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Weekend Love Telugu Full Movie || Adit, Supriya Shailaja, Sri Hari || Full HD 1080p

Weekend Love Telugu Full Movie || Adit, Supriya Shailaja, Sri Hari || Full HD 1080p

‘There’s a lot of difference
between IT and Food Industry.’ ‘Their life is happy and cool
but not ours.’ ‘There will be projects in IT.’ ‘It feels like a punishment even though
many facilities are provided.’ ‘This guy is happy
without projects and targets.’ I hate items without barcode and
employees without a dress code. Sorry, Sir. – Don’t repeat it.
– OK, Sir. – Go inside.
– Yes, Sir. ‘What a bloody life!
We had dress code while studying. Should I follow dress code
even at the office?’ Damn! Guys! Be fast. We have time limits. We have to finish this project
as soon as possible. OK? Hello. When will the project get completed? Sir,
It will be done in 2 days. What? 2 more days?
Why is it so late? – Sir, Actually!
– No more explanations. Make it fast.
Quick. – Hello.
– Will you come home early at least today? I might get late at the office. I have a project to finish. You always think about
the office and computers. You don’t need me anymore. Stay with it. I married you because you are a software
engineer. But, you are being with them. Shit… I am the boss for everyone at the office.
But, she is being bossy towards me. Why are you texting and
calling me every day? This will not do. Neelu! Why do your eyes look tired? Did you not sleep all night? Please stop it, Sir. Neelu! Do you know one thing? Your beauty can’t be expressed. You are so beautiful. You are crazy. What is it? What is our boss saying? Dogs must be crazy,
baby! What does it mean? That is called feeling happy for nothing. We just have to respond well
whenever he talks. All he wants from us is our smile, And a touch that he feels. It is like consoling. You are very cunning. Hey, dude! The system will turn on
if you press the button. It won’t turn on
if you do this. Great projects will be released
after a short prayer. Don’t talk to me in a logical manner. Sir. I always thought that there will not be
any recommendations in the software field. But, there are ways like recommendations,
references and back door jobs. You will not get any job
for your performance in studies. But,
you came in for a software job. OK! Let me ask you
some formal questions. Ask me, Sir. Do you know
anything about windows? This Avinash knows
everything about software. Don’t be silly, Sir! Who doesn’t know about windows? Not just the windows. I know about doors,
gates, and curtains as well. So, funny! I wasn’t talking about
the gates and doors. It is an operating system. Oh! I see. OK! Do you know
any languages? I can speak Telugu,
English, and Sanskrit. Hey… Telugu, Hindi, and English
aren’t the languages in the computer field. C, C++, and Java. My bad! OK! I will ask you a question.
Just answer it. Ask me, Sir. Why do you want
to become a software engineer? Why do you ask me like that?
There are many festivals. Festivals ? I mean to say that
there are many facilities provided. What facilities do you get here? Pick up and drop off. There will be
only 5 days per week. Pizza and burger will fulfill the hunger.
red bull will fulfill the thirst. There is cafeteria when you feel bored. There are rest rooms for refreshment
when we get tired of work. There will be many girls in modern attire
as if it is a fashion show. There are different medicines
for fever and head ache. There’s a different medicine for body pains.
And medicine for indigestion. There will be a spot treatment
for any disease. On top of it, There will be increments and
foreign tours. There will be a party
when the project gets finalized. – Are they so many?
– There are many other things. There will be team mates,
team lunch, and onsite. There will be shift allowances,
parties, And birthday celebrations. There will be a team outing every year.
We get good name and fame in the society. We get dowry
once we get married. We get insurance
if we die accidentally. Home loans, car loans, and
the bike will be approved without inquiry. We get credit cards and debit cards. No other field has these many facilities
like in the software field. Sir. I salute you for your research. If you had concentrated
on your studies in this manner, You would’ve become great You are selected. Sir! – Thank you, Sir.
– OK. [♫♪♬] Wow! iPhone. Hi, baby. Where are you? Surprise! I bought iPhone for you. You have to meet me immediately. [♫♪♬] Hey, idiot! Girls will accept your gifts
when you are in love. They will not accept your love
if you give them gifts. This is an era where no one even cares
about you if you do not give gifts. Where are you? Hey! Love is something
that is related to the heart. It will happen out of force
or recommendation. Listen, Geetha!
Stop talking about philosophy. Hey! I do have good looks, right? – Oh! Why doesn’t anyone look at me? Oh! How? What is it? Where were you yesterday? You didn’t call me.
You were not in the room. I went to watch Ramleela movie. How is it? I looked at the hero.
I didn’t care much about the movie. You will never change. Why do girls follow Ganesh all the time? Oh, God! Look!
He is here again. [♫♪♬] I am going crazy
when I look at him. Oh, no! He left. Will he not come again? I wish that he comes again. He will come to me
faster than the way he left. Why will he come to you? He has been trying
for many days to impress me. Is he trying to impress you
for many days? I mean to say that he looks handsome.
Why don’t you accept? Let him do it. They enjoy doing it. We should let them do it.
That’s the beauty of it. This is too much. To let him roam around you, It is not right. See what will happen now? He is coming. He will stop here and plead me. Wait and watch. [♫♪♬] Er… that… How many times should I tell you? I will not get impressed
even though you try a lot. I am impressed. Hi. Listen, darling! I know very well
how and whom to impress. I didn’t try to impress you but
I tried to impress you. Just chill, baby. ♪All the sexy girls!♪ ♪My pulse rate goes up high
when I see you♪ ♪Youth never comes back again
so enjoy right at this moment♪ ♪Your attentive looks are very stunning♪ ♪There are many stories
hidden in that blushing faces♪ ♪Girls with a style and smile are very crazy♪ ♪I feel so lazy about 9 – 10 jobs♪ ♪Let us simply sketch
these beauties all week♪ ♪Let us not be single during weekends♪ ♪This is the warning that I am going to say♪ ♪A feeling that loves girls is my feeling♪ ♪Hey, girls! Don’t you lose,
get used to the beat and be careful♪ ♪It is a pain in the ass
if you get yourself up♪ ♪So, better get away…better get away♪ ♪Move it to beat♪ ♪All the sexy girls! My pulse rate goes up high when I see you♪ ♪It is useless to be single♪ ♪Get ready to mingle♪ ♪Start dating many girls and
impress one among them♪ ♪Dating is better than being in confusion♪ ♪Everything in this world
is meant to do something♪ ♪You might find your dream girl♪ ♪Jeena, Meena, Sona!
Let it be any name♪ ♪Start your conversation
if she gives you a chance♪ ♪Girls with a style and smile are very crazy♪ ♪I feel so lazy about 9 – 10 jobs♪ ♪Let us simply sketch
these beauties all week♪ ♪Let us not be single during weekends♪ ♪All the sexy girls! My pulse rate
goes up high when I see you♪ ♪Girls will brighten up your youth♪ ♪You keep on shining brightly
when they are near you♪ ♪You’ll win all your races and
your place will be the tower of happiness♪ ♪No one knows good or bad♪ ♪You will know it until you face it♪ ♪Stop yourself and
keep moving with those tricks♪ ♪Geeta, Neeta, Vinita!
They might be my partners♪ ♪Let our place be the pub to do party♪ ♪Girls with a style and smile are very crazy♪ ♪I feel so lazy about 9 – 10 jobs♪ ♪Let us simply sketch
these beauties all week♪ ♪Let us not be single during weekends♪ Hi. – Hey. Hi… Hi, buddy. Hi. Go away, man. – Did you feel bad?
– Of course! – Chill, dude.
– Hey, Ganesh! It looks like you are too busy. Simple, buddy! He must’ve impressed a new girl. Isn’t it? It is quite common for me. Tell me about you. Our lives are casual.
We’ll be at home or office. We meet up for a coffee,
occasionally. We do not enjoy with girls like you. Will you be away from girls?
