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WhiteTail Deer Hunting Weekend (Deer, Cows, Rain, and Hunting Tips)

WhiteTail Deer Hunting Weekend (Deer, Cows, Rain, and Hunting Tips)

Hey guys we are going hunting today, well next couple of days actually. Got a little annual hunting trip we’re gonna do hopefully
we’ll get some whitetail deer and have a good time. Hopefully we can teach you guys
thing or two and you know enjoy the hunt. So it’ll be me, my dad and Christopher will be
joining us and later as you can see– We’re looking for the big boy. Yeah. I already got tip that there’s one up there that’s what, 8, 9, 10 pointer. heavy beam He said he couldn’t count them all thought it was a bush on his head. Yeah exactly. Maybe it was the bush maybe it was a spike and just got Rubbing his as antlers and got a bush on his head. But hopefully it’ll be good, Christopher will be joining us in a little bit. We’re gonna set up some stands, scout the area real quick and see what we can find We do have an issue with the heat though. Here it is the end of October and it supposed to be 80 something tomorrow? Yeah I think it’s gonna be real hot,
possibly a little rainy Yeah But the biggest issue will be the heat. Yeah it’s a little cloudy up there Rain won’t be bad if it doesn’t solid
rain. Get a shower and then hunt after that shower they will come out and feed. Yeah the rain turned out to be a problem actually but you’ll see more on that
later All right guys, stay tuned! We get to the area and we do a little
scouting before we hunt. We saw some good signs of life and some signs of death
but more signs of life such as rubs scrapes and tracks If there were hogs
around they’d be- Did they go down the line or did they cut in? I think they must have cut in. Look down that line where wind lays. We’ve just seen a 3 does just jumped. We’re driving the truck in we’re gonna cross that field They were inside the woods right? What? When you saw them last time? Well they came from the edge of the woods and cut in a little bit to the middle here and meandered down through here So I set up on a spot that we found last year towards the end of the trip that
looked pretty good. It’s in a nice low bottom and last year there was actually a
stream that ran through it but this year is a lot drier so there’s no water at
all down there It’s got a good trail we seen some scrapes and it looks like the
deer using it pretty good. Not a lot of visibility can’t see real far but I’ve
got a couple cross lanes so I’m hoping to catch them there Hey guys, we’re in that last little tree looked at. I think this is going to be a good area. There’s a trail running right behind A couple of trails, scattered all around. Some rubs. There’s oaks so we got some acorns. So hopefully it will be good. We’ll see what we find this afternoon. So stay tuned. Unfortunately no luck that evening
didn’t see anything, didn’t hear much movement but you know sometimes they
don’t move in a particular spot at a particular time. Seemed like a good area,
felt good about it so I went back there that morning. Sometimes you know they hit
some spots in the morning and some spots in the evening so I thought I’d give it
a try Alright guys, second hunt, in the morning, sat here yesterday afternoon but didn’t see anything. Looks good, try it again this morning and if not then move around and see what we can find Having not seen anything there the last
two sittings I decided to try a new spot We did a little moving around, my brother
and dad wanted to move some stands for their evening hunt so we did that. Got them all tightened pretty tight on there? Yeah. How’s that?
Don’t even say it. Too tall Well guys hunt number 2 in the morning didn’t see nothing Keith saw a doe and a yearling and
my brother and dad didn’t see anything either We just moved another stand got it setup. I think Christopher’s gonna hunt there this afternoon and I pulled out my climber
we’re gonna pull out a couple of climbers and readjust and see what we can do on the
evening hunt so stay tuned. And then we checked out another area that we haven’t
hunted last year and wanted to see how it looked. Had to go through a couple
pastures though. I kind of felt like Chris Pratt on Jurassic World going
through the pasture when the cows coming up and like, you know, holding back cows
and like “Blue, back up” actually more like “Bessie back up, don’t give me none of
that crap.” Cows do, boy do they. Go on. Go on. Come on. We’re running out cows. We have to work together on this one. Don’t ever show them that
you’re afraid. *Mooing* Easy babies. *Mooing* that was intense, wasn’t it? *Mooing* Did she just spit at me? That cow just spit at me. They trying you? Yeah. That little girl over there is giving me trouble
It was a close one guys, we’re having to go through some cow pastures to- bulls on the grain?- Yeah. Easy there dude. The key is to go through the gates without
letting the cows out or else your hunting trip
quickly becomes a cow rescue mission. Bringing the cows back to the pasture. It would be a good code word don’t you think Christopher? The cows are in the pasture. What? The cows are in the pasture. The eagle has landed. The bird is in the nest. The frog is on the lily pad. *laughs* The frog is on the lily pad? That’s going to be my code word if I kill a deer. I’m gonna send yall a text saying the cow is in the pasture. Talking about those cows like that, we had a bull one time, my cousin kept slapping the bull literally. And my uncle said you better not keep doing that. He kept slapping that bull. He’d walk alongside him and slap him. Finally that bull snorted, turned around my cousin said uh oh. He took off that bull hit him right before the fence. Boom, knocked him over the fence. Oh dang, now we’ve got a situation. We got a broken gate. Uh oh the cows with look like they’re ganging up to make a run for it. oh yeah? Are we going to be able to make it? Are you going to be able to get through the it? You’re good on the back here. Is this the rye patch he’s talking about them coming in? Need a hand? So there’s this other good bottom, a little bit of water because this is a lower spot but they kind of cleared out the perimeter of it. We
