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Tyga on Performing at MTV Spring Break, Ally Brooke & 2019 Plans | MTV News

Tyga on Performing at MTV Spring Break, Ally Brooke & 2019 Plans | MTV News

– Oh, man, it’s Cancún. Whenever there’s girls, it’s beaches, waters like this. Party vibe, you know what I’m sayin’? I’m always inspired. I remember just growing up at home and just always watching
Cancún Spring Break. I remember G-Unit. That was one of my favorites. You got Eminem. Man, it’s just, it’s iconic,
you know what I’m sayin’? That’s why I was like, I gotta do it. You know, this is my first time in Cancún so I never been out
here, so, yeah, it’s lit. I kinda was in L.A. my whole life so Spring Break I was like, you know, goin’ to the park, goin’ to the mall. Just doin’ regular life,
you know what I mean? I think performing outside always takes, it just puts you in a whole
‘nother little party vibe. You know what I’m sayin’? It feel like a festival, feel like people just college, you know what I mean? It just gives you that feel, opposed to like performing inside. If the crowd is into it
then I might get like, I might get more turnt
up, you know what I mean? But when I’m on stage,
like, I’m just locked in. You know what I mean? When I made “Girls Have Fun” I kinda envisioned a video. So like, I always like, I lock in the idea on the video, like right when I finish a song. Rich the Kid, he was in the studio, and I was like, “Yo, you
wanna hop on this joint?” And then I sent this to G-Eazy, ’cause I did a song for him. Then we shot the video like a week later. It was crazy ’cause the
vibe was similar to this, but we shot it in- the city of Coachella
is where we shot it. It had this big resort. Crazy house there and brought like
150 girls. Ya know what I’m sayin’? Summer spring ready. We just shot a video. Actually me and Marshmello,
we was in a studio. It’s cool cause his ear, his
ear’s a little different. But, ya know what I mean, I feel like EDM, and like in the DJ world, ya know it’s always like that one sound and it’s super, like heavy energy. So it works. ‘Cause it’s all in the
club, ya know what I mean? Chris came by the studio and I was like, “Yo, you should hop on this joint. “Like I just did this
song with Marshmello. “It’ll be like, super nostalgic.” And ya know, it’s a dope party vibe, so the video should
be dropping real soon. Me, uh, Chris worked together. It’s easy. we just keep it super homie, So, we know exactly what to talk about. Like, ya know, we finish
songs in like 30 minutes. I think that’s why we had
a lot of success together, ya know what I mean? (Ally Brooke’s “Low Key” playing) I did a song on Fifth
Harmony’s first album. I think it was called “Like Mariah” so, when she reached out to
this one and she was like, “This is my first single, “I really want you to get on it.” It was done, ya know what I’m sayin’? We shot the video, it’s doin’
real good right now, so. Shout out to Ally, man,
a really sweet girl. Oh yeah, we working, ya
know what I’m sayin’? King of the summer, so you already know. You already know we about to drop. (laughs)

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  1. I like when tyga brings all them instagram models in his music videos,tyga is promoting many of them girls but he ain't that bragging type.like this you help them girls black or white ,Asian Latinos is all love and respect for them girls doing there thing.

  2. the fact that he remembers that he did a song with 5h is just quite something :,) and he's helping my girl ally too :,))

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