You are just unable to impress them. I will kick you. Hey, buddy!
Tell me how to impress girls. I am unable to impress them. Hey! Girls are of 3 categories. The first one is ordinary.
They are middle class and below middle class. They have many fantasies but
they are close to reality. We have to try sincerely
to impress them. We have to keep on pleasing them
and wait for them. We have to show them a love for life.
All they need is love that stays for life. We should be talented to impress them. We have to make them believe that
we will die for them. It is hard to impress them. But, we can handle them easily
once they get impressed. Impress them with a smile or flowers. Give them a loving stare. Take them to movies occasionally
and give them gifts. Shopping is very easy with such girls. Accessories and ornamental jewelry
will satisfy them. They are easy to impress.
But, getting rid of them is much harder. You have to cry for them
and write lovely letters. There are plenty of such tricks. The second one
is express. Girls under this category are middle class
and above middle class. We need to classy and have a good
qualification to impress them. Our family background
should be good. Maintenance should be great. They compare everything.
That might include their boyfriend as well. They behave as if
they won’t leave you for life. They will leave us if they find someone
who is better than us. Some of them will try to love sincerely. But, Love is nothing
before their future. The third category is metro. All the girls in this category
are high class and Hi-Fi. We should be rich and
own a car to impress them. They get acquainted
because of our friends. They might be our
friend’s friend or boyfriend. Some of them will meet
at parties or pubs. But,
they will forget us very easily. They will try to love sincerely but
they choose the one in their category. It is very hard to maintain them. You have to party every day and
should message always. We have to be updated with online dating
and give them costly gifts. They will choose a new guy
if you do not stay updated. Getting rid of them is very easy. You can simply text them to break up
and forget about it. So, guys! This is your friend Ganesh’s theory. I will understand that girl’s genre
and the I will understand her. Then, I will plan to impress her. I will easily close the matter. Hey, Ganesh! I will follow your theory and
impress a girl. I will understand her category and
I will come back with her. It is not like that. No more talking. Listen to me. – Just don’t say anything.
– Hey… That is… Excuse me. Yes. Do you use
a debit card or credit card? No! Hey,
she is not the right person. That’s enough. I will find a metro girl very soon. OK, guys! Let is continue with this fun
in the evening. Hey, Ganesh! We have a company party
in the evening. You’re invited. Let us enjoy.
OK, Bye. Yeah! OK. For you to enjoy on receiving
an award for the company. I arranged this get-to-together Getting an award is a small reason. I wanted to meet you
all on this occasion. 25 years back I started my career with an ambition. Now, I am here in this position. ‘How long should I wait, man?
I am waiting for my drink.’ I see myself in you. Good evening, Sir. Good evening. Is it vodka? It is water. When will you start serving that? That will give served after the meeting. Meeting? I don’t like drinking water.
I like vodka. Everyone should be successful and
many people should depend on you. You should have such targets. There are many crooked ways
to achieve something. But, there won’t be any such ways
for our success. Patience and Skill
will get you the success. Awards and rewards
aren’t new to me. This isn’t my success alone anyway. We earned it together. Enjoy while you work. Enjoy your work. Congratulations and
all the best to one and all. Let us celebrate the party. Enjoy! [♫♪♬] [SONG PLAYING] [♫♪♬] Is it love? I don’t have any close relation to love. Hey,
Ganesh! Ganesh,
wake up. Ganesh!
Wake up, man. What is it? It is weekend,
buddy. So, what? Do you not care
if it is a weekend? The entire city is enjoying. Kids are busy with games.
Ladies are busy with TV and beauty parlors. Gents are busy
drinking alcohol. Girls are busy
with their boyfriends. The entire city is enjoying the weekend
but you are sleeping. Get up, man. Hey!
Don’t irritate me. I am not irritating you.
Let us got to the movie. Movie? There is a special screening at the multiplex
All my friends are waiting there. Get up.
Let’s go. I won’t come.
Leave me alone. – Girls will come.
– Is it? Yeah! All my IT friends will be there. Just a minute. He should get kicked.
It seems that he needs girls. Let’s go. Hey!
Stop staring at them and move. We should feel happy
by looking at things. – It will be refreshing for us.
– Nothing will be refreshing. ‘Where is he?’ Hey!
We are getting late. Come. Hey! You go ahead.
That is my girl. You will never change. Hey! We usually drink alcohol
to forget our tensions. Why are you trying to remember
something? It is nothing. How can it be nothing?
You are lying. Alcohol is before you but
your thoughts are something. That… Whom I saw at the party
and at the theatre. I am thinking about that girl Such girls will make you happy
for a while. It is useless
to think about them. Think about our program. She’s not someone
who makes me happy just for a while. She is so romantic
that I can’t stop thinking about her. Are you intoxicated already? What do you know about her?
Don’t give any statements, What should I know? Her name is Sandhya Chatarjee, Her age is 22.
Born and brought up in Kolkata. Mother is Geeta Chatarjee,
father is Veerender Chatarjee. Her mom is Telugu and dad is a Bengali.
They did love marriage Sandhya is their one and only daughter. She studied B.tech
in Kolkata. She is currently pursuing
her master’s degree in BITS Pilani And works for your company. Her hobbies are listening to
music and reading books. She visits Nakshara old age home
once in a month. She lives along with Roopa
who’s quite different from her. In Madura Nagar.at T-Block,
No. 138, Kasturba Hostel,
1st floor That’s east facing,
She lives in the corner room. Will this information be sufficient? When did you do this research? Sandhya never gets angry and is very patient.
She is fond of dogs and flowers. I have done my research long ago. I will work on doing it practically. I will get her committed with me. I should work
during night shift from tomorrow. ‘That’s my problem. I do not like it.’ Bye, Sree. Let us meet again next weekend. Sure. – OK. Bye.
– Bye. Why did you come? I thought that
you will ask me when I came? I have sent you the money recently.
Why did you come again? I did not come for the money. You mobile
have been turned off for 2 days. I was worried about you.
So, I came to you. There is no need to be worried.
I am not a kid. You are my girl.
That is why I am worried. I am sending most
of my earnings to you. Why are you still worried?
Will you not let me live my life? Did you come here
because you are worried? Or is it because
you suspect me? No!
I do not suspect you. That is parent’s love. You might grow up and
earn a lot. But,
you are my daughter. You will always be young to us. Take care, dear. Forgive me if I troubled you. You mom sent these for you. Take it. OK. Roopa! Your dad came here yesterday. He didn’t go anywhere.
He is waiting down there. Really? Did he wait here all night? Where did you go for 2 days? You went on Friday and
came back today. I stayed with my boyfriend
to enjoy the weekend. What’s this, Roopa?
