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Whatever You Spell, I Will Buy Challenge / That YouTub3 Family I The Adventurers

Whatever You Spell, I Will Buy Challenge / That YouTub3 Family I The Adventurers

– [Dad] 20 plus 12, you got 32. – 32 tiles you get to pick
– So I get to pick up 32? (upbeat music) – I think so
– Wait can I spell Jake? – He’s buying a car. – Okay so I didn’t get
my steak and lobster but I got some really cool stuff. – Well I’m getting VR
– What a VR? – A VR system, okay that’s cool. Hi guys, welcome back to – [All] That YouTub3 Family! – And we are The Adventurers! – And today we’re playing a game of whatever you can spell, we will buy. We’re all playing, not just the kids – But then you can’t buy.
– This is every player – Free for all.
– Yeah, every man for themselves,
every player for themselves. Whatever you can spell, we’ll buy. There’s a catch. We have to roll the dice to
see how many tiles we can draw. How many letters of the
alphabet we can draw. There are six dice that can be rolled. You can roll them three times each and then you have to keep that number. So do you roll again for a higher number, do you not go for it?
– No. – Then whatever tiles you get, you have to try to spell
whatever words you can and that’s what we will buy. Are you guys ready to play this game? – So ready.
– Mm-hmm. – Before we get started,
make sure you subscribe. (upbeat music) – [Mom] What are you
going to try to spell? – I’m going to try and spell
– What do you want? – Computer.
– Ooh computer. Ty, what do you hope to spell?
– Or a laptop. – Hmm I don’t really know. – [Mom] You don’t know
what you want to buy? Jake, what do you want to buy? – I can’t say or else somebody
else is going to spell it. – Oh.
– Steak and lobster. – Ooh, steak and lobster. Hmm I’m going to think of
some luxury items for me. Some stuff to pamper with. I think that’ll be nice.
– I went big. I was like full on, we’re going laptop
– Yeah computer. – Then we’re going to see, I don’t know. – [Mom] Okay David, who’s going first? – Okay we’ll start with
team short stuff first. So what you do is, you roll them all and you pick the ones out that you want but you can only roll up to three times, you get all six dice. – Oh.
– Oh okay. (rolls dice)
– Okay. – Oh, definitely keep the six
– I want this one – The more tiles, the more
words you can potentially spell. – Do I keep those.
– Oh. – Keeping these.
– He’s keeping those three – High numbers
– Reroll another – Ty you sure you don’t
want to keep the one. (rolls dice) – Oh he’s doing good guys.
– He’s lucky. – He is doing so good.
– Do I get to trade them out? – Nope, now only you can roll that one. – Do you want the one?
– I want a six (rolls dice)
– five. – Oh he did really good.
– What! – That’s really good.
– Okay he got a lot. – [David] He got 20 plus 12, he got 32. – 32 tiles he gets to pick
– So I get to pick up 32? – You get 32 tiles.
– That’s a lot. – Okay so we’ll do a bonus piece here. If somebody gets the letter Z and they can spell a
word with the letter Z, any word they want, then they get one free pick at the store of anything that they want. – Ooh.
– Oh! – Anything right?
– Anything. – Anything?
– Anything. – Wow.
– Okay, lets go with team Jojo – Team Jojo
(rolls dice) This is crazy ’cause I have a feeling we’re going to spending a lot of money. – I’m nervous.
– Aw oh. – Uhm
– Oh, you got a five. That’s not that bad.
– Oh yeah, you got one good roll.
– You can roll them all over again if you want.
– I’m going to keep the five and re-roll these ones.
– I think Jordan wants the one (rolls dice) – Oh my goodness,
– Oh this one is a five
– wait why am I only getting like low numbers,
this one was a five? – Mm-hmm.
– Okay, I’ll keep that. Okay, so we’re like
– Last roll. – This is my last roll, oh no. – Hopefully all fives and six,
– Ah let me roll that – [Jake] Hopefully they’re all ones. (rolls dice)
– Ones? – Ohh
– No! Okay.
– Jordan’s got less tiles. – Okay add yours up.
– 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 18, 19, 20, 21, 22
– Math work – 23, 24, 25, 25 tiles. – 25.
– Ty has so many. – Ty you’re so lucky
– He definitely got the Z in there, he has to.
