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World of Tanks PC – Labor Day Weekend – Focus Friday

World of Tanks PC – Labor Day Weekend – Focus Friday

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  1. If you're admitting a tank is OP and still choose to sell it, you're admitting that you're trading the games balance to make a quick buck. This makes you look like greedy scumbags.

  2. yeah whats that 'TALL TALE' about half price gold meats? this is your first ever 'MEATHEADS FAUX PAS' you got me this time meats, but not next time. #crushingit halfpricegold

  3. False advertising. There is no 50% off gold anywhere to be found in either the online store or in game. Ive submitted a support ticket asking where to find this deal in case i was just missing it somewhere. Im being told there is no discount on gold..So blatantly an advertising ploy with no basis in reality. This even though it clearly says "50% off gold" at 1:45 of the video.

  4. where is the 50 % discount on gold.and i got no tons of free xp after buying the reimmatel scorpion

  5. No Sir!

    Brian Said and the Text in the video said 50% off Gold, Silver, and
    Consumables. He then went on to say stock up on it while the prices are
    low! He did not say this is "The WEEKLY SPECIAL" for $19.99 that
    ORIGINALLY said 15,000 gold (NOT 1,500 as it says now (CORRECTED)),
    500,000 credits, 5 Garage slots , and the 300% Personal Reserves.

    My attitude is to quit buying stuff till my premium runs out. Play and
    earn credits, sell existing lower tier tanks when I need a garage slot,
    and quit worrying about mission, special, ect! Maybe then I may start
    enjoying the game even with the POOR Match Making and the constant
    NERFING of a our Purchased or Earned product's…..

    P.S. I don't have to curse, or insult to get a PAYING Consumers point
    across. VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS GUYS! Maybe they will start taking care
    of us better then! 🙁

  6. You're not missing out much, for the w/e, with the usual plague of weak ended warriors destroying most chances for wins… the week ends are just horrible, if on the NA servers. Only way to play is with battlechat off… and watch the L'trains of fail camp on 1st tank sighted. Gl, hf, and use a big stick, and keep the bowl full.

  7. Ahh it sucks to get old. I get "crushing it" but then I'm supposed to check out all these so called social media channels tor more information? Just get off my lawn you kids.

  8. Is that a real beard or a hollywood paste on job. Everyone doing video's loves props. Glasses too. lol

  9. And one wonders why the NA server is losing market share, what you folks are doing isn't working…..look in mirror.  Just my thoughts.

  10. You should employ people that know the tanks. Where can you get away with offering something for purchase and know nothing Sgt. Schultz

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