What are you saying? Do you understand
what you are doing? What’s wrong with you? To break that trust
they have on you, You are doing such things. Stop giving me a lecture. My dad already told me a lot. Don’t start it again. Just chill! There will be family restrictions
until we complete our studies. Someone will marry us
after that. There will be many restrictions
from him. When will we have
freedom of life? There is no time
to think about ourselves. To not use this freedom
that we get now. It is our foolishness Your theory is good. But, our future depends
on what we do today. This time will decide
whether your future will be good or bad. You might say that now. You will someone in your life. Then,
you will know. City girls will be modern. But,
you are being traditional. Our mindset decides on being
advanced or fast forward. I do not judge others. But,
I will not follow them. I know what I am. I will not change myself for someone
or because of someone. Bye. Go! Someone will come to you
to change everything. Then,
you will know. ♪My heart feels the joy when I see you♪ ♪It turns out to be a musical note♪ ♪You look stunning when you walk that way♪ ♪My eyes turn out to be a magical tune♪ ♪I will stare at you and change your life♪ ♪I am not an ordinary guy and
will not look back until I achieve you♪ ♪My heart feels the joy when I see you♪ ♪It turns out to be a musical note♪ ♪Hey, Look at me O’ girl! I am good for you♪ ♪Don’t act smart and make it a mess♪ ♪Hey, Look at me O’ girl! I am good for you♪ ♪Don’t act smart and make it a mess♪ ♪I follow you even though
there are many other girls♪ ♪Don’t try to act being stylish and
remain to be single♪ ♪I am a strong guy who is handsome♪ ♪I express feelings of my heart to you♪ ♪Hey, Girl! You are pretty cool
so do not hurt me♪ ♪I haven’t taken your contact
to waste my time in talking♪ ♪I do not want your personal details♪ ♪I never ask you check
my Facebook and hit a like♪ ♪I simply ask you to look at me♪ [CHORUS] ♪Your life will be good if you accept it
but not if you do not♪ ♪Forget about being stubborn
and look at me♪ ♪Nothing will happen
if you look at me just for once♪ ♪I am roaming around here like a Romeo♪ ♪Do not let me down with your smile
and make my life harder♪ ♪Do not come to me and
go away just like that♪ ♪We are destined to be together♪ ♪My heart feels the joy when I see you♪ ♪It turns out to be a musical note♪ I already told you that
it is hard to impress Sandhya. Forget about her. She will get impressed. She will not. ‘Hey!
– Yeah.’ ‘A girl might get impressed
in a week. The other will get impressed
in a month.’ ‘Some other girl will get impressed
in 1 year.’ ‘Finally’, ‘Any girl will have to get impressed
by a man.’ ‘That is the universal fact.’ That’s it. Girls will get impressed someday
like how Pawan Kalyan said. That is the universal fact.
They will definitely get impressed. No can change the destiny. Destiny?
Who said that? You were born
somewhere in Kakinada, And I was born
in Hyderabad. But,
we live together now. Sandhya was born in Kolkata but
she came to Hyderabad. She is working in your office. She was seen at the party
and at the theatre. This is called destiny. Look at that. James Cameron directed Hollywood movie
named Titanic long back. We are watching it together right now. That is what we call as destiny. OK! Let us suppose that she is your destiny. There is no guarantee
that she will be flattered. She should like you, right? I am like a commercial movie.
Everyone will like me. [PHONE RINGING] Who is calling at this hour? Ganesh,
why did you call at this hour? Hey, Mr.! Do you not care
about your employees? Who are my employees? Me. Yeah!
It is me. When did you join our company? Just now. The office will be closed now.
So, I will join tomorrow. Hey, idiot! There are many formalities
to join in a job. That’s for you. I want a job by tomorrow and
get my ID card ready as well. Hey… Hi. I am Ganesh. ‘Oh, my!
She is awesome. I shouldn’t delay.’ ‘Introduce yourself. You are not here to work
but to impress her. Come on.’ Hi. I am Ganesh Subramanyam. Hi.
I am Sandhya Chatarjee. I am from Thanjavur. My mother is Telugu and
father is Tamil. I am joining in this office today. Nice to meet you. I am very happy to work
with these lovely people in this office. ‘Why doesn’t she care?’ Sandhya Chatarjee? – Are you Kolkata?
– Yeah. Oh! Do you know Telugu? Yeah! I know. My mom is Telugu and
my dad is Bengali. Do you know? OK…
We can speak in Telugu. Your Telugu is good.
But, why is your English so bad? I have a different style. Some people have good
Telugu accent but bad in English. My accent seems like English
but good in Telugu. OK.
Talk about something. This is our office. Would you mind doing your work? You have to decode all these files. The project output should be ready
by tomorrow morning. Your time starts now. Blacky!
What’s your program today? ‘You call me Blacky
as if you are fair.’ ‘You complexion itself
is inked in black.’ Hey, Sekhar!
What is your program today? Let us both die together. OK Do your work. ‘She says OK.’ Hey! I asked you to not call me
when I am at the office. Listen to me, first. Aakarsh is taking revenge on me. He gave a big bundle of files and
asked me to decode them. I will operate it here
if you cooperate with me. Hey!
Don’t do anything. I will take control of your system and
do your work. OK? Thanks, buddy. I love you, dude. Do your work. ‘It is my bad time.’ Everyone is busy with their work. I came for you and
become useless. G A N E S H,
Ganesh! G A N E S H,
Ganesh! What happened? Hey…Sit. Sit down… Please, sit down. What happened? Sir. What is the work that I gave you
and what are you doing? – Actually, Sir!
– Don’t dare to talk, you stupid. Do you know the difference
between a TV and a computer? All the systems here are connected. All the systems will be crashed
if you do something wrong. Then the entire project
will get disturbed. Try to learn if you do not know
anything about work. Forget about it if you are not interested.
But, don’t do such stupid things. I know that you are here
with the recommendation. I know that
you do not know anything. Never think that
I cannot deal with you. Get out of this place. Go. Sit down and
do your work. I said, sit down. Sandhya!
Are you going out for lunch? Manager scolded Ganesh. He might’ve felt bad. Bro! Are you feeling bad
for getting scolded? Such things are common
in IT field. I will feel bad If it gives a solution
to the problem. It is useless to feel bad
if the problem doesn’t get solved. Aren’t you feeling bad
for getting scolded? Messaging on phone, Commenting on girls and getting lectures
from the boss are quite common. Interesting! What did you plan to do now? I am thinking about
the ways to escape from him. I have an idea for that,
boss. He is fond of anchoring. He always thinks that
he can become a TV star. He feels bad about
getting into IT field. That’s enough. Hey, Aakarsh!
You’re finished. You won’t offer me anything but
should I give you a role? [PHONE RINGING] – Hey, Srinu!
– Whom do you want to wreck? What is his name? What is his occupation? What are his hobbies? Anchoring? His life will change once
he starts it. I will take care of it.
Disconnect the call. Sir! May I? Come in,
Rohit! -Please.
– Thank you. – Rohit!
– Sir. Give me an update on all the 3 projects
that we are handling. Sandhya is handling
France automobile project, And it will be done
in 2 days. Good. Next? Next are the other 2 projects
which take up to 15 days. But,
we are on track, Sir. Based on our performance
on these 3 projects. We might get many other projects Tell everybody to finish the project, As early as possible. We will try our level best. – Update everything to me.
– Sure, Sir. – You may leave now.
– Thank you. Mr. Rohit! Sir. Recommendations do not work
in software companies. And employee’s career depends on you all. On what basis, Did you recommend a job
for Ganesh in this company? He stood state first
in 10th grade. He stood in top 10
for the engineering entrance exam. He was always the student of the years
for his 4 – years study in OU College. He is very much qualified, Sir. Did you recommend him
because he is your relative? Or did you suggest him
because he is your friend? No, Sir! I referred him because
he is the right person. That’s it. Be careful. Sure, Sir. – You may go now.
– Thank you. – Good morning, Sir.
– Good morning. Hey, Ganesh!
Come to the conference room. ‘Why is he so serious?’ What is it? Why did you call me while at work? Will you not let me work? Hey, what is important to you?
Meeting or working? You stupid
waste our time unnecessarily. Oh! That is.. Ganesh!
Please don’t do any work. Not even this. Do what you came here
for in a silent manner. My chairman gave me a lecture. Hey, do not trouble anyone here.
Especially, Aakarsh. You are feeling so bad. So,
I will try my level best. Sandhya… What happened? We got an issue. No!
It is a dangerous issue, Sandhya. What happened? France project’s
POC file got deleted. Oh, God! If they come to know that it happened
because of me before the deadline. They will definitely fire me OK…
We shall think about an alternate solution. There is no alternate solution for it.
Oh, no! I am gone. [TELEPHONE RINGING] Hello! Sandhya! Can you send me
the updates on file? Actually, Sir! What happened? That project file got deleted. What?
Don’t you have any back-up? Actually, Sir! Sandhya!