– Oh Ty, you might win this challenge.
– Okay Jake. (rolls dice) (mom laughs) – Oh.
– Two sixes? – Jakes magic shake worked
– And a five – Okay.
– Good job. – Three in one go.
– Boom shaka laka (rolls dice) – All sixes. There’s six
– Oh nice. – And another five.
– He’s got some good – He’s got good ones.
– Wait I need to do my special shake, oh
(mom laughs) Aw.
– It did not work. – Okay add yours up.
– Aye – Okay so six, 12, 18 and then 18 plus 10 is 28 and then 28 plus three equals 32? – 31
– 31 – I beat Jake my one
– Yeah baby. – Nice.
– Okay. – Okay we’re at 31.
– So– – All right so if I roll all sixes (rubs dice together)
I get to buy the store. – What!
– No. – Aw I don’t get to buy the store – That did not work out so well for you. (mom laughs)
– Let’s see, I’ll do this. (rolls dice) I’ll do this.
(rolls dice) Hey, I think I got the same as Jacob. – Aye.
– Yay. So far Jordan has the least amount
– 31. – I know.
– Yeah 31. – Okay my turn, I’ve got to
do better than everybody else so I have a better chance
of spelling the best words and getting some awesome prizes that they’re going to be jealous of. Here we go. (rolls dice)
(blows on dice) Dang that didn’t work.
– Oh they’re all really low mom!
– I’d re-roll them all. – Rolling all of them
– I’m still going to do the lucky blow, Jake’s little shake. What was your trick?
(rolls dice) Over the head?
– No that wasn’t mine. – No!
– Oh mom, you’re struggling – I have to keep those ’cause this is my last roll
(rolls dice) Come on crossies, do well. (drops dice on floor)
– Cross your finger – Oh no, a six, a three a six is down here. – What, does that count?
– It’s a six, it counts, it’s off the table but it’s counting. Yes I needed that.
– Oh my goodness. – Okay, math works, I’m going the take the six
plus the four that’s 20. 28.
– Six plus four is not 20 – No six, is 10, plus the other 10 is 20 plus the five and the three is eight, 28. – Yay.
– Okay, woo – Lets see.
– All right everybody, grab your tile and flip them over. – I’m just getting a lot of A’s. – Thank you.
– Oh no. M-E, me, I can buy myself. (upbeat music) I cannot get a laptop or a computer. I didn’t get any A’s at all or any B’s and so I was like, okay maybe
I can make Roblox but like, there’s no B.
– Roblox. – Yeah so I don’t get Roblox either, I don’t know what I’m going to get, I’m like, yeah I don’t even know. – [Mom] Ty, how about you? You spelt Jordan? You’re going to buy Jordan. (mom gasps)
That means that you, Jordan has to do whatever
you want for the day. – No, no.
– Yeah if he buys Jordan, then Jordan has to do what he wants. – No
– He spelt Jordan, what’s the rules with Jordan? If he’s spelt Jordan.
– I don’t know. – [Mom] I think Jordan has to do whatever Ty says for 24 hours.
– No. – I think so.
– Wait, can I spell Jake? – [Mom] He’s buying a car,
David how concerned are you? – Not very concerned ’cause matchbox car. – Oh.
– Oh guess what, I bought Jake.
– You have to be able to find the car, he bought Jake and Jordan. – Oh wow.
– Ty’s doing really good. He got a steam card.
– Well I get a zebra toy. – A zebra toy, wow
– And I get dad – Oh no.
– You better make words that you can buy stuff.
– Don’t do mom. – I literally can’t make like anything. I can’t make any words.
– And now I bought mom. – [Mom] Oh no, Ty’s like
having the whole family do whatever he wants for a day. – I got a zebra.
– And he gets a car. (chuckles)
– I got zebra and dad said anything
that I spell with a Z, – As long as you can find it
– Yeah it’s a zebra toy At the store, okay, there you go. And plus that’s a–
– I’m struggling. – [Mom] Okay, what are you getting David? – So far, I’ve got a soda, a crate, a zap and feed. So I guess you can go to
– So you’re doing crossword where you’re reusing
(David laughs) some letters.
– I’m just trying to figure out words to–
– what’s feed? Like bird feed?
– I’m thinking bird feed. So then we can come back to the park and feed the birds.
