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Wheelchair ADVENTURE CHALLENGES at the Fairgrounds – Family Fun Games

Wheelchair ADVENTURE CHALLENGES at the Fairgrounds – Family Fun Games

hable fan was so glad to hear because today we're doing the wheelchair advantage challenges at the fairgrounds so the rules of the challenge art we're going to have two teams there will be one wheelchair contestant and one able-bodied contestant the team Oh will chair one yeah you want to be alright does the wheelchair guys the team dudes the Rolling Thunder challenge number one is a relay race so this challenge involves his great paved circle loop at the fair girls we have no idea what length it is and that doesn't matter I'm gonna have a relay race so we're gonna start with the wheelchairs going first which your contestants will go around the circle tag the bike bike contestants and we'll bike around first team to finish wins the wheelchair to go start here at this point like right here and then our able-bodied contestants on bikes there and oh there she is we found her well I start all the way over like they're somewhere about halfway so they are going to their starting point alright guys right here regen awaiting here for that now let's go Tigers so I just Kim I'm gonna just hang around my neck as I'm biking so you can kind of fight along with me but it's gonna be really bumpy you want a head start get your sterilizations get that slow on your mark get set go guys they're just getting a head start that's actually coming around the barn here they come Jared's in the lead oh sure is a winner the Jared shortcut he likes you through the entire glass sabotage my gears see this is the way I win connealy rent like that well we taught them shortest distance between two points is a straight line he did that so come back this way all right so boys win challenge number one we're on to challenge number two challenge number two and this is a tricky one and of course mommy brought the blindfold aah all right this is a blindfolded challenge so there is a very unique little course in there it goes between all the cute little farm buildings with animals drawn on them be contestant in the wheelchair so that would be Brian and gonna be me this time the girls are swapping it up the boys are not Brian insists on being in the wheelchair again for his team so he's gonna be in the wheelchair yeah so the wheelchair contestant will be blindfolded their able-bodied teammate will be acting as their assistant and telling them which way to go and it's a it's a I checked out the path to the pretty coffee path there's lots of toys here we are at the chicken barn chicken barn notice she no it's the chicken barn because it has chickens the sheep burn is all the way over there somewhere and they were timing McKenna and Alex first they're gonna go and then we're gonna time my dad that's his time wins already the vine fold so tight I can't even open my eyes so there's no y about me peeking no I'm guess I'm not allowed to put my feet down no I'm coming can we trust him to time considering he's like on me yeah yeah honestly I won't start it like now and the clock starts in 30 seconds right now three two one go right a little bit about the course oh those I know you I was so I should have said I said two minutes timer I should have sent the hours time I did know 3 minutes 30 seconds all right it's on zero she's a little timer person you are the other way yeah I know that I will leap out of the way as soon as you just lightning out of here three two one go go great right 10 right 10 right 10 left end straight straight straight straight going straight left left left 20 drei right 20 right 20 right more true watch elbows straight straight keep going straight keep going straight that's fine right straight go power through the grass go straight walk straight turn right turn right straight straight touch the barn where is it right here in for you no go forward run right front right I thought it was over there next challenge hybrid wins really well nope alright who's who's in the wheelchairs for the team Oh me me me darn it wind rock was first one of the hand I'm in a wheelchair because it's a good uphill for anyone who doesn't know and is new to our channel we do these wheelchair challenges kind of just an idea for how tough it actually is to get around in a wheelchair hard Brian is in a wheelchair he's been in that wheelchair for 30 years so he is paralyzed from the waist down he's a paraplegic and so the girls and Jarrod will take turns sometimes being in the wheelchair just to see what it's like it is difficult being in that wheelchair boys what big prize do they get for winning ice cream cut time alright so the boys have won this edition of the wheelchair adventure challenge we hope you like that we had a lot of fun taping it if you want to see more of these challenges let us know in the comments down below and don't forget to subscribe to join the whole fam [Applause]

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  1. Great challenge!!! Also loved the minor trash talk 🤪 Have y’all ever thought about getting a GoPro? You can get “chesty” which is a chest mount for POV shots! Or even a head mount!

  2. 1:37 I think YouTube has a problem with fast speech. When Diane talked slow the caption said "starting positions". When she talked fast the caption says "get your sterilizations". Not something I think she wants to say to a young kid before a race. Also Makenna might not want to have this captioning set because she's "Jess Waiting", and I don't know what this weird Jess girl is trying to tell Makenna while she writes down in these text boxes. 😉 😛

  3. 6:38. "Write More!" So you're saying you want this documented? No wonder people don't know how to react to these videos! 😛

  4. This makes you appreciate what you have even more. It also shows how capable Brian is. You guys are amazing. Proud to say I know all of you. Alex, we need another video on your channel❤👍

  5. 0:17 You don't really have a choice, do you?
    2:16 It's too bad we can't see what Makenna is shouting about.
    3:16 At the risk of sounding repetitive, he doesn't really have a choice, right?
    8:05 At the risk of sounding repetitive, he doesn't really have a choice, right?

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