Please come to the conference room. – Get your team along with you.
Please. – Yes, Sir. Oh, God! – Excuse me, Sir.
– Yeah! Please come. What happened,
Sandhya? What happened? Sandhya!
I am asking you. We have to submit the project in 2 days.
What is all this now? I don’t want
such kind of irresponsibility. Get out of the project
if you cannot handle it. You are responsible
for the delay of it. You will have to explain it
to higher-ups. I hope that you all understand
the importance of this project. Yes, Sir. – You may go now.
– Yes, Sir. – Sandhya.
– Sir. – Please fix it.
– Yes, Sir. – Get back to work now.
– Sure, Sir. I came here for Sandhya.
But, you are trying to fire her. Sandhya! I am sorry. All of this happened
because of me. I might’ve lost my job
if they get to know that it is my mistake. I am so sorry. Sandhya!
Thank you so much. It’s OK.
Come. Good. France Project? Testing successfully completed. Thank you
for doing it before the deadline. – Please let us,
– Ok, We will do it. – Good morning,
– Good morning. Excellent job,
Sandhya! This project might take 2 days
but you finished it overnight. – Sir, But.. Actually, Sir!
– I am really very happy. Congratulations,
Sandhya. Clients from France
are on call to speak with you. Sir, should I? Why don’t you talk to them? I won’t speak anything
other than English. [TELEPHONE RINGING] ‘What to do?’ What is it? On call? – Yeah.
– Is it from France? Hello. Yeah. That is excellent. That is.. This is our job to satisfy the client. See you. Bye. Why get tensed for it? Hey, Ganesh!
Congrats. Did you complete the project overnight? – You are awesome, buddy.
– Yes. OK!
Let us do a party. Yah! You throw the party and
Sekhar will pay the bill. I will not do it. This guy will pay the bill. Is it me? Bill payment doesn’t matter at all.
Come! Let us celebrate. – Let’s go. Order whatever you want. Why did you guys stop? Hey! Sandhya will come and thank me.
You guys go ahead. Why will she come?
She will not come. I am telling you that
Sandhya will come. Will you give us the party or not? Why do you care about Sandhya?
– You just go. Ganesh. Thank you so much. You are welcome. I didn’t like it when you cried.
That is why I did it. Let’s be friends. Oh! Yes. ♪My life shines like an Aladdin’s lamp♪ ♪My life gets attracted to that light♪ ♪I never know what she believes and
where she goes♪ ♪It is hard to say
where her destiny takes her♪ ♪Oh my, my! That is a wonder
of friendship that teases me♪ ♪It attracts me and I will have to go♪ [CHORUS] ♪My life shines like an Aladdin’s lamp♪ ♪My life gets attracted to that light♪ ♪I feel shy while talking to her♪ ♪Our relation gets strong as the time passes♪ ♪The mischief done is in limits♪ ♪But, There is some confusion
that arises in me♪ ♪Oh my, my! That is a wonder
of friendship that teases me♪ ♪It attracts me and I will have to go♪ [CHORUS] ♪My life shines like an Aladdin’s lamp♪ ♪My life gets attracted to that light♪ ♪This world is filled with people
who make use of us in some way♪ ♪The friendship is formed
like a dark cloud in me♪ ♪This will reduce the heat of selfishness♪ ♪Oh my, my! That is a wonder
of friendship that teases me♪ ♪It attracts me and I will have to go♪ [CHORUS] ♪My life shines like an Aladdin’s lamp♪ ♪My life gets attracted to that light♪ Yes. Hey!
It looks like you got close to Sandhya. When will you start to enjoy? She got acquainted and
became my close friend. I am thinking about the next step. You are a confused person. There is a confusion in that as well. Shall I propose
live-in together relationship? She may not agree. I am not calling out for a war
to not agree. I am asking her
to stay with me. Hey! They might be a fight. When Ganesh tries hard, There won’t be any controversy What, man? Did you not find an anchor
in such a big city? What qualities did I ask you? He should be short. Are you feeling delighted? He should be a short tempered person. Overall, he should look cute
like M.S. Narayana. Hey…
Disconnect the call. Sir! I am that person
whom you are searching for. Oh,
nice! I am Aakarsh!
The magnet. You are not a magnet
but a carrot. – I mean to say that
you are 24 carat Gold.
– OK, Sir. Where have you been all this while? I work for an IT company. Oh, no!
I thought that I found my anchor. He talks about IT. Sir… I will resign my job
if you promise to make me an anchor. What? I am interested in acting. I am interested in letting you act. OK, Sir. Just a minute. Hello!
We found a great anchor. – The crime episode should come out
very well. – Sir…I am there. It means that
you are there for me. OK. Is she from Bangalore? Her profile and
picture are good. You can impress her in a week. In a week? I am telling you, right? Do whatever I say for a week, And you can impress her. Hey! Sandhya is coming here. So,
you should leave. OK…I will leave. Hi, Sandhya. Hi, Ganesh. Why do you look sad? Do you have any problem? Nothing! This expression
doesn’t look good on you. What’s the matter? It is about my roommate and
her boyfriend Sreekanth. Imagine Sree in that situation. Yeah. Hey, Roopa!
Sandhya is here. Sandhya. – Be careful while you try to impress her.
– Hi. You know about Sree, right? Meet my friend, Narsing. Hi. Hi. Oh! Are you afraid
to shake hands with friends? Bye, Roopa.
I got some work. Hey! Wait… Wait, baby. Why are you leaving
without talking to me? Your friend and my friend are lovers. So, it would be nice
if we love each other. What do you mean? Hey!
Come on, baby. – Just leave me.
– Hey! It is quite natural.
Come on, dear. Leave me, idiot. Hey!
Hey, baby. Hey, bro! Sandhya is awesome. Silly fellow. Sandhya! I have a similar problem. I have many problems
in my room. My roommates will drink and
enjoy with girls. They do not let me study. Both of us
have the same problem. You don’t have any problem with me.
I do not have a problem with you. It might be good
if we stay together. What do you mean? I mean to stay that it will be good
to stay together in a flat. Do you mean
living together? They call it that way. Bye,
Ganesh. ‘What is the meaning of this expression?’ ‘Is it anger, irritation,
or disgust?’ Hey, Sreekanth! Let us plan accordingly. That’s the best option. I have to impress her, man. That’s good.
You got a good reputation here. I found you so easily. Who is Sree?
I mean, Sreekanth. That is me.
So, what? Then, you must be Narsing. So, what? Hey!
I’m an upgraded version of the action. You will be finished
with just one shot. [♫♪♬] Hey!
Who are you, man? India has a track record in the world.
AP has a track record in India. Hyderabad has a track record in AP. Osmania University
has a track record in Hyderabad. I, Ganesh who studied
in Osmania have a track record. You can easily find about Ganesh
in and around the college. Hey!
Why are you hitting us? Hey! You should enjoy the beauty. Girls are beautiful. Enjoy seeing them but
do not comment on them. Try to impress them
but do not force them. Sree! He is hitting us
for that girl. You are very sharp, man! You will get successful one day. Hey! Wait,
until I finish you. [♫♪♬] Hey! I told already
that girls are sensitive. But, there are people like me
who protect them. Be careful when you do something.
Otherwise, you will be finished. Lavanya… What’s the matter? What is your opinion
about living together? Simple!
We will have coffee together. We’ll go out to a movie
or a restaurant together. We work together. Likewise, we live together. Simple! These things won’t work in this society. That comes secondary. You have to be confident in yourself. You need to have confidence
on that person whom you live with. Ganesh thrashed them
for commenting you. Is it? When? Does it really matter? If you don’t do any mistake. There is no problem
to stay with anyone If you decide
to do any mistake. You will not care about others Everything depends on you. Ganesh. I thought about what you said to me. What did you decide? I don’t have any problem
to stay with you. But, We will just stay together. That doesn’t mean it is a living relation. OK? OK… ‘The result will be the same
irrespective of the process.’ And one more thing. We have to be within our limits. We are just sharing a home But not a room. So, we should have different rooms. OK? Of course.
