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feliz dia de acción de Gracia Happy Thanksgiving [Music] and good morning and welcome to another beautiful day here in Chile today is a really special day for everyone from North America because today we celebrate Thanksgiving and because I love Thanksgiving and because I love turkey I decided to go and buy a twenty thousand peso turkey so I’m gonna try and figure out how to make one I’ve never done it before but I hear you just throw it on the grill and let it cook but because I’m eating a twenty thousand peso turkey today I thought that I should probably start with the run so let me let me change quick kind of cold out though [Music] so traditionally at least what they teach us in the history books in the United States is that in 1621 the pilgrims were celebrating their first harvest and the Pilgrims and the Native Americans and got together and had this massive feast which is why we typically have that massive feast also Canada celebrates Thanksgiving as well but in a different month like in October I think because that’s when traditionally when they say that this original feast actually happened we celebrated in November I don’t exactly know why but but we do and today is that day good a really good run but I feel like I need to I need to there we go so I’m going to be honest with you guys that I’m not really wearing any I mean I’m just kidding I’m wearing shorts but the first thing we’re going to make I’ve actually never made before in fact I’ve never actually made anything for Thanksgiving because I’m usually with my family who did it all for me which was great but here in Chile I don’t have my mom my dad relatives here besides Elise and Moses so we’re gonna start off with one of my favorite things unfortunately it’s not the monarchy but it’s okay I don’t want to ruin the motto kata because what we’re going to do is cut this bread into small little pieces and we aren’t going to make one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving and it’s called stuffing [Music] so here’s the yeah the 20000 peso turkey and apparently in order to put it on the grill you have to butterfly the turkey which basically means you have to make it have wings and I I really don’t know how I’m gonna do this there we go bird yeah good askew quick break got to go pick up Moses from the little daycare so let’s go let’s go cook with Moses now [Music] [Applause] all right so we got Moses and I don’t know if it’s a good thing that I’m in charge right now you’re Lisa’s at school but Moses and I are just drinking a little beer but because we have a twenty thousand peso turkey I thought that I would invite some other people over and one of those people that came over is Caleb and Caleb I thought that it would be good for us to get a different perspective of what Thanksgiving is because in different families in different parts of the United States Thanksgiving is different so Caleb what do you do what does your family do for Thanksgiving yeah my family and I on Thanksgiving we start out by going to church together and then after that we have this big meal that my mom prepares and after that we usually take a big big big big nap watch some football American football and then after that usually we either go to my relatives place in Milwaukee or they come by us and we have Thanksgiving all over again and it’s just an incredible time and then we do a name exchange for Christmas so it’s just an incredible time with family and so much fun so many memories over the years I’m sorry for the distraction no let’s just put his hand in my beer and our feast is all ready to go so we’ve got our massive 20,000 pesos turkey right here we’ve got our little you know small little veggies right over here not really important too much to me and we’ve got mashed potatoes with gravy so gravy is basically deliciousness but probably not so healthy for you it’s basically the fat from this turkey mixed with some butter and some other spices and a little bit of just goodness and each other stuffing my favorite I’m so excited let’s uh let’s dig in was that good are you full oh I am so full I so much turkey so much stuffing I I feel like I I should regret it but I really don’t it was so tasty and I haven’t had Thanksgiving food like turkey stuffing and all of that in four years now typically well our first year here in Chile we had ordered sushi the next year I think we ordered sushi again and then we did like spaghetti or something like that last year but anyways typically it wasn’t a big deal but seeing as we have Moses I wanted to introduce him to Thanksgiving because it’s a time that you get together with your friends and family and you get to talk about what you’re thankful for so typically we go around the room and we did that today too and you go around and you talk about things that you’re thankful for and sometimes I feel like in life you just overlook those things and you think about yourself you think about what you have to do and all these things that just accumulate you get so busy with all these things that you forget to think about what you’re actually thankful for and it was so cool to go around the room and talk about that and Elise and I are of course super thankful for Moses thankful for each other but I’m also thankful for opportunities and all of the things that I got to do this year and the years not even over yet but all the things that I got to do with you guys that you guys got to see in all those trips and I feel completely 100% blessed and to have a Thanksgiving meal and I didn’t get to watch any football today typically you watch American football as well there are a couple of games that are on or sporting events after you’re done eating your your feast but I really enjoyed it I enjoyed being with family Moses who’s now sleeping and I’m gonna eat a little bit of you know pie mmm but hopefully you enjoyed the video for today if you did please give it a big old thumbs up if you’re living in the United States right now or Canada what are your Thanksgiving traditions they might differ but typically maybe you do this with your family or you have this specific dish for me I enjoy the turkey it’s so so tasty but I’m off to find my Black Friday deals it starts in just a couple of hours so uh we’ll see you guys next time but for now chop let’s go so I’ve never flipped the bird before but let’s uh let’s try flipping the bird there we go put my first bird

