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Wagon Ride + Picnic ! Playmobil + Spirit Riding Free Horse Play Video

Wagon Ride + Picnic ! Playmobil + Spirit Riding Free Horse Play Video

honey hearts see that was one crazy ride I mean seriously you it like ten rocks I'm still a better driver than you are and you're pretty good at picking out a picnic spot – told ya I brought my guitar for some music – Oh what was that what was that I've been learning a new song so where do we want the picnic blanket at huh how about right here hey you comin you want to hear my new song I think I saw something like a weird-looking ladybug horse I'll be right back what a ladybug horse whoa seriously it's like part ladybug part horse it's trying to get away huh where did it go ladybug ladybug where are you so weird well there's horses come on come with me baby check it out one of these horses this one's really friendly awesome I'm sure he wants an apple to parrot boomerang chickaletta hey are these your guys's horses yeah that's my worst boomerang loves apples yeah I notice he's even like five of them what are you guys doing way out here in the desert we're having a picnic yeah and I wanted to play one of my new songs that I learned can we join your picnic too sure I'll provide the music and I'll provide the apples mini fans you're at the end of the video I think there was another horse that wanted to be part of the picnic mini lady horse which one who the rearing rode the Pinto or the pink horse the Apple II amazing

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