That is obvious. ‘We’ll be in one room
in our home after a week.’ Ganesh!
by the way, Where will we get a flat immediately? Why do you worry about it? I already found a flat. It is fully furnished. You can come in anytime. Ganesh! You are not an ordinary guy. I have to be careful with you. Careful? I will not send that email. Hello. Hey, Sekhar. Ganesh has finally succeeded.
You said that I cannot impress her. What did you achieve?
What will you not get? The angel of Viswamitra IT solutions.
Sandhya! Yes,
the one and only one. She agreed to live-in with me. Bloody idiot! What and how did it happen? No more questions.
The real game starts now. There is a lot to happen,
buddy. [♫♪♬] Why isn’t our manager
Aakarsh seen anywhere around? He is an old man, right? He might have got sick or
is gone for good. No, dude. I heard that
he got a job in some channel. – Is it?
– Yes People who hired him
must be unlucky. Hey!
What are you doing? Sir. Your attire is awesome. Your attire will attract
many audiences of TV 144. I am like mercury. I will get involved in the role and
come out with variations. Fantastic, Sir. OK! Tell me.
What should I do? – You have to do a murder.
– Murder? – I mean, You have to tell them about
a murder in an exciting manner. – Then, the audience will get impressed
– Why will I have that excitement? You have to be a responsible citizen and
respond to it. ‘He is not such fellow.’ There was a murder
that happened in Kukatpally. That’s enough. I just need a hint.
Wait and see my performance. In Kukatpally! Hey! Turn on the lights and camera. You may act now. – ‘My bad luck!’
– In Kukatpally! Welcome to my crime show,
‘Choosthey-Podustha’. It is my show. A murder took place in the city
early in the morning. An innocent guy was murdered
by a notorious man. His lost a lot of blood. I guess he likes Chicken Biryani.
That is why he says it that way. The public knows that this murder
was done by Wrestler Paramesh. Even the cops know about it. They simply stared at him
while he murdered. How should we treat such notorious people
who murder and escape? What should be done? What should be done?
Why is he saying it many times? They should be killed ruthlessly. Super, Sir.
That was awesome. Super, Sir. – That was a killer performance.
You are the best in the TV industry. Such things are quite easy for me. Sir! There is a great impact
if you do crime program. Celebrities will be doomed if you start
performing dance and entertainment shows. Such people should be hanged. Crazy fellow! Come on. Hey! I felt good for acting
in a program on TV 144. People got impressed. There will be a good rating. Hey…Who are you?
What’s going on? Where are you taking me? What is your name? Why should I tell you my name? Tell me, man. Aakarsh. Akash? It is not Akash.
It is Aakarsh, The magnet. This is an iron knife, I will slit you up. Why did you over act in the TV show? That is my right. Do you know who I am? Why should I know about you? What, man? I slowly understand you. Cops are here to take care
if I do any murder. The court will give the judgment. We might get imprisoned, And come back with bail. What is your problem? That is just loose talk. What should we do to this guy? We shall kill him, chief. Sir…No! Don’t take such violent decisions. Look at me.
I am very innocent. Please. I will kill you if you repeat this again. No… I will never do it again. – She became like that
because of eating healthy food. I am like this because
I eat street food. Last minute. I didn’t expect this to happen. Hey, Ganesh. Come here. You go ahead.
I will come. – Yeah. Sandhya! Place this file on my desk. OK, Sure. – Bye.
– Bye. – Bye, guys.
– Bye. Hey!
What did you do? Sandhya does whatever
you ask her to do. This is Ganesh! I know very well how and
when to impress girls. Hey, Ganesh!
You are great. Hey! You are a tricky person
like Lord Krishna. That’s great, man. Hey! Will you simply hear our compliments?
Won’t you give us the party? Party won’t be simple. Come to F-lounge and
enjoy as you like. – Yeah! Party! – Let’s party hard. It is my bumper offer.
– Will there be a show? What do you want? You won’t give them anything
after you hear what happened. What is that? Everyone’s shift has been changed.
You should work for day-shift. I have my plans at night, anyway. Sandhya should work
for night-shift. Hey!
Why are you saying it now? You could’ve said that tomorrow.
There won’t be a party. Don’t we know it?
But, we are calm. – Ask him to leave.
– Crazy fellow. Hey! What is he saying? Yes, Ganesh! You will work during the day and
Sandhya will work at nights. Who changed the shifts? [♫♪♬] ‘I will hit you
if you shout at me again.’ ‘I can hit you back if you do that.’ ‘Shut up! Control yourself.’ ‘First, you control yourself.’
– ‘Mind your tongue.’ [♫♪♬] Hey, Ganesh!
Are you enjoying? ‘I understand your frustration.’ Hey, Nothing will happen
if you simply drink. Why are you worried?
Be cool, relax and chill. Hey! Try to console the one in depression
but not the one in irritation. – Why are you irritated?
– What else will it be? I tried hard to get her
into this live-in relation. Why do we have different shifts, man? Go for another
if you don’t like it. OK! Do one thing. Take a leave for a day.
Your problem will be solved. Sandhya might think that I love her
if I stay back on leave. I don’t want to fall in love. OK! Let’s do something
over the weekend. What did you say? – All our friends!
– It is not that one. – Friends..
– That’s not it. I said that we can do something
on weekends. He kissed me
due to intoxication. I always felt bad
that you are strong but not smart. But,
God is great. You proved that you are smart. – Yes, I am brilliant.
– Get lost. I will enjoy this weekend. I will enjoy this weekend
with Sandhya. It will be done. Hi, Sandhya. Hi, Ganesh. Coffee? Is it ready? – Hmmm.
– OK. Come. This coffee is for you. Thank you. Sandhya! Shall we go out somewhere? It is weekend, right?
Shall we? OK.
Just give me 5 minutes. We will go. ‘Hey, Ganesh!’ ‘Everything is happening
according to my plan.’ ‘How long should I wait?’ [♫♪♬] Good morning,
Ganesh! You must say evening
instead of morning. Do you know
what time it is? It is 6 in the evening. Sorry, Ganesh. I was tired. I had a nap but
got into a deep sleep. I understood that even girls
can sleep for so long. You could’ve waked me up,
right? I had a thought to try
but I did not. It is not that late,
anyway. I am ready to go out even now. Let us go. OK.
Give me 5 minutes. 5 minutes? I really need just 5 minutes. OK.
5 minutes. Yeah!
I am ready, Ganesh. Hello.
Shall we go? Let’s go. Why are you raging out when I try to be calm? – Otherwise, what will you do?
– I will smash you. See this, Ganesh! She talks to her husband
without giving respect. We will respect our husband
if you love your wife. Are you saying that I do not love you?
No! Why did I take you to the movie? You took me out after 1 year. No one will take you out
for 10 movies. She will be on call secretly
without watching a movie with me. Why should you talk to someone
in secret when I am here? Tell her, Ganesh. How will I know
whom she talks to? Why shouldn’t I talk
when he talks? You don’t talk normally. You are always on Face book,
twitter, internet, And texting on phone. You don’t even know
to serve your husband. Even though it is not required. You will post on Facebook
to greet your friends You said that you’re busy in the office and
got caught while chatting with a fake name. You were into chatting
with a fake name Sony. You uploaded Mahesh Babu’s picture
and cheated many people. – What are you talking?
– I am being calm and you are raging out. You are talking too much. Why are you hitting me? I will smash you.
You wait, man. I will reach out to human rights. I will file a case on you and
send you to the prison. [BABBLING] Hi, Ganesh!
Good Morning. Did you sleep well last night? Oh,
Yeah! Don’t be silly. We slept in the morning
because of you. OK. Honey. Yeah! I am coming. We’re going out
because it is weekend. Why is he dull? They will be like that during the weekend. Come.