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  1. Congratulations on flipping your first bird Jon!😅 your Thanksgiving meal looks delicious! this time we had leg of lamb and duck instead of the traditional turkey, which is cooked in the oven for 3 hours or so whole. I agree with you that stuffing is so good😋 and I also love sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie of course. I think you did a fantastic job with your meal and can tell Moses loved it too!

  2. I do not miss thanksgiving at all! So much pressure to do something abnormal..and all of the fights about whose house, whose recipes. Also, I do not call it anything other than Thanksgiving in Chile. People in Chile have told me to call it their name..but why? It is a North American Holiday. It is Thanksgiving. We already have to change our names…have you noticed that we are called Gringos which I don't like…and the people of Chile do not have a name like that for themselves? As you said in your video, the roots of the holiday are not clear, why in November, why the holiday at all..? I enjoyed Thanksgiving day in Chile..no turkey, no parade, no endless football, no overeating. Just a beautiful day with warm weather and light until 9pm. Having said that, you did a great job with your video…and I hope that you had a good day with your family.

  3. 🤢🤢🤢 I don't like they turkey, Prefer the chicken always. I do not know why un abrazo grande a uds tres hahaha

  4. Me rei un monto con esa nueva tecnica de cambiar la polera ere genial buen papa buen esposo y muy buen cocinero
    Muchas bendiciones

  5. It is wonderful your Thankgiving. You really celebrates a double Chtistmas… more or less… The turkey of 20000 pesos is good… and it is also good that Moses keeps the traditions of his parents. Congratulations.
    Greetings from the city of Concepción Bio bío … in Chile.

  6. Awww that was great! I’m glad you got to celebrate it properly! Moses is growing so fast! Such a happy guy!! ❤️

  7. Oh Jon, you flipped your first bird! 😂 But well done, looks delicious! We typically have everything you had on your table-we soak our turkey in a brine with spices for at least 24 hours and cook it in the oven-plus stuffed celery (celery with a cream cheese mixture), sweet potato casserole, Parker House rolls and cranberries. And pumpkin pie! 😊 So sweet to let Mo taste a traditional US Thanksgiving. He is growing up so fast! 😭 Thankful for you and Elise sharing your life with us, so blessed to "know" you here on YouTube! Peace and blessings to you and your family! ❤️

  8. Me gusta que hayas vuelto a los vídeos de pequeñas historias, gracias por compartir un pedacito de tu cotidianidad con nosotros. Moses está hermoso!

  9. Wow, looks different preparing a turkey on the grill like that!

    I'm Canadian and while there are a lot of similarities in the kinds of foods we eat for Thanksgiving, it was very interesting to me to hear about some of the traditions in the United States. I found it interesting the way you guys said you celebrate. The way Caleb described his typical Thanksgiving, it reminded me more of the way my family does Christmas.

