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Women of Different Salaries on How Much They Spend on Vacation | Glamour

Women of Different Salaries on How Much They Spend on Vacation | Glamour

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  1. This is one of the only ones where the cost goes up pretty accurately with the salary. Makes sense if I were rich vacations would be my splurge too 🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. The Attorney came in..just said 25000 dollars and just skedaddled outta there like she ain't just said that she spends my whole lives worth on a vacation..

  3. I don't. I'd rather travel a lot spread out than for one or two weeks. Like spend a month here, a month there. But I can't afford that so I don't.

  4. So much black people, I'm so surprise (good complement/I admire their strongness and coolness style,I'm yellow btw which is in the middle situation😂) if they can do so can I, I mean why not? right~?(^_-)
    that makes me think I need to gogogo and stop thinking I only deserve that kind of bad things situation

  5. The more that I take my daily red pills and educate myself on the sickness of the female psyche, the games and schemes they play and how manipulative they are, the more that I've come to realize that female thinking is a mental and behavioral illness. I've never been married, I'm single and no kids and it amazes me, and its starting to become less and less shocking, how morally and psychology depraved the female mind really is-MGTOW MONK FOR LIFE.

  6. I should be studying for my math final tomorrow, thanks Glamour for uploading a new video at an extremely convenient time lmao

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