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What I Ate for Vegan Thanksgiving + His First Thanksgiving! 🍂🌟

What I Ate for Vegan Thanksgiving + His First Thanksgiving! 🍂🌟

gobble-gobble welcome to the Thanksgiving vlog Thanksgiving is tomorrow what I'm gonna do a bunch of cooking and prep today starting in the kitchen and I have a bunch of dishes to do so that's what I'm gonna do this morning I thought it would bring you along with me for today's vlog because it will be my boyfriend's first American Thanksgiving it we're actually gonna have to eat Jersey to spend it with my family so stay tuned for lots of food but what's new mother bloggers were you going out you're not my mom bye so first order of business is some vegan cornbread I'm going to use my friends simply quinoa recipe for it I actually put out a Thanksgiving holiday meal planning guys I have like 20 recipes in it but I'm not making that because I've been eating that for the past two weeks oven recipes I think so me eating different things today does that make sense but that holiday guide actually works really Christmas any kind of holiday meal but for now let's make some cornbread I will also link that in the description box below I'm really excited because I really haven't had a corn breslin's going vegan look how good that looks if you don't have my friend Melissa she also has a YouTube channel which I'll link and her blog has a bunch of gluten free I mean they're all gluten free and then most of them are vegan so you can check out her blog for this recipe but let's see I'm gonna make it without pumpkin since I just don't have any pumpkin but probably to use like apple puree and yeah let's do it cornmeal quinoa flour baking powder almond flour applesauce vegan the black bag maple syrup normal syrup corn bread done next is this kale Caesar salad dressing I just made the dressing in advance I'm gonna bring the kale and then massage it once we're there this recipe is like one that I make all the time so you probably recognize it it's on the blog I'll also link it yeah it took like two seconds so I didn't really vlog it but on to the next order of business next I'm gonna make my chocolate tofu mousse and I just double boiled my chocolate to melt it here and add the other ingredients and then blend this up the florist feeds also on the blog but this is a really great one I think I'm gonna have this is like a desert and also put it like on top of different desserts that we have so it can be used as like a frosting topping or just eaten as mousse it's a pretty simple recipe I'm gonna try to do this from memory but basically it's just tofu cacao powder a little cinnamon vanilla extract some salt and then our melted chocolate and there we have it chocolate mousse is done okay we have everything ready we have a mushroom and wild rice stuffing here a tray to put in the apple crumble and apples over here to make that once we get there this is the salad just chopped chopped kale that I have and then the Caesar dressing right here this is the chocolate mousse that I made these are I think this is the what is this it's like a random salad that I made for lunch today this is chocolate tahini star cookies which I'll put on the blog soon and then some corn bread some gluten-free bread for my aunt and then gluten-free bread for me these are like little dinner rolls and then I just have a pomegranate a red onion and some lemons to add to the salad and that's everything got to you Jersey we took a little over over here and I've just been cooking all day so I feel really tired actually excited whoo how many times have you done that in my vlogs I don't have to put like a little yeah oh you're in an Asian household when they first come out I love you guys know he's you're like really really painful if he's like acupressure ones I love them I love coming out to New Jersey because the view of the city is so pretty but the Sun is actually about to set right now what time is it babe it's like 3:00 p.m. House is okay this is not okay the Sun is setting how crazy do you think it's gonna be in there Thanksgiving Day Hey look at how big this is real quick I need to grab some vegan cheese one of my uncle's is French and he always like hates on beings like he he has this like I don't know this idea that vegan food sucks I want to get the best vegan cheese because she's a big thing to French you know I'm gonna pick up some you go Steve they don't have the one I wanted but this is not to do then you have the right one because all the cheese's oh that which is like good but also I want my cheese I also got some snacks and I picked up some chicken tenders which I never really eat but I mean it's Thanksgiving so I know it and then not a new ice cream for on top of dessert you think I should not tell rabbi that it's vegan cheese yes he's always like I don't like it cuz he's gonna get this one I know he brought a book to cheese's I know he's such a cheese man that's why I accepted you this is the soft cheese the close so I'm making one last thing which is gonna be an apple crisp I'm just gonna make for myself in anyone who wants so we have an apple tart but I can't eat that I'm just gonna make a little apple crisp and that will be all cooking for today so I'm just gonna wing it I have apples a little bit of lemon for lemon juice some brown sugar and cinnamon and then I have some maple syrup of course I have oats the tops they're just gonna be I mean it's a very simple thing so what does fingers grass it works out I have all my chopped apples and I toss in some brown sugar and a little bit of maple syrup to you and I realized that I don't cinnamon would have to finish this at my uncle's house which is where we're having dinner but I guess I'll just have to see it when it works of a Japanese household were having some mochi and sweet white beans I love mochi homemade what you actually it's not only it's not homemade I know I know not today though but still young if you know you know this looks really weird but because what the black beans on it looks kind of scary but sometime okay it's time it's Thanksgiving time we're heading over yeah I'll show you guys what we eat of course and that's all what the sunset is really useful to show on camera nevermind goodbye all right we have unit one bread chocolate tahini buggy p.m. cheese brought some kale Caesar salad that are with me wild rice and mushroom stuffing brought my chocolate mousse and this Apple crisps that just needs to go in the oven so everything that I'm eating out with the recipe in the description box loader just my own recipe basically so from Bobby my grandma hi my name is Robin I'm sending it up on foxy what to move a little we say the Thanksgiving a manager and you see different seven monsters yeah all family here I literally got this vegan cheese he's always hating on veganism so this is the cheese man himself that was telling you about earlier so nobody flush hey this is Sam commercial began so the formaggi begun let me veggie king no I didn't make this but just so my fans yeah it's great all vegan what is this that's chicken tenders vegan chicken you want to try it we have Guardian chicken tenders my kale Caesar salad mushroom rice stuffing the vehicle you see is the walnut bread and a nutria corn bread a few moments later was it an experience no sudden you want to take me to a mall where we're gonna give me that me to leave me then come back and we'll be all alone and cold we're giving him the full Thanksgiving experience we do Black Friday I actually don't even do Black Friday myself last year was the first time I'd ever make sister likes to shop no no but yeah go check it out I don't really have any way it's fun some experience it's an experience Oh have you ever heard the term American titties no Topman like me this is my youth consultant my little sister so brick means that it's cold I know brick so brick kitty no back home we're in the sauce chairs we didn't really shop that much we just like picked up I don't know like one thing we're not like huge shoppers so we're just hanging out on the massage chairs now and that's kind of it are you okay that's Thanksgiving and hope you enjoyed I wrote about to somebody Instagram but I know that Thanksgiving can be really tough for a lot of people with eating issues or disordered relationships with food or even if you're just vegan or like the only vegan or the only gluten-free person or the only paleo person like whatever you are it can be really tough so I hope you had a really good and peaceful and happy Thanksgiving whatever that means for you and if you didn't it's over so there's that this is quite this is yes the deep massage but yeah very very grateful for you anyone who's watching or follows me and engages with me I'm so grateful to know you thanks to social media and grateful for you grateful for you so yeah that's kind of it for this vlog he's got it's not how many days left here leaves like on Monday so we weekend together that's pretty much it I'm sure we'll talk a little bit more of ulama we will film our Q&A for you before he leaves at some point oh god the neck I'm kind of it well we know yeah we will the other thing I want to say is I know that some people have been commenting that I've had like kind of low-energy vlogs and videos but that's just my personality I don't have like a YouTube personality I'm not actually outgoing or extroverted I'm very shy and kind of awkward so that's just me sorry oh but thank you for watching this video love you guys I really mean it when I say I'm grateful because it's almost one year of me doing this for a full-time job now and I wouldn't be able to do it without you guys so I'm really grateful to be able to do something that I love everyday and yeah that's it I'm rambling it's time to go love you if you like this video please give it a like and I want to know below something that you're grateful for or what the most balm dish you had at Thanksgiving was hey I'll see you soon bye

