Celebrating the Spring Holidays

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  1. Hell yeah!!! So damn sick! One day Ill hit Whistler! How many times do you guys shoot the same jump line? the shots look so damn good!

  2. I really like the interlace effect, brings back the period-correct nightmare that it was. I always exported my jank skate videos as progressive back then, but the edges were still all stair-steppy.

  3. Hell matt you should so remake with the '08 edit with all your experience and like a cool overlap and to see how far you have come since the first edit like and maybe like a best bits where you take the best bits from a few bikepark episodes to reflect on 10 years of pure awesomeness!! 👌👌

  4. Oh, man… 🙂 Incredible vibe!
    Cool music and dope shots.
    Uhmm…, love that video, mates.
    Mahalo! 🙂

  5. A yo, Mike Chen…. SPEEDY recover wishes to ye, brah.
    And to the boys who selected the music – I love your choices! Keep doing what you be doing when you be doing what you be doing.

  6. I'm currently riding a brodie omega 2008 downhill mountain bike, do you guys recall seeing that around back then? the 2008 clips reminded me of the year of this bike

  7. name of the last song of the video? nice edit guys, hope you enjoy the summer! greetings from brazil 🙂

  8. This was probably the best whistler bike park vid because you showed lots of new things that you don't usually do 🔥🔥😝

  9. Thats awesome people actually still care about Drop In! nice! Thanks for the props and love the Drop In inspired graphic at the end 🙂 You guys can be honorary Drop In dirtbags keeping the never ending road trip alive! keep exploring keep ripping and keep on keep'n on boys!

  10. Oh man…I can't wait anymore….in one week i finally ride in Whistler for the first time…dudes you're awsome.

  11. Damn just feeling like watching a movie. cant get off the screen haha, Great job guys, I guess Im going to have to really turn on notifications on some channel

  12. i know how mike fees i snapped my arm 4 fractures on the 4th lap first day of the season here in nz at least i got plates tho i guess 😂😂😂

  13. I'm a skier/ snowboarder primarily from Australia who also has a passion for riding the bike and making videos 🙂 I love your channel such high quality videos. Love the stuff, subbed.

  14. Lol I’m in Surrey and I wanna ride whistler but my bike can’t handle it 🙁

    The bike is a specialized pitch sport 2019

  15. You know when Jason Crashed into the fence on A-Line? That should’ve been in first time at the whistler bikepark 😂

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