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Weekend Update: Florida Voting Rights Initiative – SNL

Weekend Update: Florida Voting Rights Initiative – SNL

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  1. Here's a tip…If you want to Vote, DON'T COMMIT FELONIES!

    And it's not like they're gonna actually vote anyways even if they could. They're more concerned what they're about to steal next ✔😂

  2. Voter suppression is an art form for the GOP. In TN East TN, the numbers on voting rights revocation in poor whites, including women, is also astronomical. I keep saying that the opioid "crisis" is very profitable to those who are elected, so why in the world would TN lawmakers want to "fix" it.

  3. I work at Starbucks in a busy downtown portion in California. We have the same issue with people leaving needles in our bathrooms. Also, we’ve even called the cops because someone shot up in our bathroom and wouldn’t wake up.

  4. "Millions of black and brown men that has been unfairly incarcerated…" 2013 FBI stat says there were 2,220,300 adults incarcerated in America. This guys telling me ALL those people are UNFAIRLY incarcerated?! And the left claps and cheers to this. Please don't take your news from SNL. With a little bit of critical thinking, you can easily see this is a sham

  5. I am so embarrassed. I had no idea that convicted felons weren't allowed to vote until a couple of years ago. That's about the biggest political gerrymandering ever perpetrated. I can understand voting restrictions while a person is actually incarcerated, but forever and ever? Are you no longer a human American citizen if you're a felon? Thank goodness SNL can provide some much-needed humor. Bleak days.

  6. Big difference- the justice was falsely accused without due process while the incarcerated criminals were given due process before being sentenced – funny joke but bad comparison. It works on the ignorant left but not on the rational part of society.

  7. GOT humor. As if Kavanaugh & Trump wasn't enough, you had to remind us how far away the last season is.

    Just when I thought we couldn't get any more nervous about the future of politics, rape, violence, religion in politics, incest in politics, law enforcement violence, bombings, war, international trade, banks, immigration, and politics. Too soon, man. Too soon.

  8. The needles are everywhere all over the country!! Elementary school teachers in my area have had to pick them up every morning so the kids can play on the city playground across the street. Its really terrible.

  9. In all seriousness though, if you've served your time in prison, you did your time, you're square with the house again, you should be allowed to vote.

  10. Sup you dirty mf im voting to let ex criminals vote(no sexual or violent crimes) and im conservative. Please vote. They did their time.

  11. Michael Che Is totaled by what having Kavanaugh on the bench represents! And the sad part is, anyone with a heart would also be wreck by the reality Kavanaugh represents for the entire nation! Sad to think only women are aware of the nightmare of thirty plus years of this psychopathic on the bench represents to the future of their children and grand children! Want to know if HELL is real? Question answered!

  12. This just in everyone still ignoring the tens of assasinated holistic doctors in Florida, some allegedly curing diseases?

  13. Dear Starbucks:
    We as a society could just as easily put a public restroom or rehab center on each and every one of those plots of land that you occupy in the middle of downtown everywhere. Instead we granted you title to it and employed a whole army of police officers, judges, politicians, meter maids, and even those construction workers who keep your sidewalks nice and level but don't do that in my neighborhood- all on the public dime, because we have an understanding that you're proud to be part of the community. Isn't that right, Starbucks? So as the proud stewards of our favorite place to meet, you have certain responsibilities, don't you Starbucks? I think when you do things like locking up the bathroom and complaining that it's sooo hard to keep it clean, you are forgetting about all the cracked sidewalks out there that aren't getting fixed, and all the public facilities that don't exist, and the fact that your employees pay more taxes than your company does, because corporations like you keep on insisting that private entities can serve us better than government. Terribly sorry about the opioid epidemic, Mr. Schultz, but you don't pay your taxes. Actually what you do is try to make sure the loose ends all end up sleeping in somebody else's doorway. Way to fill the gap, Starbucks. We don't need a forum. We have Starbucks. But no loitering.

  14. Consider: Florida's current laws are that the Governor convenes a meeting, then arbitrarily decides if he likes the person enough to restore thier rights. Guess what race gets reinstated the most?

  15. yea, lets equate trump saying its a dangerous time for young men (who could be accused for doing nothing, black/white/yellow/purple/green, he didnt specify a race but of course you bring it in) to felons in florida who were actually convicted of a crime…you guys can keep this shit up more and more people are seeing through the left and hollywoods blatant BS

  16. Why are there more men than women in prison? Is the justice system sexist? Of course not, it is just that more men commit more crime hence…easy to figure out.

  17. 1:50 That is a real problem, too bad they wanted to prevent police calls over loitering and banned baristas from doing so.

  18. Professor Ford put it all on the line and even asked for an FBI investigation. And what did the Senate do, pretended to listen, said nice things to her, they were nice, and then carried out a sham investigation and completely ignored her. Meanwhile, her life has been ruined, and she's still in hiding because she's still getting death threats. Disgusting.

  19. How about the voting rights of the people who file absentee ballots?
    In 2016 20% of absentee ballots in florida were discarded.

  20. I'm a democrat and I urge all men to stay home this Nov so that women's votes count more!
    Let them decide this time!!!!!!!!!
    # Feminism
    # LetWomanDecide
    # NoMenMidTerm
    # PassItOn

  21. You know why guns are more affordable and easier to get than a college education? This way, you have more felons to keep the prison business alive and can't vote. Easier to control the masses if they are confined and uneducated.
    It's messed up because prison was to punish and reform citizens but now it's used so the youth can't change the world anymore.

  22. Lmao.
    Must!!… Ignore the mentally blind, racist, ignorant, ungrateful for having a voice and the gift of sharing oxygen plus having a finger to type individuals nonsense in this comment section. Crap !, my glee fades.

  23. SNL is control by pro jewish pro zionist Israel first. zealot . Who only goal is to degrade white gentiles. And bash everything European. It about attack Trump and his supporters over and over. It so over the top now.

  24. I think they should have their rights restored. Right after the murder victim they killed has their life restored. Or the rape victim is able to regain their sense of security. Or the assault victim has their face returned to the way it looked before their eye socket was broken.
    Out of the felons pocket, of course. Then we can talk.

  25. "goats that are brought to parties and jump on people's backs"
    wow, usually you have to go to Mexico to see that

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