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Unboxing April 에이프릴 2nd Korean Single Album Mayday

Unboxing April 에이프릴 2nd Korean Single Album Mayday

Hello. I have April’s second single album “Mayday” here to unbox for you So we have the front yes yes, all colorful and nice~ and the back Track listing~ Mhmmm.. ok, let’s open this up~ We’ve got the CD here and the photobook~ Oh oh, we have 2 photocards!! yay!!! ahhwhh~ I like the baseball theme^^ Really nice~ ok, so continue on All the colors really just pop, don’t they? Oh here we go I really like this one… this photoshoot, well… the other ones are nice as well but… I really like the baseball theme, I dunno Although, yeah… they look really good in this one too, okay This is the same as the CD~ Oh!!~ we’ve got some pom poms~ Lyrics~ Credits… Audition and… okay, that’s it yes ahhhh~~~ yay I really love the photocards so pretty 🎀 Alright, so that was everything Thank you so much for watching, I do hope enjoyed. Bye!!^^

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  1. FAQ Post:
    – Where I bought the item I unbox is always written in the description, as well as the track list and contents.
    – My upcoming unboxings are listed in the about section of my channel (I don't do requests, but I always unbox the kpop albums/goods that I buy).
    – My Twitter, Instagram and Facebook you'll find linked in the description.
    – I no longer do sponsorships. The items I unbox I bought myself, I work outside of Youtube as an Archivist/Registrar (which is my main source of income).
    – I usually don't answer comments on how much something cost me to buy, because I honestly can't remember 99 out of a 100 times.

  2. Haven't gotten into this group yet, but I think this concept is so cute!! Thanks for the unboxing video! 🙂

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