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Vacations: Expectations Vs Reality

Vacations: Expectations Vs Reality

oh my god baby this place is beautiful smells so good is bad so come over here oh my god wow this is a lot smaller than the pictures please smells disgusting oh my god babe this bed is rock-hard Wow it's babies wretches got it toothpaste got done anyway look at the underwear oh my god hey make sure they're clean okay and we're ready to go uh babe did you pack the sunscreen I thought you were gonna pack the sunscreen did you pack the underwear no because you told me you would have in a package I told you to pack everything why would I pack everything if it's our suitcase guys because it was your job why only be my dog nice little thing huh leave this hotel it's freakin amazing Budhan booth on the house you can get massages for free there's an arcade and there's a movie theater on the top floor any movie you want all day long okay water [Applause] well about the most northing are you doing no way I am chilling here I'm relaxing I'm good all right have fun huh you can quiet finally some peace and quiet you have got to be kidding me right now come on seriously why do you have to hog your horn right now can you just be quiet oh oh great oh great yeah go to veggie burgers – french fries – Caesar salads spaghetti and flatbread spaghetti and flatbread and what do you have for dessert okay I'll take two cupcakes and two up of pies all right thank you they said they'll be here five minutes a-all them I know halten by now hi can i order two glasses of water 40 minutes for water okay whatever $20 are you serious okay I'm thinking Universal Studios did the rules and nobody happy when a hot air balloon da and everything with a Hard Rock Cafe chill out for a bit let's top it all off Harry Potter world for 74 dollars and 67 cents okay um that can pay for our uber – and then we can pray that Mickey Mouse goes on a smoke break and get a picture with them yeah maybe we get rid of a sign – and then we'll have six dollars left Oh actually you said that six dollars when you open that water bottle earlier okay water Oh true it's it's cool we just won't eat I'm not even hungry so fine yeah thanks so much for watching today's video hope you guys enjoyed it and if you did make sure you subscribe okay hit that subscribe button and make sure falls on Instagram is right here and that's pretty much all we have to say right now hmm

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  1. Lol my vacation trips in a hotel are perfect they never go wrong because we book the five star ones

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