Close the door. – Why don’t you close it?
– I won’t. – ‘Idiot.’ Why do you need a break
without even starting the program? I have to eat
when I am hungry, right? – Do you always worry about food?
– No one will work all the time. Sir…Greetings. Greetings. The script and lights are ready.
Are you ready, Sir? No. I am not. Why? What happened, Sir? Crime episode is very violent. The public is taking it personally. You will get a good rating
but I will get hit. That is why I quit. Sir…
Don’t say that. Artist is the heart of any program.
Nothing will happen without them. Hey… What did you say? Artist is the heart of any program. Nothing will happen without them. OK. But,
let’s not go for crime episodes. OK.
We will change the genre. ‘Rangupaduddhi.’ What is it? That is our program name. It is an advertisement
based on gemstones. You won’t have any problem with it. OK. Water is good during winter.
Visit a good place like Badrachalam. The full moon appears in the blue sky. My dear viewers! One stone
can change your life. A poor guy
will turn out to be rich. Elders say
to treasure good things. The trend has changed. You can have good earnings, If you wear few gemstones
and diamonds. My dear people! Stone Age is one of the ages. Stones will always protect you. You treasure them, And they will protect you. Good luck to you. Cut. Hey! What did you say
when the program has started? Is it Potato during winter? It wasn’t about the potato. Water is good during winter. – Visit a good place like Badrachalam.
– Oh! The full moon appears in the blue sky.
– Is it? That’s it. – What is the meaning of it?
I – don’t know, Sir. I simply said
it in a rhythmic way. Will you use it
just because it is rhythmic? Oh my, my! Hey!
Get up. Will you leave me? What did you say? Will Stones always protect you? Let me see
what will save you now. Sir… Hey. Do you know anything about
gemstones and diamonds? I don’t know, Sir. Hey! I listened to you and
bought many of them. I am completely wrecked
right now. Planets are taking revenge on me. Oh! I see. How can you simply say
‘I see’? If you talk about gemstones again, I will hit you with a stone. Look at your face! Come on, guys. It’s OK that he slapped me. But, he commented to me. Shit. [TV PLAYING] Ganesh! What is your program today? Nothing. Why? It is weekend, right? ‘Why is she asking instead of me?’ I don’t have any program.
But, why? I have a surprise for you. Surprise? Just a minute. ‘What is this? Why is she asking all those that
I should be asking her?’ ‘Does she have such plan?’ ‘Let it be anyone’s idea. Anything that happens
will be favorable to me.’ Shall we go? Ganesh! Let us go on the bike
instead of a car. OK. Oh! Where are we going? Start driving.
I will let you know later. OK. – Where?
– Go on. I will tell you. – Is it here that you wanted me to come?
– Yeah. Where do you think
I will take you? I didn’t have any idea. [♫♪♬] Ganesh. He is my best friend. I brought to introduce him to you all. Sandhya
always came alone. What could it be
that she came with him? That’s simple.
She fell in love with him. – Is that all?
– Yeah. That’s good.
That guy looks good. He is the right person
for Sandhya. Ganesh,
are you feeling bored? I am not feeling bored here.
But, it is boring to be idle. What do you mean? Let us play something. Game? Which game? What else?
Let’s play cricket. Cricket? Why will they play cricket? Do you think that
they cannot play? This is Ganesh. Wait a minute. Hey, Sekhar. That grand world’s real match between, Brahmaiah challengers and
Satyavathi queens. Brahmaiah challengers won the toss
and chose to do batting. Satyavathi queens lost the toss
and are bowling. 4!
Yeah. Yeah! Did you see that? That is one wicket gone. YaY!
That’s a 6. Sixer… In 5 overs… Brahmaiah challengers
have scored 36 runs, And lost 7 wickets. They successfully played 5 overs and
set a bench mark for Satyavathi queens. Let us now see
the performance of Satyavathi queens. [♫♪♬] This is the last ball. Satyavathi queens should score
3 runs with this ball to win. Yeah! Yes! Grandma. Why did you leave the catch,
grandpa? Look at her. She is so happy. She suffered a lot
because of me. I wanted to see her happy
by letting her win. We are so grateful. We enjoyed a lot
because of you. No…I didn’t do anything. This is all because of Sandhya. Thanks, dear. See you.
– Good. – See you, grandpa.
-nBye. – Bye, grandma.
– Bye Bye. Ganesh! Thanks for everything
that you’ve done today. Hey!
It is my pleasure. Shall we leave? ♪My heart says slowly about something♪ ♪Something has happened
that wasn’t known to it♪ ♪I am surprised to know
that this happened never before♪ ♪I am attracted towards you this way♪ ♪My heart says slowly about something♪ ♪Something has happened
that wasn’t known to it♪ ♪Getting acquainted with you
doesn’t seem to be new and stable♪ ♪It looks elegant and
calm but it is tangled all around♪ ♪Getting troubled and
giving a trouble in its own way♪ ♪This feeling is amazing and
I look forward to seeing you delightfully♪ ♪My heart says slowly about something♪ ♪Something has happened
that wasn’t known to it♪ ♪This lovely feeling is old
that comes to me with confusion♪ ♪The thing that can be easily said
in public seems to be wrong♪ ♪Oh! What happened that it changed
this way because of you?♪ ♪It is you who will finally break my silence♪ ♪My heart says slowly about something♪ ♪Something has happened
that wasn’t known to it♪ Where are we? That is..
Just a minute. Hello.
Tell me. Hey, Ganesh! Geetha’s brother got to know
about our love and attacked us. Which area? Hey!
Wait. Wait… Hey! Boss… Instead of enjoying the weekend at the pub, Why do you waste time
on attack and chase? It is 10 pm now. The shops will be closed soon. Hey! Who are you? This is my personal matter. The matter is happening in public.
So, this won’t be personal anymore. Don’t care about it. 99 percent problems in the world, Will be solved if we sit and talk. Shall we talk or fight? It is OK if our parents
do not understand our love. What is your problem, man? You belong to this generation,
right? Hey! There are many heroes
who proved to be good in many movies. Will you not change
even after seeing them on screen? Brother!
Stop it. Let us talk instead of this. Why should we fight? Please, brother. Go away. Boss!
Let me ask you again. Shall we talk or fight? If you choose to talk..
Then, we can talk anywhere you want. But, if you decide to fight..
You can come to me, directly. Flat no. 502,
Happy Life apartments, Madhapur. The choice is yours. Just think. – Let’s go.
– Geetha. Let’s go. [MOVIE SONG PLAYING] ‘What an atmosphere!’ ‘Moreover, it is weekend.’ ‘I should enjoy
this weekend in anyway.’ ‘I should delay it anymore. Otherwise,
I will lose my reputation.’ ‘Someone will disturb at this moment. I will turn off my phone.’ ‘My life is useless
if I miss this weekend.’ Why are you so silent? – What’s the matter?
– ‘It is the silence before violence.’ Ganesh. What? Why are you silent? Intelligent people are always silent. I don’t know
about intelligent people. But,
your silence is dangerous. You always talk about something.
You must’ve planned something. ‘Oh, my! Why is she talking about the plan? Does she know about it?’ ‘No one finds out my plans. No chance.’ ‘Think…’ ‘I have an idea.’ Sandhya! Yeah. – Sandhya.
– What is it? I have a small request. I thought so. I know about your silence. There is something.
Tell me what that is. That is.. Will you wear a dress for me? Which dress? I know that
you never wear such dress. But, I am bored
to see you in traditional dressing. Wear it once for me. Please. I do not like such dress. You know about it, right? Please.
Wear it just once for me. Please… Please, Sandhya… – No, Ganesh.
– Just once. – Please…
– No… Please… No, Ganesh. Wear it just once.
Please. OK.
