

From ghana. I have been contacted a year ago by a girl in Ghana and she said she is Briana lee and quit her Job in porn because the company she was with had a billion dollar contract on her and she was not getting he rmoney and after talking to her see more lived in colorado and left there for Ghana about 4 yeaers ago She send me a picture and it was dated the 15 of may Previous Next.

View Larger Image. Share Pin 3. An example of a darkened scammer photo — making it harder to recognize the person. The following two tabs change content below. Bio Latest Posts. Darrell Moore June 27, at am - Reply. Brian J Saxby October 15, at pm - Reply. Has anyone ever heard of someone going by the name Sandra Neace. William Fredericks July 9, at pm - Reply. Jasper June 3, at pm - Reply.

Anonymous April 1, at pm - Reply. Clark Kent August 9, at am - Reply. I answered ant get this reply yesterday with some other pictures: Hi there XYZ,i am not sure if thats your name or not. Vivvy August 3, at pm - Reply. Karl Pinch July 26, at am - Reply. Pics etc. Angel June 11, at am - Reply. Anonymous January 1, at am - Reply. Micheal L. Gummert November 27, at pm - Reply.

John August 15, at am - Reply. Anonymous August 9, at am - Reply. Bill Bates August 3, at pm - Reply, webcam girl briana angel appears on cam4 adult webcam.

Anonymous August 3, at pm - Reply. I had her as Saeeda Ishaq. And a very heavily accented voice on the phone. Anonymous June 24, at pm - Reply. Got stung! Dan Webcam girl briana angel appears on cam4 adult webcam 29, at am - Reply.

Mark mcghee March 29, at am - Reply. Anonymous February 10, at pm - Reply. Peter Sattler December 31, at pm - Reply. Reyes November 19, at pm - Reply. Cancel reply.

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