    Thanks for sharing! Now I want some turkey… haha

  10. That turkey looked delicious! Chile needs a Día de Gracia. This is what we need, to be thankful. People don't realize what they have. Thanksgiving is a reminder that we are blessed in many ways.

  11. Gracias x compartir esta tradición norteamericana. Los chilenos debiéramos ser más agradecidos con Dios x tantas bendiciones q nos dá y q, a pesar de los desastres naturales, se tiene la calidad de vida q se tiene. Mucho tiene q ver su gente y sus dirigentes, pero sobre todo Dios. Gracias Dios x todo lo hermoso y bueno q nos regalas día a día a Chile y USA. Chileno desde California.💓🇨🇱 & 💓🇺🇸.

  12. I always figured Canadians celebrate thanksgiving earlier because our harvest just ends earlier (cuz our country's so north)
    anyway, happy belated turkey day!

  13. I really enjoy thanksgiving here in USA especially because i get to have 4 days off lol 😌 i love turkey and my boyfriend’s parents make this amazing sauce with cranberries that you put on top of the turkey and it’s absolutely delicious, I don’t think i ever tried that in Chile before, maybe it’s something typical from the states, as well as the stuffing 😋

  14. Muy buén video, no entendía muy bien todo el significado de ése día. Es lindo lo que hacen en familia y el tiempo que se dan para reflexionar por las cosas maravillosas que tienen o sus logros personales que le dan otro sentido a la vida. La vida es hermosa. Saludos!!!

  15. Loved it Jon. Good to know about ur culture. I hate turkey and chicken but it looked delicious anyway.
    We need something like thanksgiving in Chile 🙁

  16. Happy Thanksgiving Jon!, I swear I heard Moses say "it was gooood", ha ha ha, turkey in Chile is expensive because we don't eat it that much, we prefer chicken, but that meal looks delicious as well. A friend of mine saw you walking with Lina and Colie at Leon Bustos Avenue, he was in a white pick up and shouted to you "Jon Gross! hola!" ha ha ha, I told him to watch your videos, also I just saw Jen and Caleb walking here at downtown, man Caleb is tall! ha ha ha, Well Jon, I hope you have bought a lot of black friday's deals and have had a very happy Thanksgiving Day with your family and friends, best regards Jon!

  17. Happy belated Thanksgiving Jon ,I was away from
    My phone during thanksgiving week , it’s being my 31st thanksgiving Here in the states and as always I ate too much lol , I’m glad you introduced This beautiful holiday to your Son , is a wonderful experience teach your children the beauty of it specially what thanksgiving is all about , give thanks for what you have and share with the less fortunate the blessing that the Our Lord has for Us , un abrazo grande para ti y tu familia

  18. Ok, I just finished watching all your videos.
    I used to see them in isolation, but a month ago I realized that I did not understand certain things and I started seeing them from the first one. On the way I was very sorry for what happened with Pudu and Arie, and in general, I had a great time with your stories.
    But now, I have some loose ends left: when you moved to a new house? what was it about Seth? and Grifo, you never saw it again?
    I'll be waiting for the next episode.

  19. My husband & I have a tradition of hosting an "orphans Thanksgiving" in which we open our doors to friends, & friends of friends, who either don't have any family in the area or are suffering from family drama. This year was a small group of only 10 but like you, we always go around the table so everyone can express what they are most grateful for this past year.

  20. Wow! What a beautiful mensaje the thanksgiving has… More people in the world should do those type of thibgs where people speaks out loud what they are thankful about

  21. Me encanta la dinámica de esta familia que transmite lo bien que disfrutan estando juntos reunidos en familia. También soy de la idea de siempre agradecer a la vida cuando se está bien en salud, trabajo y equilibrio emocional. Tres cosas básicas para sentirse contento y pleno en la vida. Cariños. Creo que este verano visitaré Linares, es muy bonito y no he ido nunca. Partiré sola a hacer un Tour al sur de mi bello país. Saludos

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