– Feed the birds. – Does anybody have a C? – Let’s see, yes
– I do. – But I can’t lend it.
– I need a C – Sorry dude.
– You can’t switch letters. – I’ll give you a U
– How are you going Jordan? You got time and
– The only word I have is time right now, I’ve
got so many repeats, I can’t make any letters,
any words out of them so I don’t know what I’m going to buy. I can make out words like names and stuff but like you can’t buy a name, like I don’t know how
that’s going to work. – [Mom] How about you Ty, it looks like you’re not
buying your family anymore. – Mm-hmm.
– You got still the Steam card except it’s switched around,
you switched the letters. – Oh! – [Mom] And then you are buying a camera? – Mm-hmm.
– I think I got the worst luck.
– Jordan may not end up with anything.
– I didn’t get anything. – Okay so far I’ve got
shoes, gum and a pony. – A pony?
– I’m going to buy me a pony. – My little pony.
– I get a zebra toy. I got a zebra toy plus anything else.
– Guys, I can buy the Nile river
– Good luck with that. I don’t think that’s going to work. This is actually very hard because you could create words,
creating words is no problem but finding that item at
the store, that’s a problem and then how do you get it home? Like a pony, what am I
going to do with a pony? That’s a little bit harder.
– Oh, beautiful look what I just got. Joyful, I got something rotten. – Rotten time.
(chuckles) Time and rotten, nice
– Yeah! – [Mom] You have five
minutes, you better get going. – I bought land.
– I don’t know what I’m going to get, you guys.
– Land, oh wow! – Oh I got something else. Yes, looks like I’ll be
going down the candy aisle. I got soda and fun dip. The powder.
– Oh there you go, the fun dip powder, that works
– Fun dip powder. – The fun, oh
– I get something green – How about a crate of soda and fun dip. (David chuckles) – He’ll go with a crate. So our rules is that you
can play Scrabble style which means you can use other letters if you can build it in
that Scrabble format. – So like, you can do it like this. You can use the letters
– Yeah so you can reuse. – Multiple times, so I
got something rotten, I can buy time and I can buy green. – Which, what is green?
– I don’t know, we’re going to see.
– Green crayon, green gum – Do you say cray-on or cray-in? – Cray-in or cray-on?
– Cray-in or cray-on? Aw oh
– I always say cray-in but everybody thinks I’m talking
about like a princess crown – Yeah it’s cray-on.
– I don’t ever say it like that, never have. Okay time is up, we have to
stop right where we’re at and we get to buy whatever we buy. Let’s start with David and find out what he’s
buying at the store. – Okay so I didn’t get
my steak and lobster but I got some really
cool stuff, that’s good. So, I’m going to buy a
crate of tea and soda, some fun dip and pez. – You don’t even drink tea.
– I know, I’ll have to give it to somebody else.
– Why are you buying tea? (David chuckles) – A golf tee, it’ll be a golf tee. – [Mom] Nope, that’s with T-E-E. You spelt it wrong.
– All right. – You can switch out your E
– But you can do this – But it doesn’t work for soda
– But then it doesn’t work with my soda so that’s okay,
I’ll donate it to somebody else so I’m really excited
for the pez though, yeah. How long has it been since you’ve had pez. I mean pez is like delicious
and yet nobody ever has it. I’m getting pez.
– Oka true story time, we get pez every
Christmas in our stockings and it just like gets
shifted to the junk food draw and nobody eats the pez candy. It just sits there in the junk food draw – I eat it!
– All year, and it gathers until the next year, we have more pez, the next year we have more pez so we’re getting a collection of
pez that’s not being eaten, I don’t know how old it is. – I eat pez.
– When do you eat pez? – I ate it all, I ate all mine.
– Oh I’ll have to check. Okay Jake, how are you
– Well I’m getting VR – What, a VR?
– A VR system, okay that’s cool.
– A zebra, an eel – [Mom] A zebra and an eel? Good luck with the eel Jake. – Leo
– What’s a Leo? – I have no clue.
– You can get one of the name tags, you know how they have like key chains that say your name
– Okay yeah. – But you get to get Leo
– Leo, if you can find it. – I get Robux
– Aw that’s good. – I get It
– It? Like IT the movie, the Stephen King movie IT.
