Celebrating the Spring Holidays

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  1. Puerto rico is not wanting to help themselves,instead they want our money.ya know what? Puerto rico can go piss up a rope,they don't need a handout.

  2. How about the black military who served in WWII and couldn't play in a pro baseball league when they returned home? MIKE….ya ever hear of Jackie Robinson MIKE. You ever hear of Bill Russell won 10 world championships and couldn't buy a house in Boston! MIKE. You prefer some FAKE patriotism flag ceremonies to remembering the real history of America's race problems. You see any video's of black men getting shot? MIKE

  3. Trump is allowed to spew on Twitter while every taxpayer pays his salary but football players cannot sit out the national anthem. When is he going to be fired?

  4. I don't get how Cecily strong has been on SnL for so long. Adam Driver as SnL host with his weeks worth of clips was WAY funnier than all of hers entirely IMO

  5. Except it's not flavored "Gary" because Oreo moved all their factories (and good paying jobs) to Mexico….so it's more like "Jose"

  6. the nfl players are bending over & taking what trump & their owners have to give them lol. 🎶eat a dick, kapernick🎶

  7. SNL too little too late – you covered up Hollywood's Rape Culture & are now speaking up after you were caught covering up Harvey Weinstein's sexual assault & Rape of defenseless women. You're are despicable. You're only speaking out because you were forced to. I'm done with you SNL you're no better than Harvey you enabled him

  8. Michael Che and Cecily…need a segment…love them. This weekend news team is doing it right!! Colin Jost…hilarious, too.

  9. nfl players are indentured servants. they knew what was at stake but they bypass their dignity to sign at the dotted line. dont bitch after the fact, tht aint revolutionary.

  10. Her accent sounds French, Middle Eastern, and Italian at the same the same time. Though given Trump's racism he wouldn't have married a person from the Middle East.

  11. Biz Markie begged to be in the Super Bowl Shuffle, and he's a damn sight cooler than Uncle Tom Brokaw here on the fake news. Back then, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg were doing choreographed dance routines in their Kool and the Gang cover groups. It was a different era, a better era. Fucking millennials…

  12. Not like Jemele Hill actually knew what the hell she was talking about at any moment on ESPN anyways. One of their worst analysts/reporters they've ever had

  13. Oh come on SNL, I know Mike Ditka was an idiot for saying that, but don't dog on the whole team for that. That was our only Super Bowl win….

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