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  1. I wish us aussies got to have thanksgiving, the food looks amazing and I still don’t know what Black Friday is lol 🤪🐝

  2. Ahhhh, I love u and ur channel and I'm kinda obsessing over ur videos a little too much!!!! U r so gorgeous, sending love from Texas ❤️❤️😍

    P. S. u look kinda like laur diy❤️❤️

  3. So my sister is a vegeterian and she is coming home for a bit from universty and i really want to make her something vegan.your really. Inspiring and im going to use one of your recepies. Ly xx

  4. Can u do an apartment tour? I see it in the back of your vids and it looks amazing! Also can u talk more about your spirituality and things you are interested in? I would love that! Love ur channel! I'm trying to go vegetarian cuz I love dairy too much to ever give it up 😂

  5. I live in Ewing,New Jersey but I’m actually from Princeton,New Jersey I want to go back to Princeton so I can live in Princeton it’s beautiful in New Jersey I hope you had a great thanksgiving

  6. Thanksgiving goals—I ate a lot of vegan sausage, maple sweet potato wedges, Brussels sprouts, roasted broccoli/cauliflower/carrots, vegan apple crisp, baguettes, and vegan coconut pandan waffles because my Vietnamese relatives brought food from Garden Grove, aka Vietnamese food central! 🥰🥕🍎🥗🥖

  7. The food prep at the beginning stressed me out lol. I don't want to cook again for at least a year. But yeah, made amazing vegan mashed potatoes with the gravy recipe from Rosetta's Kitchen in Asheville. Even my vegan hating mom enjoyed it.

  8. I am grateful for this video! I was honestly preparing myself for my first vegan Thanksgiving, and was relieved to not feel isolated haha. We also had no turkey or meat at our family Thanksgiving which was a huge plus for me. I love all the tips in your video and I'm so inspired by your quick and easy recipes 🙂

  9. OMG that chocolate mousse looks so good! I've made it with avocado, but still have yet to use tofu. Does it have the weird tofu water taste??

  10. First time I have seen you guys on YouTube. And I love it. Keep up the great work. I am now gonna subscribe

  11. I can't believe it's his first thanksgiving 😱, hopefully he loves it as much as I do😅. Also thank you for the recipe!!!

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