Celebrating the Spring Holidays

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  1. Once again I am stunned by what you are creating. Your keep being an inspiration for my own music making. Keep doing what you doing! ❤️💚💖💜

  2. I don’t know if it is possible to become tired of any of your songs. They inspire me to keep creating. Excellent as always! 🎯💕😍🎹💞👌✌️ 🤘

  3. What a fantastic tune! Very catchy. The difficulty is going to be getting it out of my head so I can work on some of my own music. Excellent work! ❤️💟

  4. All your songs make me want to keep working on fulfilling my own dream. Music is really everything to me, and by the quality of your tunes, I can tell it is the same for you too!

  5. Hey guys. Does anyone know how this video was filmed? The effect and appearance on the video. hope you know what i mean? :))

  6. I usually expect the audience of this genre to be somewhat educated, but reading the comments prove me otherwise.

  7. @Kristhegirl39 Just because it was on the soundtrack of twilight doesn't mean this band is about/for twilight. They just had no problem with twilight using a song from them for twilight's soundtrack.

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