I will wear it for you. You are a stubborn person. ‘Change and come. I know how to take control over you.’ Ganesh. [♫♪♬] ♪My heart always thinks about
without my intention♪ ♪A sweet melody plays
within me at this moment♪ ♪This is a wondrous magic
that brings us together♪ ♪This happiness is so good
that makes me search for myself♪ ♪There are moments that bring us together♪ ♪Those moments call out for love♪ ♪I am that lovely drizzle♪ ♪I am always there for you♪ ♪My heart always thinks about
without my intention♪ ♪A sweet melody plays
within me at this moment♪ ♪This affection is a gift of love
that calls out for a celebration♪ ♪This is my desire of heart
that requires touch and feels♪ ♪Come to me and
be my companion, my friend♪ ♪Take me granted for now and
for all your life♪ ♪All my dreams are colorful
where I walk with my love♪ ♪There is some confusion in mind
but I remain to stay with you♪ ♪My heart always thinks
about without my intention♪ ♪A sweet melody plays
within me at this moment♪ ♪This is a lovely thought in my heart♪ ♪Come to me, this day♪ ♪You are the turning point
of victory that wishes for me♪ ♪Come to me and be my companion♪ ♪I wish that this moment
I spend with you stays forever♪ ♪Sing all those rhythmic
melodies like a song♪ ♪There are many thoughts
that disturb my mind♪ ♪Your charm creates a disturbance♪ ♪I am tangled with you and
become your world♪ ♪My heart always thinks
about without my intention♪ ♪A sweet melody plays
within me at this moment♪ Happy Birthday, Ganesh. Come, Ganesh. Cut it. Happy Birthday, Ganesh. Many many happy returns of the day. Come. Take blessings from your mom
who brought you to this world. Anyone’s birthday
will start with their mom. Ganesh! You are a good person. You smile and
make others smile always. You’ve got helping nature and
respect towards elders. You value friendship, And always think of not troubling
anyone because of you. Your instant thoughts and
words that give comfort, Have impressed me a lot. Everything in this world
will be good at the beginning. But, your friendship is getting better
as the time passes. Any girl should be lucky
to have you in her life. She must be very lucky. Initially,
I was afraid of living together. How can I live with a stranger? What might others think of me? But, I can be happy and feel protected for life
to be with a good person like you. In live-in relation, People can be honest and true, Without any bad thoughts, You have proved
Ganesh. I have a special gift for you. Many more happy returns of the day. You should always be happy,
Ganesh. [♫♪♬] [PHONE RINGING] Hello. Sandhya!
Is Ganesh available? I tried to connect to his number
but his phone is turned off. – Yes, he is here.
– Hand over the phone to him. Ganesh. Tell me. He is out of his mind. Hey, Ganesh. What happened, dude? I don’t know what happened, But he was lying on the bed
when I went home. He was holding
sleeping pills in hand. He got back his consciousness.
Come. – Come. Hey!
Are you crazy? Why did you attempt to do suicide? Are you out of your mind? What’s wrong with you? You’ve got a job, knowledge
and a good family. You got friends to share everything. Do you have any trouble to live? You always work on Facebook updates. To share with a friend
when you feel like dying? Don’t you have that sense? Your death won’t be remembered so long. They will forget about it. How can you die for silly reasons? It seems that I am ordinary. It seems that
I am good to use and throw. Her name is Kavya. She got acquainted
through a common friend. We got so close in short time. I’ve always waited for a good person. I felt that she’s a gift from God. I wanted to surprise you all
after proposing her. I went to meet her 2 days back. Hello. Hi, baby.
How are you? Now? I am at the office right now. I’ll be free after 6 in the evening. Let’s meet at coffee day. Why are you moving closely
with Ashok? What about Sekhar? Sekhar is ordinary but
this guy is an express. What’s ordinary and express? Listen!
Guys are of three types. Ordinary, express and metro. How do you know
that Sekhar is ordinary? Ashok falls
under the express category. Why will I choose ordinary
over express? That is why I choose him
over this guy. Hey, Ganesh! Wounds will disappear slowly, but a broken heart
can never get better. Girls are of 3 categories. Guys are of three types. Ganesh!
You are a good person. – Guys are of three types.
– Ordinary! Express! Metro! Ganesh!
You are a good person. Wounds will disappear slowly but
a broken heart can never get better. Everything in this world
will be good at the beginning. But, your friendship is getting better
as the time passes. Where have you been until now? Where did you go? Do you know?
I was so worried. I tried calling you but
your mobile is turned off. Ravi and Geetha told me
that you left at night. I was tensed all night. Didn’t you even feel like
calling me? Do you think you can live
as you like in live-in relation? A person here waits for you and
gets worried? Don’t you understand that? Shut up… Just shut up, OK. Why are you getting serious? You don’t have any right
to shout on me. I have many problems and issues. I will come and go whenever I want.
Who are you to question me? Yeah! I know. I may not have any right. But, I do have responsibility. Any relation will be good
if you have that responsibility. We live together. Will I not be worried
if you don’t come? Why should you worry?
Are you my love or my wife? Am I nothing to you? No! Not at all. And remember that my life
is none of your business. It is my life and my pain.
OK? [♫♪♬] Ganesh. Ganesh. Ganesh. Hello. This is Sandhya
calling from flat 502. Ganesh has a fever. Is any doctor available here? It is urgent. OK, madam. Sir, please come. Doctor. There is nothing to worry. It is a normal fever. I will give medicine. That will be enough. Daily 3 tablets. Give him after food. He will get well by tomorrow. OK. OK, dear. Thank you, doctor. Ganesh! How are you feeling now? I am fine. I made coffee for you. Don’t forget to take your medicine. I am going to the office. Call me if there’s any problem.
OK? Sorry. What? I am sorry, Sandhya. What for? I shouted at you out of depression. I am really sorry. I can understand. But, Whatever I spoke was too much. I am sorry. I will never hurt you again. [PHONE RINGING] What happened, dude? Someone is calling me. What is this, Shree? You haven’t called or
texted me for 15 days. You never responded to my calls. Chill, baby. I am little busy. I lost my job because of recession. I am struggling. Can you arrange some money for me? Let’s go to the pub
if you are bored. Let’s go to the resort
if you are free. Never call me
to ask for money again. Sarayu!
Turn off the light. ‘They turn on lights in the morning as well.’ What is it, Roopa? Aunt! I am vacating my room. Keep this instead of hostel fee. I will give you the money later
and take it back. Dad! Calm down, dear. There will be boon or bane in IT industry, But not in parents’ love. I am sorry, dad. Come.
Mom is waiting for you. Let’s go back to our place. How are you feeling, Ganesh? Sandhya told us that
you got a fever. How is Sekhar? He is OK. He will be discharged in 2 – 3 days. What else? You missed this weekend. What are you planning
for the next weekend? I didn’t miss this weekend. I think I am in love with Sandhya. What? But,
you are never fond of love. Guys! I want to propose Sandhya
this weekend. I have tricked many girls
in my life. I cheated many in the name of love. I have created theories about girls. But,
I understood that I was wrong, And foolish after seeing
what happened to Sekhar. Many girls might’ve got hurt
because of me. Many of them might’ve attempted suicide
like our friend Sekhar. I hate myself. But, For the first time,
I saw true love in Sandhya. To be honest, I got her into a live-in relationship
to enjoy with her. But, Sandhya, Agreed to stay with me because
of that trust and respect on me. I had plans to enjoy with her. But,
she always saw the good in me. I forgot about my birthday, And had plans to enjoy with her. But, she decorated the room and
waited for the moment to wish me. I completely changed at that moment. Happy Birthday, Ganesh. Ganesh! You are a good person. You smile and
make others smile always. I understood that true love will be so great
after knowing about Sandhya. I’ve got many bad qualities. But, the good things
that she told about me, Have erased that easy feeling
that I had on girls. I can be happy and feel protected for life
to be with a good person like you. I don’t want enjoyment for a weekend. I want Sandhya’s love for lifelong. I don’t know if I deserve her love.