– Oh I guess so. – Oh that’s scary.
– You can’t even watch that. – Yeah I can’t, so I guess
I can remove those letters. I spelt play because I just could and I had extras.
– Play? – I get an HQ apparently and Ty. – [Mom] A headquarters
and then you get Ty. – Ooh
– You can’t buy me. – Okay there’s that.
– Okay Jordan. – Well I think I have the best
combination honestly because my letters were just amazing.
(chuckles) So let me show you what I made. I have something that’s rotten, ooh I get like a rotten food
– Nice. – I get time, probably
like the Time magazine cause I don’t think you can actually buy like real, real time. I have something green and I
have something to do with nine, I don’t know what nine is,
maybe nine of something? Nine candies.
– There’s nine, I think it’s called Nine West shoes. (Jordan gasps)
– I can get shoes. Aw, this fly is attacking me
– Maybe, you’ll have to look. If you can find it on the brand name, then nine, the letter nine
– I guess something with the word nine on it.
– Number nine. You can maybe find the number
– Yeah the word or the number nine, if it has nine on there, then I get it, so
– All right good luck.
– Yeah! – Ty?
– So I bought a Steam gift card, a camera and – [Mom] You’re getting Jake as well. Okay so it looks like the boys get to hang out with each other today. – Oh Jake and Ty.
– Yeah, yeah. – Shout out to Jake and Ty
– Oh wow. – Shout out to the boys.
– Yeah! – Okay so I personally
think I did the best. Didn’t do the most expensive items but I did use every
single one of my tiles, which is awesome because I don’t
think anyone else did that. So I’m getting a cage, a tie which I’ll donate to
one of the boys or David. – No you should donate the tie to Ty. – Maybe we’ll see,
(chuckles) the tie I pick out,
I’m getting some shoes, some gum, a pony, a Visa gift card. – What!
– Ooh. – [Mom] Visa in the house. It doesn’t say how much so I’m just going to have to find something. A suit, which will probably
go to one of the boys, and a gate. A gate, I don’t know what
I’ll use the gate for, I don’t know if there
will be a gate there. We’ll see but I’m going
to get some fun stuff. – Nice.
– Yeah. All righty, are you guys
ready to go to the store? – Yeah!
– Lets go shopping. – I want my soda and pez, let’s go. – Okay, shopping time, I
get to pick out some gum. I’m not sure what I’m going to go for. I kind of want to go
for the big pack of gum but should I go for bubblegum, hmm. – Do this one.
– I just don’t like the ice cubes, I’m not getting the ice cubes. – Aw.
– You know what, I might go for ooh
(Ty gasps) that one looks good. Okay I got my gum, check. – Okay I found my soda, this is going to be my crate
of soda, two liter bottle. – I found my camera but the
Steam cards are still gone. – [Mom] So that’s all
you get from the store? – Mm-hmm.
– A camera? – Sweet.
– But this is an underwater camera
– Ooh. – [David] So he’ll be able
to take it swimming with him. – That’s kind of cool.
– That’s an awesome one. – This is the only VR system I could find so I guess I’m taking this.
– Ooh. – What? – It’s cool Mine, look at this, look
how awesome this is. Okay we’ve got to hurry
up and get this back and go and play this.
– Yeah. – Okay, time to find me a pair of shoes. Now if Jordan can find
some Nine West shoes, she can get a pair as well otherwise I don’t know what she’s
going to get for her nine. – Shoes in a size nine even though I’m not really a size nine? – I think it should have
to be the brand nine – Yeah
– Nine West. – Found Nine socks.
– What? (gasps)
There is Nine socks. Jordan you can get the Nine socks – Oh my goodness, okay I’m
getting Nine socks, okay wait – [Mom] She’s like, I’m
not even going to try and find the shoes
– Yeah, I’m like no, there’s no chance. – Okay.
– Sweet, I think I’m going to get these, look at that. – Nine socks
– Nine socks and also I found another one of my items, well technically two of my items. Here’s something that’s green that wipes away rotten,
technically rotten stuff, it’s Boogie Wipes. – Your rotten thing.
– That’s three things. So there’s my nine, and this
is the green and rotten. So gotta see what else I need to cover.
– That’s pretty good. Okay, since it’s Summer and I haven’t got me
any Summer sandals yet, I’m going to count my shoes as sandals, – Oh yeah.