walked the perimeter had some good sign it’s real thick I mean it just looks
like a good spot where the deer would hang out at. They have a lot of tracks
and crossing I think especially some of the bigger bucks they like having that
protection you know they’re not as easy about going out into the open as the
younger bucks or the does unless they’re chasing so I think that would be good
for the bucks Now we seen those does yesterday
afternoon out in the field so I had a good feeling about that big rye field so
I decided to sit up on that. Alright guys, 3rd hunt, in the afternoon. I’m on this field we looked at some other areas not far from here along the edge of this one line. It looks pretty good I’m going to sit this field. The deer we have seen have been on other fields. A lot of tracks on this one. Kind of windy. Real cloudy, hopefully they won’t mind coming
out in this ryegrass. Looks good. I do wanna break this jinx. Get a deer for the season so we’ll see So I’m in the stand looks like a pretty nice evening, starts
to get a little cloudy not a big deal I thought. Little bit of a rain shower coming through. Hopefully it won’t stay too long. Sometimes deer move good after rain so it might work out good. Well 10 minutes later a like
monsoon comes it just starts pouring it’s just pouring and pouring pouring
I’m getting soaked finally like man I gotta get down I’m
gonna take my camera bags man I’m trying to keep it dry but not everything’s
covered, not everything’s waterproof so I get down from the climber go back to the
truck Keith actually comes back to the truck
too and we hop in the truck and it’s just pouring down rain just kind of
figures it’s right about 6:00pm and the major feed was like I think 6:00 or
6:15 that’s right what I want to be up there Hey guys So we just got a crazy downpour and I’m soaked. Totally wet all over, soaked. Pretty good rain but it just quit. It
looks pretty nice out this could be a really good because after
a big rain like this, a lot of times deer will feed Hoping that’s the case. I’m back up in the stand. A little thunder in the distance but hopefully after all this-we’re soaked- then hopefully deer or something will come out soon. And so here we go. About 10 minutes later all of a sudden I start hearing hogs. I’m
like all right I mean not not the deer I’m wanting but hey I’ll take out the hogs
and the farmers really appreciate when you shoot the hogs, they really tear
stuff up. I’m kind of looking in that corner waiting and I kind of glanced at the
far corner of the field and I see a deer it’s really exciting, I’m super happy to
see a deer. You know didn’t have such a great season last year so seeing this
deer was was awesome. I pull up my scope and my gun was wet and there’s water
like over the lens so I’m trying to wipe it down so I can look. So I’m taking a
look going through my scope finally starting to get a good view. Get set up. Get all the cameras rolling. I’m self filming the hunt and I can see her, she’s
a long way off it’s a doe and she’s kind of slowly working this way but just as I’m
getting set up I think she’s kind of hearing or smelling the hogs or
something she kind of jumps back a little bit. I’m like oh no she’s about to
take off *gun shot* *gun shot* I don’t know what happened the first
time I know she starting to run off so she kinda bounded real quick and then she stops so I
shot. I might have misjudged the distance or just nervous. Missed, she ran a little ways. stopped again and I shot. I’m hearing some hogs right back over there. I think that’s what started to spook her. So I don’t know, I may see some hogs. It’s nice to get one. It’s a good doe. So I’m excited we get some deer meat. It’s mainly fun, a lot of fun. 6:30, the major feed was 6:15. right after rain just like we thought.
after the rain, major feed, nice cool breeze it’s good! It’s tough hunting but a lot of conditions went through, got through the gate with cows. Did that thing, so Here we go, maybe some hogs will come out, I’d be happy to shoot some of those too so I got the camera covered self filmed hunt.
I climbed up to this branch and I use this as my rest. If you can use you
know any of these branches with your climber, you know to help you out of
course it didn’t help move my first shot but well guess it could have been worse so
it’s a nice evening right after the rain 6:40 who knows maybe we’ll get a big
old buck but come out or maybe there are some hogs but the dirt the soaking rain
and I so happy to have a deer because season was pretty rough for me so this
is cool. I met up with a Keith and we drove over to pick her up looking at it
she was probably 300 maybe 350 yards away from me. I mean it was a long shot
explains why I shot under I’m used to shooting about 100 yards that’s what we
cite our rifles in for and yeah probably to is the nerves and the excitement and
jitters and and just missing but still it was good that we got her so I’m happy
about that it was a lot of fun hunting you know
trying the different spots the day before in the scouting and it all coming
together that night and skinning a deer so pretty excited about that so the
hunt was a lot of fun hope you guys enjoyed the video
learned a lot you know learned a little bit about compensating in distance and
prepping you know be ready for that rain scouting and just you know time you know
right you know using that major feed time getting out there right out to the
rain you know not giving up all that comes into account it’s the fun you know
the strategy and the struggles that you go through to to accomplish you know the
hunt hope you guys enjoyed it don’t forget to Like subscribe and share and
we’ll see out on the next video

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  1. Wow u guys have patience. My father was a Cuban Sniper n very good but he's still at 67 years old. My father for some reason doesn't like guns n never took shooting. I like going for fun. Be careful with them hogs. They attack n have killed 3 of our pit bulls. Stay safe

  2. Yep I know the feeling! I got drowned like a rat on my last hunt in Georgia! Anyway you still got some nice meat! Great video Jerome!

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