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Vote In My Newest Vacation Poll// RWise

Vote In My Newest Vacation Poll// RWise

hey everybody how y'all doing this evening I've got a new poll up on my community tab on my home page of my youtube channel it's another picked my vacation for me poll I've got five choices on there this time individuals instead of two places at once it's just going to be one place so I could spend more time in one place instead of trying to split it between two places but the five choices will be Auto Rico the US Virgin Islands Iceland Germany and Jamaica so if y'all get a chance to go on my community tab go and vote on the where you want me to go I think I'm gonna have it up to the end of July unless it becomes a run away like you did with UK and Ireland on that last poll but congress-led no Rico US Virgin Islands and Germany Iceland or to make them those are your five choices and whichever one wins out is for I'm going in August possibly early September most likely August I would say vote early and vote often but you can only vote once I've already found that out so anyway if you get a chance to go there hit me up tell me where you want me to go and that's where I'm going to go all right everybody take care

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  1. Hi Richard,we visited Berlin many years ago.I loved the city.I was in Frankfurt on a business trip years later but didn't like it at all.Berlin was much more cultural imo.I would have liked to visit Jamaica.Iv been to Denmark many times,love Denmark,my brother and his family live there.I was in Norway with an Irish dancing troupe in 1978.However,I haven't been to Iceland.You are lucky to be able to travel and see the world.Just pack a bag and go off to explore.Being single and with your family grown it's your time while you are still fit and healthy.☘️

  2. Germany, but southern Germany. Tubingun area. Hire a car, easy to visit Dacau (quite emotional) The River Danube, Black Forest (proper black forest gatuoux) etc.

  3. PUERTO RICO sounds FUN !! I think U would ENJOY the MUSIC the FoOd/Drinks the Dance & the PPL Seem Friendly !! SO I CHOOSE ((PUERTO RICO)) I See it dont have many VOTES tho.. I've been to Jamaica Mon lollol..Verry CoOl too !!

  4. Hi Richard, I am happy for you. All of them sound wonderful. I chose US Virgin Islands. Hopefully the vote goes to the one you really want 🙂 Big hugs and Prayers…

  5. I voted for Iceland I was going to do the Virgin islands or Jamaica Etc but I don't think you get into the hot weather or the beach events ? 😉

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