But, I cannot live without Sandhya. Ganesh! We can clearly see that
love you have for Sandhya. Ganesh! Sandhya’s love changed you completely. We are happy about it. Congrats. Thank you. All the best. Thanks, buddy. Thanks. – Bye.
– Take care, – Sure.
Bye. – Bye. [MOVIE SONG PLAYING] Ganesh! I will be right back. Sandhya! I have to talk to you. Tell me. Not now.
I will tell you in the evening. That’s OK.
You can tell me now. Now? ‘I can’t say it now.’ Can I take you out for dinner tonight? OK. Take rest. I will go out. OK. ‘Will he propose me?’ ‘Why is he waiting until the evening? He can say that right now.’ ‘You might have the same feeling.’ ‘I love you, Sandhya!’ Ganesh! Will you propose to me? [♫♪♬] ‘I know that you’ll propose me. Say it fast.’ Good evening, Sir. Please place your order. – Give me 5 minutes.
– OK, Sir. Ganesh! Didn’t you want to say something? Just a minute. Where are you going? ‘To propose a girl
if you truly love her.’ Is it very hard? ‘I said ‘I love you’ to many girls. But, they weren’t in my heart.’ ‘Sandhya!
You are filled in my heart.’ ‘But,
I am unable to speak out.’ ‘Sandhya! I love you. Truly and deeply.’ How many times should I tell you? I will not get impressed
even though you try a lot. Listen, darling! I know very well how and
whom to impress. I didn’t try to impress you but
I tried to impress you. Hello, Mr. Ganesh Subramanyam
from Thanjavur. I know that
you play different tricks on girls. But, I don’t know that
you even change your name. Ganesh! How did it happen,
by the way? How could you be a girl for so long? That’s silly. You never stay longer
with a girl, right? Why? Did you like her so much? Anyway!
Congratulations. I wish you a very happy weekend. This might not continue
until next weekend. There might be some other girl
in your place. Mr. Ganesh! I didn’t come to help her, But to destroy your character. See you. I considered you as my well-wisher
whenever you smiled at me. I considered you as my friend
when you solved my problem. I thought that you loved me
when you made me smile all the time. I thought that you want me for life
when you asked me to stay with you. But, Bid you do all this and
acted just to have sex? Is it not love? Is it all an act? Sandhya. I trusted you as my parents. I am not sad about trusting you. I am ashamed of myself. Thanks for everything, And goodbye forever. ♪My heart truly desires for you. Oh!♪ ♪That is why it waits for you♪ ♪I need to tell you that I changed♪ ♪I should come to you soon
but is it possible?♪ ♪Let me see you for a moment
before my heart stops beating♪ ♪My life has completely changed
for the moment I stayed with you♪ ♪My heart truly desires for you. Oh!♪ ♪That is why it waits for you♪ ♪The desire on your charm is like a cloud
that’s ready to shower♪ ♪My heart accepts the brightness with flaws♪ ♪I cannot breathe anymore in this darkness♪ ♪Let me see you for a moment
before my heart stops beating♪ ♪My life has completely changed
for the moment I stayed with you♪ ♪My heart truly desires for you. Oh!♪ ♪That is why it waits for you♪ ♪Even though you are angry or shout at me♪ ♪Even though you stayed away from me♪ ♪I have no right to question
on anything that to you do♪ ♪I swear on this moment today
that I am nothing without you♪ ♪Let me see you for a moment
before my heart stops beating♪ ♪My life has completely changed
for the moment I stayed with you♪ Sister… Someone came for you. Who’s that? I am Raghuram. I came from Hyderabad. I came here to thank you. Oh! You don’t know me, right? I am Ganesh’s uncle. Do you know about Ganesh
who’ve been with you all this while? The chairman of Viswamitra IT solutions. He is the son of Raghumudri Viswamitra, Yes! He’s the one and only son
of Raghumudri Viswamitra. You might be surprised to know, But this is the truth. Being a millionaire’s son, He should be a responsible person
as MD of an IT company. But, friends, parties, and girls
have become his world. So, it is not right to give him MD position
when he’s got that mindset. Then, the company will be at a loss
which spoils many lives. That is why, My brother gave him everything
but put him aside. He asked for gifts and chocolates, In a cute manner as a child, He tries to escape from his father His dad knew about it but
couldn’t ask him about it. He was afraid that he opens up
when everything is known. Many fathers will have the same situation. That’s when the relation between
a father and a son become distant. Ganesh and my brother
had that same distance. Everyone will talk about
mother and mother’s love. But, There are many fathers who suffer a lot
to give a proper life to their children. A child never understands that happiness
that a father has ever since his birth. They’ll understand
when he becomes a father. My brother believes that
love shouldn’t be asked. But, I believe that there is nothing
as great as love to ask someone. That is why I came. Ganesh changed
because of that love he had on you. He changed the way
his father wanted him to be. Ganesh knows what love is. He understood the pain
it takes to lose the ones we love. You have done something his dad
or uncle couldn’t do. Your love has brought that change.
Thank you. Thank you so much. God bless you. Sandhya! Many people fall in love
for good things, And get separated due to faults. But, you should accept the faults
of another person if you truly love them. My brother hopes that your love is true
and mine as well. Anyway! It is your wish. [♫♪♬] How many times should I say? Do you know what time it is? I have told when we entered this flat
that you shouldn’t be late. You cannot come whenever you want
just because we’re in a live-in relationship. Did you forget that
someone is waiting for you here? Will you be like this?
Will you not change? Sorry, dear. You should say love you
instead of sorry. [♫♪♬] Ganesh. Ganesh. What’s your plan for the next weekend? [CHANTING PRAYERS] Hey! Have you lost your senses
after attempting suicide? Why are you sad? You should be happy now.
Don’t be sad. You are saying that because
you got Sandhya. He has Geetha. But, I do not have anyone. Hey, idiot! Stop loving others and
try to understand my love. What do you mean? I love you, Sekhar. Jo! Jo! – Hey… This is a temple. – Let us go down. Come.
– OK. Let’s go. Bless us, Sir. Happy married life. – Thank you, Sir.
– Thank you, Sir. Come, dear. It is barbarous, man. There shouldn’t be any recommendations
in the software industry. Why does IT industry
encourage such people? That is why there is a recession
in software field. OK. Do you know
anything about windows? Not just the windows. I know about
doors and gates as well. Sir.
Is that you? Thanks for recognizing me. Come on, Sir! You are a TV star. How can we forget you? Why did you come back
for this job again? I always had a feeling that I am a star. But, I understood
after getting thrashed. No one will be born, As a star
but they become a star one day. Anchors will do anchoring and
people like us should do this job. It will be like this
if anything unusual happens. You will conduct the interview and
I come for a job. [♫♪♬] ♪My life shines like an Aladdin’s lamp♪ ♪My life gets attracted to that light♪ ♪I never know what she believes
and where she goes♪ ♪It is hard to say
where her destiny takes her♪ ♪Oh my, my! That is a wonder
of friendship that teases me♪ ♪It attracts me and I will have to go♪ [CHORUS] ♪My life shines like an Aladdin’s lamp♪ ♪My life gets attracted to that light♪ ♪I feel shy while talking to her♪ ♪Our relation gets strong as the time passes♪ ♪The mischief done is in limits♪ ♪But, There is some confusion
that arises in me♪ ♪Oh my, my! That is a wonder
of friendship that teases me♪ ♪It attracts me and I will have to go♪ [CHORUS] ♪My life shines like an Aladdin’s lamp♪ ♪My life gets attracted to that light♪ ♪This world is filled with people
who make use of us in some way♪ [SUBTITLES BY TITLES MEDIA]

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