Celebrating the Spring Holidays

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  1. Planet7x.net judgement day is coming are you Saved by accepting JESUS as your defense attorney cause you have a day in God's court

  2. You made fun of my my ford, ps I’m 15 and if I was 18 I would beat the shit out of all them for jumping, pussy shit, and if I was an adult like they should be acting, this wouldn’t happen, it looks like beating on kids and their grown men, PUSSYS

  3. I see nothing wrong with a little hand to hand fighting. They all got to go home. This is not what the event was for. Lots of old timers park and watch the younger coward ruin this event for them. All the bikes and everyone that’s in a hurry to go no where is the problem. Just my .02 ✌🏻

  4. This is why i stick to the lake, gotta swim to me first by the time you get over here your sleepy.

  5. That first dude punching is hilarious. Whoever taught him to throw a punch needs to be fired 😂😂

  6. It was a war zone there on Saturday and it’s ridiculous people were drinking way to much every year it gets worse and worse.

  7. It's too bad a massive tornado or something didn't strike that area. Nothing of importance would have been lost.

  8. Gotta say that guy in the black shorts with white stripes is nothing but a puss. His whole game is sucker punching dudes when they're not looking or tied up with somebody else. Doesn't have the nuts to face off. Who taught you how to fight, dude, your preteen niece?

  9. And they didn't want the black people out there for Kappa Beach weekend but yet the white boys have more problems more fights and a death

  10. It's funny how at these fucking hillbilly showdowns all the black guys are keeping the peace 😂😂

  11. Mall crawler Jeeps & bro trucks – ✔
    Flat bill baseball caps – ✔
    Affliction t shirts – ✔
    Salt Life decals – ✔
    Arm band tattoos – ✔
    Huge yet fragile egos – ✔
    Compensation issues – ✔

  12. Never mind the fighting (if you can call it that), is there a normal sized American woman left on the planet??

  13. trash of the society…..where is the usa police ?…oh yes focusing on arresting kids with sakateboards

  14. Glad to see white boys can still have a good old fashioned brawl. I was beginning to think they were all Marxist Democrat Party sissy boys. Good work gentleman.

  15. Stupid young guys wont fight to defend their society, but they will fight over some slight at a party. Pathetic.

  16. The press finally admits that more than 100 of the arrests were for driving without a seat belt or minor in possession….

  17. MAN I love chick fights! If any of these little girls knew how to throw a punch, someone would be knocked the f out. Bunch of pansy ass bitches.

  18. я уверен скажут опять виноваты Русские ! бля жаль что нет на видео их !

  19. And yet alcohol is perfectly legal, where as cannabis is highly illegal and will destroy your life, apparently

    Do you get this type of violence and bullshit at weed festivals. I don’t think so. You don’t find potheads acting like this, just piss heads


    The average ford shit starter

  21. Why swing with your arms out to make contact with your target ? It takes more energy . And leaves yourself open to get hit. Learn to fight ladies.

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