– Is that fair? That’s fair right, sandals are shoes
– Yeah, yeah the only thing I have left to get is time, which I think I’m going to have to get a Time magazine because I don’t know what else I’m–
– or a time like a clock – Oh yeah, or a watch maybe
– A cute clock or watch? – Yeah.
– That would work. Okay so I’m on the hunt for sandals. Okay so I found some great Summer shoes. Let me show you. They’re kind of cute, they’re
a little bit dressy and fun but they’re still sandals. So they’ve got this little gold on them – Cute.
– So that’s what I’m going to get. Okay I have a long list of items but the next thing I’m
going to try to find is a pony, a gate or a cage
and I’m here at the toys because I think that’s my best options. I don’t know, if I could
find a little like, pony here There is a cage on the truck
but it’s holding a dinosaur. What if I can find a pony in a cage. Pony with a gate?
– By the way, I found one of my things. – [Mom] Oh you got Roblox, that’s awesome
– Roblox is not Robux – Yeah, ’cause on the
website, it does say Robux. Robux is the currency of Roblox
so we count that as okay. I am looking all over for a pony. Oh, David’s helping me out. Look at the pony, wow. That is some pony.
– That’s a pony. – [Mom] Nella the pony,
I’ve never heard of Nella, I’m sorry Nella
– I’ve never heard it either. – Okay I’ve found my pony. It’s a My Little Pony
plushy which is super cute. I need to find a gate and a– – Zebra.
– Cage but I don’t think I’m going to be finding
those so I may skip that and go on to the suit
and the tie for the boys. – I need a zebra and I can’t find it. – [Mom] No zebras, you
may not get your item. – Hey but I did spell something with a Z, so I get something else with it. – [Mom] Oh you get to pick
anything in the store, right David?
– Yes. – [Mom] He gets anything in the
store because he picked a Z. He spelt the word with a Z.
– A phone. – Okay so I’ve been looking around and I could not find a suit or a tie and I don’t really want to have
to travel to another store. We’re sticking with the rules that it has to be at this store. So I’m going to skip – Hey I’m a Ty. – Yeah but my tie was a T-I-E not a T-Y. So, I think I’m going to skip that. So I ended up with gum, a My Little Pony, – I found a suit.
– What, you found a suit? – It’s on a kids size. This is the only thing,
there’s no pants or anything. – Who would it fit though? – Jake.
– Going to have to be for Jake. – That might be Jake, okay so I got a suit
coat for Jake I guess. Okay so I ended up with a
suit coat, a pony and my gum. – For my zebra item, I’m
getting these pool stuff. – Because Jake gets to choose anything because he spelt with the letter Z. Oh and I also got my shoes which is awesome.
– I’m holding them. – Yes, I handed them off to Jordan ’cause I’m holding the camera so everybody else is holding
my stuff, it works. All righty, what do you think guys? How did we do on our challenge? We ended up with everything? Everybody found their items?
– Yeah I’ve got mine – We didn’t all get all of our items because some of them
were hard to find though. – Couldn’t find pez, I
guess it only comes out in Christmas.
– No, I got to find my Time magazine, that’s the last thing. – Oh okay.
– It’s at the front though. – I didn’t find an eel. – No eels, we knew that
wasn’t going to happen. Lets go find Jordan’s Time magazine and then I think that’s it right? – Guess what I found, my Time magazine. It looks like I’m going to be reading about the science of Alzheimer’s. – Can I read it?
(laughs) That looks good.
– Then you get to learn the science behind like,
why Alzheimer’s happens. Yeah so actually, really
proud with my find. – You did good.
– It’s like the one thing that I was like yay, this and my Boogie Wipes. – Yeah good job. Alrighty guys, that was
a super fun challenge. If you guys liked it, go ahead
and give it a big thumbs up. Thank you guys so much for watching. Make sure to like, subscribe and share and – hit the bell.
(bell rings) – And make today an adventure. – And go play, we’ll
see you next time, bye. (upbeat music)

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  5. I love the movie it and itโ€™s not that scary but I guess it is for people that donโ€™t watch scary movies

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  7. i was like jordan you can get a rolex but maybe her parents thought it was to expensive or since they went to target it was probably not there

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